May 30, 2011


Occasionally I add long comments/updates to old posts, which I prefer to silently revising the posts or making updates in separate new posts. Thing is, hardly anybody will even know comments have been added! (No "recent comments" column here.)
So I've decided to set aside this little spot where, from time to time, I'll note any major new additions.
(Updated 1/1/12.)

12/30/10 - setlist discussion in "Missing 1970 Shows"
2/9/11 - more comments on "Missing 1969 Shows"
2/9/11 - comment on "Bear at the Board"
2/9/11 - comment on "The Allmans & the Dead"
2/9/11 - more on the band's anti-taping policy in "1970 Audience Tapes"
2/15/11 - comparison of 11/19/66 and 3/18/67 in "1966 Songs"
3/13/11 - what will happen to Bear's tapes? in "FM Broadcasts"
3/25/11 - new comments on "Hendrix and the Dead"
3/25/11 - more details on "Buffalo 3/17/70"
4/12/11 - comment on 4/7/71 in "The Crowded Dead Stage"
4/22/11 - speculation on the early Live/Dead mix, in "Live vs Studio Dead"
5/2/11 - a note on TC's wedding, in "The Hartbeats - July 1970"
5/24/11 - Ihor Slabicky's note on Pigpen's demos, in "Pigpen Solo"
5/24+28/11 - a lot more info on "The Firing, 1968"
5/29/11 - an Aoxomoxoa session list, in "Live vs Studio Dead"
5/29/11 - a note on the Dead's summer '68 show schedule, in "Dark Star 1968" and "Live vs Studio Dead"
7/11/11 - a comment on the Toronto '67 tapes (see also earlier note on 1/14/67 Morning Dew misdate) in "1967 Dead Tapes"
8/30/11 - a couple more comments in "Pigpen Solo"
8/30/11 - Dizzy Gillespie on the Dead, in "The Dead & Jazz"
9/1/11 - a bit more background on Willy Legate and the Dead's Arista contract, in "Dick Latvala"
9/8/11 - Happiness Is Drumming, in "Dead Song Debuts"
9/24/11 - Tighten Up jam, or Beginnings jam? in "Early Thematic Jams"
10/19/11 - more on the Jon Hendricks session date, in "Live vs Studio Dead"
10/19/11 - Phil Lesh on the classical influence, in "The Ives Touch"
10/20/11 - the date of the Anthem session tape, in "1967 Dead Tapes"
11/15/11 - on how the Dead did not like their shows, in "The Firing"
11/28/11 - More Mind Left Body Reviews
12/11/11 - 7/16/66, Birth of the Dead, and the Missing Midnight Hour, in "1966 Songs"
12/14/11 - Where Did The NPC Bass Solo Come From?, in "New Potato Caboose"
12/23/11 - 10/17/70 Surfaces, in "Missing 1970 Shows"
1/1/12 - The 12/8/73 Other One, in "Dark Star 12/6/73"
1/1/12 - 11/6/68 Redated, in "Dark Star 1968"

I'm toying with the idea of also including some of my massive comments on Lost Live Dead and the Hooterollin' blog (some of which turn into posts here). Seems like overkill, but here's a few:
12/31/68 & Recording a Live Album (12/30/11)
The Dead's Disapproval of Garcia's Sidebands (11/25/11)
The 1990 Auditions (Aug '11)
Warlocks Resumes, 1965 (July '11 - see this also )
The End of Keith & Donna
The Hooteroll Story, Continued...
Album Contract Questions
The Stones & the Dead
The Dead, the Beach Boys & the Animals
Buck Owens vs. Frank Zappa
The Mystery of 9/11/69

I've also been posting pieces written by others. I only found a few of those to add, though - I'm pretty picky in what gets included here. But I hope to find more writings worth including in the future. I don't expect anyone will want to specifically write something for this blog, but should that happen, I can be contacted through my comments.

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