August 20, 2020

1970 Redated Tapes

Some recent dating inquiries made me realize that a few of the re-dated 1970 tapes are not as commonly known as I’d thought. So I’ve put together a short list of the currently circulating misdated 1970 tapes, along with some notes on the actual dates (when known). There isn’t really any “new” information here – all of these have been noted elsewhere on this site – but it may be convenient to have them all listed in one place.

1.       2/12/70 Ungano’s is actually the 2/13/70 Fillmore East early show.
Whether the Dead actually played at Ungano’s on the 12th has been much discussed, but either way there’s no tape:

2.      3/24/70 is actually from 3/23/70.
Pete Lavezzoli writes:
"The advert lists TWO dates, 3/22 and 3/23. These two dates both DID happen. I have spoken with people in Florida who clearly remember that the Dead played both nights, Sunday and Monday, and they went to both. Another person remembers having to choose between one show or the other and they ended up going the second night. This person remembers Morning Dew, Dark Star, and Lovelight, and so it would appear that the tape we have is from the second night of the two, 3/23/70.
I have also done library research and looked at microfilm of the local Ft Lauderdale News from March 1970, and the Dead were also listed in the paper for both nights, and the Youngbloods were listed to play Pirate's World the next two nights, 3/24 and 3/25. On the actual week of the shows, the paper again lists these dates all the same, with no changes or cancellations. So, between the newspaper and the people I have spoken with who were there, the Dead DID play two nights on the dates that are shown on the advert: 3/22 and 3/23...
In conclusion, Deadlists and DeadBase both need to list two dates for Pirate's World: 3/22 and 3/23/70. And according to one person who attended 3/23, this is the show that we have on tape. There was NO Dead show on 3/24/70. The Youngbloods played that day and there were no changes or cancellations. The tape we have in circulation is 3/23/70. And there was the night before, 3/22, for which we do not have a tape or a setlist, but the date was played."

3.      4/24/70 is actually from 4/25/70.
Newspaper reviews of the Mammoth Garden shows on April 24 & April 25 reveal that the audience tape comes from the second show, while the 24th is lost.

4.      5/9/70 is actually from 5/3/70.
The audience tape attributed to Worcester turned out to match a video of the Wesleyan show. Redated copies have since come out. Worcester remains lost.

5.      7/3/70 is actually 7/4/70.
This is somewhat academic since no tape circulates, but Deadbase, Deadlists and the Taper’s Section all attribute the Dead’s Calgary show to July 3. It was actually the following day. To confuse matters more, Taper’s Section selections from the July 4 show have been dated July 1 and July 3. In short, aside from two songs from 7/1 Winnipeg (Easy Wind & Candyman), all the available Dead performances we have are from the July 4 show. The complete tape is evidently in the Vault.

6.      7/10/70 is actually from 7/9/70.
One Archive reviewer of the tape recalled, "This is not 7/10/70. I was at 7/10/70. Dead at Midnight! The electric set opened with Morning Dew. They also played Dark Star into St Stephen into NFA into Lovelight." Blair Jackson also attended on the 10th, and remembered Lovelight closing the show at 5 am.
The deadlists witness and the newspaper review of the lost Dark Star show were thought to refer to July 9, but given these memories of the 10th, it looks like the audience tape actually comes from the previous night, and the 10th is lost.

7.      7/11/70 and 7/12/70 have been switched.
The first audience tapes for these shows had the dates reversed, and Deadlists and Deadbase preferred to keep the old labels, but evidence for the true dates has mounted. For instance, on our “7/12/70” tape, Marty Weinberg states before the Dead’s set that it’s “Saturday night, July 11.” Taper Jim Cooper has also verified that he taped the “7/11/70” show on the 12th. A couple Archive reviewers also comment: "I was unequivocally there on 7/11, and the opener was, memorably, Easy Wind." "This is the show from 7/12/70, not 7/11/70, having attended both... The Electric set of 7/11 opened with Easy Wind, and featured a medley of Dancing-Cryptical-Other One-Cryptical-Lovelight."
A couple accurately dated copies of 7/12 are now on the Archive (the Darst AUD composite is the best), but all the copies of 7/11 are still dated “7/12” (the Cloverman/Smith source is the best). 

8.     7/30/70 is a mystery.
Much has been written about this unsolved case, but basically: the Dead played a short acoustic set to accompany a New Riders show in a small club. (The set’s even shorter since part of the show is missing.) A number of 1970 New Riders tapes are said to come from Matrix shows, including July 29-30, however there’s no other evidence they actually played the Matrix that week in July. The Matrix schedule that week seems to have been in flux, with conflicting listings in different papers. The Hartbeats (in some unknown configuration) played there on July 27 & perhaps the 28th. But NRPS and the acoustic Dead are known to have played at the Lion’s Share from July 30-August 1, which looks at first to be an inviting match for this tape.
So the question is: was anybody taping at the Lion’s Share? If so, this tape may well come from 7/30 at the Lion’s Share. But with Owsley gone, no one in the Dead organization was taping NRPS shows that we know of. I feel that the Matrix is a much more likely tape source, partly due to the known taper (Peter Abram), the sound of the mix, the small subdued audience, and the existence of multiple NRPS tapes from that club. This leaves the date uncertain. (discussion of scheduling possibilities)

9.      8/5/70 San Diego – there was no such show.
There’s no evidence the Dead played any show in San Diego that month, let alone a casual acoustic show. So this tape is even more of a mystery than 7/30: the mislabeling could be deliberate, there’s no accompanying NRPS set, and the show has been edited down to a 60-minute tape, cutting out any possible identifying announcements. Since it’s evidently in a small club, the best candidates are the Matrix and Lion’s Share. (The enthusiastic audience is consistent with later Lion’s Share recordings, but it could just be a more crowded night at the Matrix. The recording mix is quite different from 7/30 though, which may indicate a different taper or stage setup.) It’s in roughly the same time period, late July/early August, with several songs repeated – the only new song, To Lay Me Down, is on both tapes, but other American Beauty songs don’t appear yet. Pigpen isn’t present in either show, but Dawson & Nelson participate (with Nelson on mandolin).
This tape appeared as early as 1971 in tape collectors’ circles, so it’s from a different source than the NRPS Matrix tapes which only surfaced (in limited fashion) later on. I believe the two halves of the tape are out of order: the show wasn’t two sets, but ‘Deep Elem’ comes first and the gospel numbers end the show as usual.

10.  The 8/17/70 fragment is actually from 6/24/70.
Just a mislabeled piece of filler from Ken Lee’s tape of the 6/24 early acoustic set. 8/17 remains lost. (For two reports on 8/17, see:

11.   11/9/70 and 11/10/70 are fake compilations.
"11/9/70" comes from several other dates:
Attics of My Life, Mama Tried - 9/20/70 (from a no-longer-circulating audience tape)
Morning Dew, Deep Elem Blues - 12/28/70 AUD
New Minglewood Blues and Walkin' the Dog - from a lost show (or shows), date unknown, but probably not the Action House. 
“11/10/70” comes from a Marty Weinberg compilation reel - the Not Fade Away is from his 9/20/70 AUD, and the Other One is from 2/23/71. (Both of those tapes are on the Archive.)
The real Action House shows are lost. One undated Marty Weinberg AUD fragment which may be from one of the 46th Street Rock Palace shows has survived, randomly attributed to 11/12:

12.  11/21/70 is actually from 4/3/70.
Long thought to be a fragment from the Boston University show in which Ned Lagin played, this tape turned out to be a poor copy of the Cincinnati show. No wonder Ned couldn’t be heard!
A couple accounts of the Boston show:

13.  11/23/70 is actually from 11/16/70.
The real date was determined long ago – what was thought to be a tape from the Hell’s Angels party at the Anderson Theater turned out to be from a surprise Fillmore East show with several guests the previous week. The 11/16 SBD tape has many comments on the correct dating:
The circulating tape is incomplete, but a Good Lovin’ with Papa John Creach was captured in an AUD tape fragment:
A review of the show:
The 11/23 Anderson Theater show is lost, but there is a review:

14.  12/17/70 is actually a compilation from the October 4-5 Winterland shows.
Cold Rain & Snow, Uncle John’s Band – from 10/4/70.
Hard to Handle, Candyman, Me & My Uncle, Dancing in the Streets – from 10/5/70.
Part of this also circulated as “12/23/70” and even in the Vault several of these songs are also dated “12/23,” but these December dates are when the studio mixdowns of the multitrack tapes took place. 
On 12/17/70 David & the Dorks were playing at the Matrix. The genuine 12/23/70, a short benefit show, is here:



While I’m on the subject of 1970 tapes, I’ll mention a few significant upgrades and new sources that have come out in the last couple years – all audience tapes:
4/9/70 partial AUD upgrade:
(This new audience source was a big improvement in the AUD portion of the show from Katie Mae through Cryptical. But for the end of the show, NFA>Lovelight, turn to SIRMick's remaster of Harry Ely’s old AUD.)
5/7/70 electric set upgrade:
(A new audience source – the acoustic set sounds better on the old AUD, but the electric set is much improved on this recording.)
6/24/70 complete late acoustic set:
(Complete at last!)
9/17/70 upgrade of Marty Weinberg’s electric-set tape:  
(Only part of the set, but the Dark Star is complete and at the right speed.)  
9/19/70 complete acoustic set:
(The quality’s rough, but the full set only recently emerged online.)
10/10/70 upgrade:
(A lower-gen tape, clearer and longer than the previous copy.)
Even after fifty years, some tapes are still emerging!


  1. Thank you. I really need to spend a few months listening to 1970 which is really one of the best years

    1. IMO 1970 isn't "one of the best years" is THE best year. Even though many of the greatest performances only exist on audience tapes, the band was at their absolute peak and never achieved quite that level of awesomeness ever again (though they remained a fantastic live band for almost all the 1970s).

  2. Pete Lavezzoli proves to be as bad ass of a Dead researcher as he is as a drummer!

  3. It would be nice if a better copy of 11/20/70 Rochester appeared. The circulatingrecording is chopped up and rough sounding, but your ears adjust. I find my ears do he same for a lot of the 70's auds
    Great post

    1. 11/20/70 is one of the better audience recordings of the year! (Especially compared to horrors like 11/11/70.) One of the Archive commenters pointed out back in 2004 that he had a better-sounding lower-gen tape: "This encoding is almost certainly from cassettes with significant drop outs - I have the 'originals.' If somebody wants to do a better job, let me know at" But his copy hasn't appeared.

      I thought I would have more time to write lately, but no. The next post will be in October.

    2. Yes 11/20 better than some from 70, one can only dream for a recording to emerge like the Capitol Theatre recordings. It's still ok though, the jams are quite something to behold. 11/11 is quite dire really, again it's a shame as it seemed like a great show, but it's all we have

      Roll on October

  4. Thank you for putting this together L.I.A., and for maintaining this entire site! I hope you'll consider doing a 1970 List of Shows mirroring the format of the ones from each of the years of the 1960s. It is an invaluable resource!

    1. Hmmm... I did the 1960s lists of shows because deadlists was not updated anymore, and there were so many recent updates & corrections for those years that needed to be listed. 1970 was in much better shape, and I wasn't really planning to make a new list for that year too.
      On top of which, since then Jerrybase has come into being with its full up-to-date list of Dead shows. Granted, it's not tape-centered and I haven't checked its Dead listings for accuracy, but it does make me feel like putting together a text list of 1970 shows wouldn't be the greatest use of time.
      Never say never, though!

    2. Ah, yes, Jerrybase does seem very comprehensive and up to date. I will start to think of it as the definitive source. Thanks for the tip!