November 2, 2011


It may be some time before my next post - I'm having some delays and don't have much free time for writing these days. I've started on a very long post, but it may be several weeks before I'm finished. Sorry about the wait!

UPDATE: At this point I don't think I can post again until January.

UPDATE #2: I am busier than expected this month, with many things to attend to. But I will try to post something by the end of January. I hope my next posts will make up for the long delay...


  1. Bummer, dude! Hopefully the busy-ness is for worthwhile things.

  2. Well, the main thing is I'm moving this month, so that's taking up a lot of time & mental focus. Plus, the bigger the post I'm working on, the harder it is to just sit down and do it, bit by little bit, week after week. But there are other distractions too - like the Beach Boys SMILE box set just came out, and I just had to spend some time with that!

  3. hope the move goes well LIA, and i look forward to your next post

  4. We will all miss your posts. Hopefully things go well and the time flies. We'll all be waiting...

  5. I'm waiting impatiently too. I hate having to go so long without writing, but the move & work schedule are going to keep me tied up til after x-mas.

  6. How true! And still four more weeks of it left!

    "The Ides of March are come."
    "Aye, Caesar, but not gone..."

  7. Hard to believe, but I am moving AGAIN.
    Plus other things going on make it hard to concentrate on writing. I hope to be more settled and productive in a couple weeks.

    One issue is that the things I most want to write about are giant topics that take a long time to put together. Suggestions for Short Topics will be considered...

  8. Can't wait for the new posts!!!