May 6, 2016

A Call For Missing Tapes

Back in the pre-Archive days, there were a number of Dead tapes listed in the Taping Compendium or in deadlists that a few collectors had, but weren't very widespread. To this day they still haven't been transferred to digital or put online, so you won't find these on the Archive or torrent sites.
I've put together a short list of the tapes that used to circulate, but aren't available or are in inferior quality online, in the hopes that some old tape collectors may still have these and can digitize them.

Jan. 1967 - studio outtakes
One collection of outtakes is here (misdated "12/5/66"), but it runs too fast, a couple songs are mislabeled, and a couple tracks are missing. I'm sure a better copy can be found.

8/4/67 - Lindy
Per deadlists, a partial fragment of this song opened the tape, but it isn't on the copies online.
Now available! 

2/5/69 - Lovelight
The copy of this show on the Archive is missing the opening song, Lovelight. 

3/29/69 - Dark Star
Deadlists has the time of this Dark Star as 21 minutes, but the circulating copies are only 15 minutes (with a tapecut). It's possible the deadlists timing is wrong, but I have hope that an alternate tape of this show may have the complete Dark Star. 
It's now available! 

8/16/69 AUD
A Woodstock AUD used to circulate but has never appeared online.
It appears there was never a Woodstock audience tape of the Dead's show. Per one researcher, "Copies circulating as an “audience” or “stage” recording were actually high-gen versions of the mono PA tape."

Late 1969 - Bucky's Theme (studio outtake)
This was an instrumental with Garcia on pedal steel & John Tenney on fiddle, and was recorded along with Pigpen's 'I'm A Loving Man,' but never made it to a digital copy. 
It's now available!

[2/7/70 AUD
The SBD is very chopped-up and the AUD is more complete for most of the show. Actually, a complete composite source is available online, but I've listed this since for some reason the Archive copy is missing most of the songs and needs to be fixed or re-uploaded.]

4/12/70 - complete AUD
Several songs from this excellent AUD are patched into the available SBD, but the rest of the AUD would also be nice to have, offering a somewhat different PA mix of the songs.
The Schoolgirl is now available! 

5/24/70 - alternate SBD
A near-complete SBD is available, which is rather rough and distorted in places. But another mono board tape used to circulate, which was only part of the show (it started at Cryptical and went til the first few minutes of Lovelight), but may have clearer sound. 
It's now available! A couple more complete copies of the show have also come out.

6/24/70 AUD - late acoustic set
Surprisingly for such a famous show, we still don't have the complete evening on the Archive. Different sets are scattered across several different source tapes of varying quality: the early acoustic set, the early electric set (but with Cosmic Charlie cut), part of the late acoustic set (with many cuts and some missing songs - the end of the set is also here), and the late electric set. Deadlists notes that the late acoustic set (and the early-show Cosmic Charlie) are complete, so evidently there are still more tapes to find.
The late acoustic set is now available!

(7/9/70 AUD) - Friend of the Devil, Easy Wind
Deadlists notes that these two songs used to circulate on tapes of 7/11/70 (their date is uncertain), but they aren't online. It's possible they're actually from another known show, but there's no telling if we can't hear them.

9/19/70 - acoustic set AUD
Only the last two acoustic songs are on the available copies of this show. Although the quality of the AUD tapes this night is quite poor, it's odd that an entire set of this famous show is still inaccessible. 
It's now available! 

10/4/70 - Pigpen interview
A radio DJ interviewed Pigpen at this show, but the copies online don't include this. 
It's now available!

11/16/70 AUD - Good Lovin'
A fragmentary audience tape included this song, with Hot Tuna and Papa John Creach playing on it, which is not on the SBD tape. 
It's now available! (It seems Papa John Creach is actually the only guest, not Jorma or Jack.)

11/70 AUD - fragment of unknown show
The Taping Addendum lists a batch of Marty Weinberg reels that were transferred in 2001; most of them have been put online by Rob Berger and others, but this partial mystery show is still unavailable.
The tracklist: Till the Morning Comes, China>Rider, Mama Tried, Good Lovin'.  
It's now available

(1970 AUD) - Good Lovin'
This was on a set of Marty Weinberg's reels transferred back in 2001 - the start of a 6/24/70 reel was taped over with part of a Good Lovin' that couldn't be dated, but was from another show. Unfortunately, it wasn't included with the Weinberg reels that were put online.
It's now available (all three minutes of it).

2/18-19/71 - Ken Lee AUDs
A couple fragments from these tapes have become available - here and here - and they sound far superior to the other audience tapes from these nights (as you'd expect from Ken Lee). I don't know if the rest of these tapes ever actually circulated, but it's worth checking.
(Marty Weinberg's surviving reel of 2/24/71 sounds very good but is also incomplete, and it's unlikely more of his recording will be found. The reel also included a Mama Tried with Garcia on pedal steel which was unidentified - perhaps from a 1970 NRPS set - but wasn't included when the reel was put online.)

10/19/71 - Garcia interview
The radio broadcast included a pre-show interview with Garcia, which isn't included in the copies online.
A transcript is now available.

1973? - Pigpen demos
About an hour of Pigpen's home acoustic demos are available online in a few different collections, but the Taping Compendium (p. 449) lists another tape of piano demos which isn't online.

2/24/73 AUD
An audience tape of much of the second set exists, including the Truckin'>Nobody's Fault jam>Eyes of the World, which has never circulated online. (Only a couple SBD fragments from the first & second sets circulate.) 
The AUD tape is now available!

3/15/73 alternate AUD
A complete audience tape exists on the Archive, in varying quality - the first ten songs are rather poor, distant quality with a noisy audience; it then switches to a very good, clear stereo sound up until Truckin', when it switches back to distant mono. I'm not sure if this was pieced together from different sources or if the taper had to move around; but an old '70s bootleg LP had a couple first-set songs from an excellent, up-front AUD tape. It would be a significant upgrade if the rest of that tape could be found. (Only part of the second set is available in SBD.)
The Betty-Board SBD for almost the full show is now available. It would still be nice to find a better AUD source to use for patches, though.

The available sources online are all incomplete, with the longest one still missing several songs at the end of the show; but the full show was available on tape.
The missing songs are now available. 

9/10/74 AUD
This night was taped by the same taper who recorded 9/11/74, in similar quality, and the AUD used to circulate. It would be nice to hear this.
A more complete copy of the show with the SBD cuts patched by the AUD is now available. 

There are a number of other 1972-74 audience tapes that were never transferred to digital, because the SBD tapes are widely available and the AUDs don't sound so great. I haven't listed them all since there would be little interest in these; but one that I'm curious about is 12/6/73, poor as the quality might be, just to hear how the audience responded to that Dark Star. (Dave Cubbedge, a reviewer in Deadbase who made a non-circulating stereo audience tape of the show, describes the audience bickering during Dark Star!)

A large number of studio rehearsal tapes from 1975-77 were in limited circulation but were never put online, probably because only a few fanatics would ever want to collect or hear them all. Nonetheless, there could be some interesting sessions here:

Sept 1975 Studio Rehearsals:
9/1/75: Comes A Time, They Love Each Other
9/16/75: Catfish John
9/23/75: Dancin' in the Streets instrumental jams (a couple takes)
These are now available. 
??/75: Dancin' in the Streets (a couple vocal takes)
[There could be earlier Blues for Allah rehearsals that were on tape but not online, but due to all the song repetitions I couldn't tell.]

April/May 1976 Studio Rehearsals:
4/20/76: Lazy Lightnin' (multiple takes), Born Cross-Eyed tease, Friend of the Devil (two takes), instrumental - This date is now available.
4/24/76: The Wheel (a couple takes)
5/6/76: Jam, Cosmic Charlie (multiple takes), Let It Grow
5/17/76: Cassidy (several takes), Instrumental, Attics of My Life (two takes), Estimated Prophet
5/18/76: Peanut Butter, Might As Well, Blues Jam, Samson & Delilah, Saint Stephen
5/20/76: Saint Stephen
5/28/76: Cosmic Charlie (alt), Samson & Delilah, Crazy Fingers, Music Never Stopped, Might As Well, Playing jam [missing from copies online]
5/30/76: Samson & Delilah

1976-77 Studio rehearsals:
8/26/76: Jam, Dancin' in the Streets (multiple instrumental takes) - part of this is now available.
2/19/77: At A Siding (multiple takes), Equinox (several instrumental takes), Blues, Fire on the Mountain (multiple takes with alt lyrics)
??/77: Funk Instrumental (two takes), Terrapin Station, Playing in the Band

(The Taping Compendium vol. 2 also listed as a 1976 outtake the ambient instrumental 'The Whale's Master,' but this appears to be a Mickey Hart solo track with synthesizers and no Dead involvement.) 

These were the first tapes that came to mind; I'll add to the list as I come across more.
Feel free to add suggestions to the list! 


  1. Excellent idea. I'd add Alexandra Palace 1974-09-09, the full show used to be easily available on multiple generation cassette but digitally we are missing the end.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I've got this. A few years ago I transferred the 6 missing songs from my cassette copy and patched them (unprocessed) into my digital version. I've no idea now of the lineage of this analogue copy - it was just a cassette show that I received in trade from the US (possibly from Jeff Tamarkin) in the late 1970s. Here's a WeTransfer link if anyone wants to download the missing songs...... Ship Of Fools, Tennessee Jed, Uncle John's Band, Johnny B. Goode, US Blues, Saturday Night

      Note that this link expires on 15th May.

      I also have a matrix version of the following night (10th) that Jim Powell (of Deadlists) organised 13 years ago. It's not on and I've never seen it on the net since he first sent me a copy. He used 2 different AUD sources that I sent him to patch gaps and, to my mind, it's better and more complete than the SBD-only copies that circulate. Here's the original details from Deadlists.....

      Alexandra Palace, London 9/10/74

      Alexandra Palace
      London 9/10/74

      MSR > D > CD supplemented with
      Simon Phillips MAC > CD �( = AUD1)
      & another MAC > ? > C > C > CD �( = AUD2)
      patches & remaster by Dave Greenberg
      project coordinated by Jim Powell
      special thanks to Simon Phillips, Rob Bertrando, Hugh Barroll & Bob Menke

      Disc #1: �First Set pt 1: �56:08

      Around & Around
      Mississippi Halfstep
      Beat It On Down The Line
      Peggy O
      Black-Throated Wind
      China Cat Sunflower >
      I Know You Rider �p/w AUD1 @ 2:10

      Disc #2: �75:38

      Weather Report Suite >
      Stella Blue

      Seastones ����AUD2

      Second Set pt 1

      Me & My Uncle
      Dire Wolf
      Not Fade Awey
      Ramble On Rose �p/w AUD2 �@ �0:46
      Big River

      Disc #3: �Show conclusion: �58:33

      Dark Star >
      Morning Dew
      Sugar Magnolia ���p/w AUD1 @ 6:11

      US Blues ����AUD

    3. By the way, I can't recall if I still have the 2 AUD recordings of the 10th that I sent to Jim, but probably not. I recorded all 3 nights myself but I've a feeling that I got rid of the tapes once I had better digital SBD or matrix versions. I'm out of the UK until July so can't check until I get home.

    4. It would be great to hear AUDs of 9/9 and 9/10. The 9/11 aud has indeed surfaced from a 2nd gen. copy, you must be the "unknown taper who recorded all three shows".
      I made the matrix for the 11th from the 2nd gen source that surfaced a few years ago. I really have enjoyed the recording you made, such a great job with the technology available at the time, thank you for taping!

    5. Alas I suspect that someone else is that 'unknown taper'. I recorded all 3 nights in mono, about 12 feet in front of Phil. Not realising at the time how the Wall Of Sound worked, I did get a good (mono) recording but very top heavy in Phil and Keith. A couple of years later, I acquired another set of AUDs for all 3 nights. These were stereo recordings and I'd seen the taper standing dead centre, again about 12 to 15 feet back from the stage. I suspect that he was the 'unknown taper' whose recordings were used.

    6. Simon, thank you for sharing these extra tracks! It's nice to finally complete this one. I hope that 9/10/74 matrix makes it out sometime soon!

    7. Here's the download link for Jim Powell's matrix of the 10th.

      It expires on the 17th.

      If anyone wants these after the links have expired, you can probably find both over at Lossless Legs.

    8. Thank you for sharing the matrix, really looking forward to listening to it!

    9. Thanks indeed! The missing bits of the SBD tape are now filled in with AUD patches.
      Most of the patches on the 10th sound very echoey, but the Seastones (from the 'unknown taper' in stereo) sounds quite good. Hopefully someone will find the rest of that AUD in their collection; it'll add a lot of atmosphere to the show.

    10. I did send Jim the complete shows of both AUD recordings so I'd assume that he and the others would try and choose the best recording for each patch.

    11. That's interesting....... Charlie Miller has just posted another torrent of 1974-09-10 and lists Tennessee Jed and Mexicali Blues as being missing. A quick check on Deadlists seems to confirm that they were indeed played. So, my questions are if, as per my previous post, I sent Jim Powell 2 complete AUDs of the show, would they both have had the same 2 songs missing? And if they were there, how come they weren't included as patches into the SBD? Or is their presence all based on an incorrect entry in Deadlists? Hmmmm.......?

    12. I think it's Deadlists' mistake. They didn't time the two songs (which suggests they didn't have them), and it's also really unlikely that these two songs would somehow be missing both from the SBD master and from two audience recordings.

    13. A 1974-09-10 Set 1 3rd gen SBD tape has turned up on ebay with Tennesse Jed after Peggy-O and Black Peter after Loser as previously listed by DeadBase XI (DB50 changed this set to match deadlists).

    14. 3rd gen it may be, but I'm skeptical about those songs! Not only is it odd that they'd be missing both from the AUD recordings and from Charlie Miller's copy of the master reel, it's equally suspicious that both times it has two Garcia songs in a row (Peggy/Tennessee Jed + Loser/Black Peter).
      But a listen to the tape might solve this mystery.

  2. I think I have the 10/19/71 interview, busy busy busy so not sure when I can check.

  3. I have the 10/19/71 interview also, John Peete is the interviewer of this 9:44 interview.

    1. If I remember correctly, Garcia is interviewed during the soundcheck, and the crew plays a weird tape in the background, which includes some sort of "poetry" from Hunter

  4. What studios do these belong to?
    Sept 1975 Studio Rehearsals-Ace?

    April/May 1976 Studio Rehearsals-Club Front?

    1976-77 Studio rehearsals-Club Front?

    1. They really rehearsed "Born Cross-Eyed" in 1976? Even once? Amazing

      I too would be interested in the locations of the April/May '76 rehearsals. I did not know the Dead had actually played between Aug 75 and May 28 '76

    2. They played only the intro of Born Cross-Eyed, for 25 seconds. Alas!

      There are no studio attributions on the tapes, I believe.
      Sept '75 - Ace's
      April/May '76 - unknown (except for May 28-30 at the Orpheum). Deadlists places the start of the rehearsals in Mickey's barn, but Deadbase places the early rehearsals at Ace's. Or possibly the Dead had started rehearsing at Club Front already - if the Garcia Band had been rehearsing there back in Jan '76, there seems no reason the Dead wouldn't use it that spring. (Blair Jackson says they'd started renting it back in '75.)
      August '76 - Club Front, according to Deadbase (but I think they're guessing).
      Feb '77 - Club Front, unless some rehearsals were taped at the Sound City sessions. Hearing the tapes might help reveal the locations, of course.

  5. I used to have the Betty Boards of the acoustic sets of 10/4/80 and 10/6/80 on cassette. I remember one of them had some amusing banter between songs that was not on any copy currently on the Archive.

  6. I would love to see the auds from the Winterland 1974 Farewell shows get circulated, only the 16th currently circulates. There is also no aud in circulation for 10-13-80 Warfield Theater, but there is at least one in existence.

  7. The 2/24/73 Iowa City recording referenced is likely a friend of mine's. He's interested in getting his old masters digitized, but is both concerned he doesn't have the expertise to do a perfect transfer if the old tapes have only one play left in them, and that they'd get lost in the mail or the clutter if he sent them to someone to digitize. So every time I see him, I urge him to get in contact with Charlie Miller...

    1. Actually Charlie Miller might not be the best choice since he's pretty busy and always swamped in Dead transfers - a tape going to him might not emerge for years. There are a few people around who've digitized lots of old Dead tapes - just a matter of getting your friend in touch with one...

    2. Suggestions as to whom? Thanks.

    3. I would suggest David Minches or Rob Berger, both fabulous and legendary transfer masters with excellent equipment, know-how and experience.

    4. Minches is indeed the best, IMHO.

    5. Anonymous - can you give me your email or your friend's, so I can get you in touch with someone? I can be contacted through my blogger profile.

    6. Sure hope you all make the buddy's first show and it would be awesome to hear!

  8. Does the full 4/12/70 aud circulate digitally, besides what was used to patch the sbd (shnid=3820)? I'd really love to hear it, especially the Schoolgirl with "a sexy catlike female meowing in the background" (according to the Taper's Compendium). yowza.

    1. The full 4/12/70 AUD isn't online, but it would be nice to have the whole tape available - it's excellent quality for the year.
      There are a number of 1970 AUDs that are only available as patches, but I decided not to fill up the post with a bunch of AUDs that only a few hardcore nuts would want to hear!

    2. Surprisingly, the 4/12/70 Schoolgirl AUD has now turned up on Lossless Legs (just the one song), and indeed, midway through some stoned lady starts quietly scatting near the taper's mike through much of the rest of the song. It's pretty funny and really does bring to mind a cat meowing along with Schoolgirl!

  9. > ??/76: 'The Whale's Master' (ambient instrumental)

    i have always suspected that this was (a) a ned lagin 'seastones' outtake / session, (b) mickey hart grabbed a 'seastones' session tape that was laying around in his stuidio and overdubbed it, or, (c) mickey hart fooling around with ned lagin's 'seastones' synthesizer setups while ned lagin was not around. no proof for any of those, just my feeling (which, of course, could be completely wrong).

    I-) ihor

  10. OK, here's another MIA. There are 2 common versions of 1970-05-24 Hollywood Festival in circulation. The first is a complete AUD recording and the second is a SBD patched with bits from the AUD. I used to have a 3rd version of this show which came to me in a trade in the 70s. It was professionally recorded but in mono, and purported to be the audio from the film that was being shot. From memory, it comprised about 75% of the show. I've never seen it anywhere else but, when I first received CDs of the patched SBD about 15 years ago, I replaced the AUD patches in Attics and St Stephen, using patches from this 3rd version (which made for smoother transitions). I couldn't replace the AUD patches at the very start and very end of the show as these weren't on version 3. Unfortunately, as with the 74 AUDs above, I don't think that I have this 3rd version any more. Has anyone else ever come across it?

    I do have the digital copy of the re-patched show that I made and I did quite a lot of work back then (using Goldwave) to try and equalise lots of drop-outs in volume and balance between tracks. Nothing I could do about the distortion that creeps in at times. If there's any interest, I can can put up a WeTransfer link to my version.

    1. > If there's any interest, I can can put up a WeTransfer link to my version.

      i would love to hear your '3rd version'!

      I-) ihor

    2. Does anyone else have problems with WeTransfer? The d/l's start, and get dropped like 3/4 of the way through?

    3. I didn't know there was a third recording of 5/24/70! I'd also be interested in the re-patched version, at least for the two songs that include bits of the third recording.

      I haven't had a problem with WeTransfer yet.

    4. Here we go -----> (expires 19th May)

      Don't raise your expectations too high - remember, I'm no sound engineer and this is work I did about 15 years ago. When I get back to the UK (early July) I'll see if I've still got that 3rd recording but, as I say, I think probably not. Just in case it jogs the memory of anyone else who may have it, the beginning of the show was missing, there was the loud sound of a motor cycle being revved up just before/after Cold Rain & Snow, (I've seen references elsewhere to motor cycle noises - maybe they're also on the AUD version?) and Lovelight had a brutal cut in it, it was only about 5 minutes long in total.

    5. Ihor - I remember you from the Deadlists discussion pages and your TCGDD. Can you still be contacted on raytheon? There's something I'd like to ask you about related to this current topic.


    6. simon, send an email to tcgdd at yahoo and i will get back to you.

      I-) ihor

    7. I believe the "third source" was the one that Latvala got in the '70s, so it shouldn't be all that rare. It probably fell out of circulation due to being only the partial show.
      Though there's less than a minute of it used as patches on your copy, it does sound like an interesting alternate - a bit fuzzy, but without the heavy tape hum. I hope the full version turns up somewhere.

    8. You know what, I think you're right! His notebook matches the description. Can't believe I hadn't spotted that.

    9. Probably my last word on this subject (until Dick's tape turns up). Long story short, yesterday realised that there's a total of 5 minutes of tuning between songs on the AUD that's missing from the SBD (and hence from my version above). Again, for my own listening pleasure, I've now patched all the missing bits into mine and, in the spirit of sharing, have put the 6 replacement tracks, plus a description of what I've done, in this download link

      I've also emailed it to Norm at Lossless Legs as he torrented the earlier version and I've asked him to decide if it warrants putting up on LL again (it may be too trivial).

    10. Oh! one last thing......thought I might as well share the photos of the show that I've collected over the years. These are in higher resolution than the ones I sent to the UK Festivals site years ago. I've also included a pdf of the festival programme.

    11. OK, back in the UK now and checked through the few remaining cassette tapes that I've kept. Guess what? There's a Maxell C90 of the Hollywood Festival, no track listing but it notes that the very end of side 2 is from an AUD recording. I think this is going to be it.......the 3rd recording I referred to above (the one in Dick Latvala's notebook). I'm pretty excited but will have to wait until Sunday when I can get my tape deck down and give it a listen. If it IS the 3rd recording, I'll transfer it to digital and put a download link here. Fingers crossed!

    12. And here it is, the 3rd source transferred from my old cassette stored in the loft (the link is good until 18th July).

      Another crossed off the list :-)

    13. Great! Other than being in mono, the mix is different than the circulating SBD (particularly in the vocals), and it's a good-quality tape without the heavy hiss on the Archive SBD. On the other hand, it runs significantly fast (especially the second half of the tape), and the quality seems to decline as it goes. Overall it's definitely an interesting alternate listen, a very punchy copy of the show.

  11. Happily, the 11/16/70 Good Lovin' AUD (a partial 9-minute fragment) has turned up. It's rather poor quality (typical for a Fillmore East AUD), but the jam does take some different directions and Papa John does some soloing.

  12. The two 1969 studio tracks recorded for Pigpen's solo album have showed up on Lossless Legs.
    'I'm A Loving Man' is in better quality than before.
    "Bucky's Theme" is a basic country instrumental - I've read that it's Buck Owens' 'I Don't Care (As Long As You Love Me)' but I don't think it is. No one got round to recording vocals for it, though, so it's basically a short backing track with some Garcia pedal steel.

    1. > The two 1969 studio tracks recorded for Pigpen's solo album have showed up on Lossless Legs.

      any chance those could put some place that they can be d/l-ed from, as i cannot do torrents.

      I-) ihor

    2. Hello Ihor,

    3. thank YOU, Chastason!

      I-) ihor

  13. There are photos of this gig showing Papa John playing with the Dead, but no Jorma or Casady is seen on these. One pic has 'Good Lovin' projected behind the band. My guess is: the gig went Hot Tuna - NRPS - Grateful Dead w/guests, and Good Lovin was the 2nd encore.

    1. Good point - is it possible deadlists was mistaken and Jack & Jorma aren't actually playing in the jam? The recording is pretty muddy; I thought I heard a bit of Jorma but couldn't swear to it, and Phil seems to be the one on bass. Maybe other listeners can tell more precisely. At any rate it's not much like the 11/11 & 11/20/70 jams where Jack & Jorma are very present; and its place in the show is a mystery!

  14. I was rummaging through some tapes and found a few filler studio tracks that are not online:
    - I Know You Rider, take 1 from the first album - instrumental, a different take than the one online (it has a different ending). The mix on this copy is very different, with Weir & Pigpen upfront.
    - Alice D Millionaire, instrumental take from the first album. (Also the instrumental Death Don't that was released on CD, in worse quality.)
    - Dupree's Diamond Blues, from Aoxomoxoa. This is a different take than the one in the Aox outtakes online, with just a guitar & drums and Garcia doing a rough vocal. But very muffled on this copy. (I believe this came from the bootleg LP "Mountains of the Moon," from Big Bang Records.)

    I hope someone else has these in better quality (or other stray studio tracks as well) - these copies are hissy, bassy, multi-gen mono, and not ideal for uploading.

    1. "I believe this came from the bootleg LP "Mountains of the Moon," from Big Bang Records.)"

      A classic! I listened to that one a lot. Kinda rough quality ...

    2. This bootleg LP was just uploaded on Lossless Legs, for the curious!
      Most of the Aoxomoxoa outtakes are the same as previously available, except for Dupree's Diamond Blues - it's the same basic outtake (drum, guitar, bass), but the mix is different & more complete at the start, and Garcia's vocal is different at the beginning and end.

  15. 3/29/69 - Dark Star - we have the complete 21 Min version, will take some time to find the best sources. Here is our description, written in 1998:
    03-29-69 DStar>Stephen 21:00 [ Ice Palace, Las Vegas, NV - sbd-tape ]
    intro strong & bass-led -- soon strange feedback by lgtr -- 0:50 take-off -- DS-Jam builds up -- 2:20 nice passage -- 3:25 searing notes by Jer & Phil's strong bass pulls all the plugs ! -- 4:50 DS theme, nice & soft variations -- 5:35 1st verse -- 6:50 straight on, Bobby strums strict rhythm, TC leads -- 7:30 short breakdown -- lgtr soon takes off into DS-Jam, many fluid jams -- 9:30 cool- down -- 10:10 Jer pulls up, perc drives -- 10:45 switch to SPUTNIK, extended & well-jammed, w/ strange clapping sounds, then turning SPACEy -- 13:15 distorted lgtr w/ crazy perc -- 14:45 suspenseful transition into -- 15:10 DS theme, first jammed, then slowed down to -- 15:55 DS theme, heavy bass calls for -- 16:50 the climax ! -- 17:25 DS theme, played again to culmination -- short sub2 -- 18:10 2nd climax -- 18:40 quiet & mellow DS theme -- 19:25 2nd verse -- 20:30 fade-out w/ nice perc -- 21:00 Stephen
    [•••• the crazed & jammed SPUTNIK is the core of this one --- sends chills up and down your spine ! ••••]

  16. Going through some tapes, I found that I had the alternate 5/24/70 board source as well - it must have been pretty widespread. There are a few ways to differentiate it from the SBD on the Archive:
    - it includes Cryptical to the first 6 minutes of Lovelight. (Many copies probably have the end of another Lovelight patched on after that.)
    - the mix is different, particularly the vocals which are lower in places. (It sounds like microphones drop out sometimes in this recording, as harmony vocals are much quieter in some spots.) I think the organ's quieter too.
    - it seems to be mostly mono, more or less (though Dark Star seemed to be more in stereo).
    - Lovelight doesn't have the distortion that's on the Archive SBD.
    - there's a motorcycle revving up after Good Lovin'.
    Sadly, on my copy the bass is so loud it drowns out everything, rendering the tape almost unlistenable, and certainly useless for transferring. But I'm sure someone must have a decent copy.

    1. That's good but disappointing that the quality's not great. I seem to remember that mine was very listenable. Hopefully a good quality version will be found (always the outside chance that I still have mine somewhere).

    2. Yes, your copy was much better. My copy was a victim of multi-gen copying on subpar tapedecks (like many of my old tapes).
      I forgot to list the other notable difference of this source - it doesn't have the cuts in Attics or St Stephen - though I suspect it has different cuts in other songs.

  17. my oddity is having a 02-14-68 with no tape flip during the 'mountain' jam. based on who i was trading with at the time, i am pretty sure that ended up being used as a fix for RTV2N2.

    I-) ihor

    1. I had that also. I found it on some obscure website that had streaming links circa 2000, possibly Sugarmegs but I don't think so. I plugged a minidisc recorder into my desktop to make a copy. It didn't sound very good but I used it to make my own patch for whatever other, better source I had, likely from GDLive. I still have the CD with the patch but no idea what I did with the full copy of the stream that I made, probably in some box of minidiscs I haven't touched in 20 years. I've always wondered about that one myself, especially after the official was released. Was it from the FM broadcast? That'd be my best guess.

  18. It turns out I also had the 4/12/70 AUD on tape. It's in stereo and sounds like an SBD; about the only way to tell it's an audience tape is the distant, tinny vocals.
    The mix is somewhat different than the SBD - besides the low vocals, the drums & organ are quieter, but the bass is more prominent. (On my poor copy, it's overpowering.)
    Dancing on the Streets is on the AUD - Cumberland, Dire Wolf & Black Peter are apparently missing.
    The taper paused between songs, so the openings of most songs are clipped. There's almost no audience noise - a bit of distant clapping after songs, and not a peep during the songs. I presume the taper must've been right in front of the speakers - it's too bad he wasn't there the previous nights!
    So in short, this AUD doesn't really give an audience perspective of the show, but I think it's worth seeking out for the alternate mix. Dancing & Viola Lee are ferocious.

    Once again, my copy illustrates the downsides of cassettes - muddy sound with loud hiss & too-loud bass, often playing in only one channel. Certainly not equal to better copies like the patch used on the Archive.

  19. The only copy of the Aoxomoxoa outtake version of "What's Become of the Baby" on the Archive ( has a weird glitch where part of the recording repeats itself (not sure if any is missing but it's very annoying).

    There's definitely a clean version out there. It'd be nice if someone fixed the Archive version of the outtake because, well, that version is probably the closest thing to being inside Jerry's brain.

    Also, for whatever reason, the otherwise excellent recording of the David and the Dorks show on the Archive is missing "Laughing". See:

    That recording of "Laughing" is certainly out there, and it's in the same high quality. Kinda weird that it's missing from the upload.

    1. I've noticed before that the last song is missing from that file (as well as the rehearsal) - it's unfortunate that this particular copy was the one put on the Archive, since 'Laughing' has my favorite Garcia solo of the show. Fortunately the full show is also easy to find on youtube, for those who don't have it.
      The only reason the show's on the Archive at all is because it was 'hidden' as a Phil & Friends show - apparently Garcia shows aren't permitted on the Archive.

    2. I guess we are free to ask whether that show is a "Garcia show" or a "Crosby show" ... or a "Phil show"? In the past, Crosby (at least) was always supportive of sharing the music ... at least that particular music.

      Anyways, thank goodness for YouTube. The solo on "Laughing" is indeed an excellent one. There's a riff in there that sounds to me a lot like the melody to Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now". Probably just a coincidence but it really works within the context of the song.

  20. To Nick- the "sexy,catlike female meowing in the background" seems to refer to the 7/10/70 show in the Taping Compendium. So, the question is, is that tape available?

    1. The reference is on p.561 in the Compendium. But here's a case where they hadn't caught up with all the misdates:
      4/12/70 used to circulate as "7/10/70" (noted on p.63).
      The "first set" of 4/9/70 reviewed in the Compendium is actually another misdated copy of 4/12, which is why 4/9/70 also shows up in the recommended Schoolgirls list. (They didn't play it on 4/9 or 7/10.)
      The real 7/10/70 is reviewed as the "6/24/70 early show," while the actual 6/24/70 early show is reviewed as the "3/20/70 early show."

      Anyway, they say you can hear the lady on "excellent-quality audience tapes" of the show, but my copy of 4/12/70 was not excellent and I couldn't hear her. I hope a good copy appears.

  21. In happy news, the complete Dark Star from 3/29/69 is now seeding on etree, featuring six additional minutes of jamming!

  22. JGMF suggested I ask you do you know what this refers to

  23. Never mind

  24. There was a video on you tube of the band soundchecking good morning little schoolgirl and Sitting on top of the world from 1987 or 1988 - I thought it was on one of those "grateful dead home movies" compilations that had Bobby fooling around with Dentists equipment. Anyone have a link for this?

  25. A couple more tapes on the list have surfaced:
    - the 3/15/73 Betty Board has been resurrected from the mud, which gives us most of the show in SBD. However there are still enough gaps & cuts that it's still worth finding a better AUD source to complete it.
    - Marty Weinberg's AUD fragment from an unknown November '70 show is now online.

    Anyone who's able to share the backstage interviews from 10/4/70 or 10/19/71, please step forward!

  26. I have 10/4/70 KSAN backstage commentary, and I'm actually listening to it now, as I type! It runs about 22 minutes and is probably incomplete. It's in stereo, and there's a lot of weird music going on in one track and talking in the other.

    It's quite a bit more than just the Pigpen interview. It starts out post-Dead set, with KSAN DJ Dusty Street interviewing Marmaduke of NRPS. Marmaduke gives a few comments about the crowd and general Winterland vibes. Then there is an explanation of the Quad experiment: KSAN and KQED FM stations are participating in the event, as well as the KQED tv station. Pacific Stereo, a local Bay Area store is the sponsor, and announces its brand new Quadrophonic TEAC equipment. They have store locations in San Mateo, Berkeley, San Francisco, Mountainview, and Walnut Creek. Then there are some interviews with fans and other attendees. An announcement that the Big Sur Folk Festival ended yesterday.

    Then the bad news hits: there's a report that Janis Joplin was found dead in her Los Angeles motel room. For a moment it's just a rumor, and then it is confirmed.

    After a few more interviews including friends of Quicksilver, and a photographer capturing Jerry's guitar in action, Pigpen arrives (about 20 minutes into the commentary). He complains that his Hammond organ failed to show up for the gig. After a few moments of talk, the recording ends.

    Unfortunately I do not have any lineage on this recording but it definitely sounds like it was taken from another cassette. However it sounds good, and there's a lot of weirdness going on in the right stereo speaker.

    I can make a copy of this. My info is Barry Smith:

    1. Good to hear about this - a transfer is being worked out. Deadlists says that the talk with Pigpen lasts about 2:30; but even the appearance of an incomplete copy may spur someone with a more complete tape to transfer theirs.

    2. The 10/4/70 KSAN setbreak commentary is now up on etree, and it's an interesting glimpse of the backstage atmosphere at Winterland. Pigpen doesn't say much except to complain that his organ wasn't there. (And he was injured by his tambourine, which the DJ finds hilarious.)
      This copy is only the post-Dead intermission. I believe after the later sets, there was a lot more talk on the air about Janis, mentioned here:

  27. One collector has posted an inquiry on the Archive forum:
    "Does anyone have a copy of the so-called "old soundboard source" of the 8/16/69 Woodstock set? It's a mono board tape, radically different in mix to the 8-track Bob & Betty mixdown from 1970. In some ways, I find this mix preferable, particularly during the breakdown when the PA goes off after "Mama Tried". If anyone has this, would you please let me know?"

    I'm intrigued by the existence of an older alternate tape mix of the Woodstock performance. All the versions of the show online (audio & video) have an edit in St Stephen, so it's possible that song is more complete on a different source. Worth looking for!

    1. Hey LiA! I'm the guy who put that post up on the Archive...I've finally gotten around to uploading the alternate Woodstock SBD to my Google drive. I would have torrented it, but I don't really think it's good enough quality-wise. Check it out for yourself -- I KNOW there are better copies out there, because I used to have one! :-)

    2. Thanks for sharing! It is a pretty wonky mix, with the bass dropping in & out of the mix. (The opening of High Time is a particularly glaring example.)
      St Stephen turns out to be less complete here - 20 extra seconds are cut out; after the first two lines it skips to the last verse; so this is the third different edit of this song I've heard. Lovelight also fades out after 28 minutes.
      Dark Star was intriguing - at 24 minutes long, it would seem five minutes longer than the circulating copy (despite being sped-up), but this is due to an edited loop: actually seven minutes of music are repeated (9:35-16:35 is repeated from 16:35-23:40).

    3. My pleasure!! You are absolutely correct – – I believe this is a basic soundboard feed that the film crew used for sync purposes (possibly from Nagras, possibly not -- all of the film crew's tapes were burned up in a fire in the Atlantic vault in the early 70s, possibly including the master for this tape. I've tried to trace it, but no luck).

      The producers of the silver CD that this came from did everything they could to screw this up – – they drowned it in noise reduction, the DS is looped and Lovelight fades early. My cassette, should I ever find it, had none of those issues.

      It's still "rough" sounding due to the max, it's much more in-your-face here. It's also much better at giving you an idea of the rampant confusion on the stage when the PA went out (due to Bear's insistence on redoing the wiring for the already-fragile system prior to the Dead taking the stage).

      It is my humble believe that a closer-look examination of this performance would make a great article for this incredibly valuable blog. Hint, hint! :-)

    4. By the way, this is the recording reviewed in the first volume of the Taping Compendium book, right down to the early fade in Lovelight :-)

    5. Garcia is more up-front in this mix, and it does have more of a rough, raw feel....perhaps even more so on the original tape! Interesting to hear how the bootleggers screwed up the CD release; possibly another tape copy wouldn't sound so warbly and sped-up.
      Though some more background chatter can be heard during the break, I didn't really get a different feel from that part of it. (I admit I still prefer the stereo mix.)
      I'm curious, though, if any audience recording still exists of the Dead's show...the Compendium review mentions that there was one, which at least was listenable, but of course now it no longer circulates. It would be worth finding, as possibly the only place we could hear what happened in St Stephen!

      Hmm, an article on the Woodstock show.....well, maybe someday! If someone else wants to write one, it would be welcomed here.

    6. Picking up this one after a couple of years!

      I've been researching this for the last couple of years,and have been able to come to a few conclusions regarding tape sources for the Dead's Woodstock set...

      1. It would appear that there was never a legit audience tape of the full performance (hardly surprising, considering the adverse conditions). I've been able to acquire 5 copies of a recording that was labeled as "audience" or "stage", but every one is a high-gen version of the mono PA tape.

      2. The mono PA tape, which circulated (and was bootlegged) for years is available here:

      3. The film crew used a different recording for their edits (all work prints of 1969/1970 vintage). Sad to say, most of the film crew tapes were destroyed in a fire in the Atlantic vault in the early 1970s, so it's likely that this source no longer exists in full.

      4. There IS an audience tape, but it's only a fragment (less than one minute) of the beginning of "Lovelight".

      5. According to Woodstock box set producer Andy Zax, there is no splice on the multitrack masters during "Saint Stephen", which deepens the mystery considerably.

    7. Thanks for the investigation!
      Sorry to hear that there's no true audience tape of the full Dead set, though it's understandable.
      I presume the St. Stephen edit on the upcoming Woodstock box set will be the same as on the circulating 8-track master-reel copies....the mix ought to be different, at least.

      For those unaware, this video clip has an alternate edit of Stephen, which also cuts out the second verse but snips at a different point, so we hear an alternate guitar break:
      With the second verse edited out three different ways on three different tapes, it's clear *something* happened there, but not clear what.

  28. The Archive copy of 2/5/69 Kansas City is missing the opening Lovelight, which was on circulating tapes (it's timed on deadlists). Hopefully a more complete copy will appear.

  29. The audience tape of 2/24/73 has finally appeared, and the music is amazing.
    This is one of those jams that turn out to be not just better than expected, but better than could be imagined.
    A little writeup is here:

  30. RE: 8/4/67 - Lindy
    I have a Lossy copy of this show with the Fragment at home. I 'think' I got it from Wolfgang's Vault a couple years ago. I'm not sure IF it's still available there or not as I'm no longer a member. I'm pretty sure it was a 320 mp3 source.

  31. RE: 8/4/67 - Lindy

    1. Thanks! Surprisingly, the Overseas Stomp fragment has been on Wolfgang's Vault all this time - they have a more complete copy of 8/4/67 than has generally circulated.

  32. Here is some info on one (if correctly identified) very historic tape and a long lost cache of missing pre-Dead tapes. Apologies for posting on a period that is not your usual area of interest but "A call for missing tapes" seems as good a place as any to park this stuff.

    According to Robert Hunter there was a recording made of his and Jerry's first appearance at Stanford and it still existed as of the mid 1970s.

    Hunter was interviewed by Mick Skidmore and Allan Donovan for the Scots fanzine "Hot Wacks" in late 1979 and in issue 19 p 14 he is asked whether he and Jerry were recorded in the early '60's. His reply includes

    RH: "There are tapes of my first concert with Garcia back in 1960 in Stanford but I can't get ahold of those either. I met the girl who has them three or four years ago. She's an old girl friend of Jerry's but she wouldn't let me have them. Heaven knows! She weren't gonna let me have them."

    It is very possible that the tape Hunter is talking about is actually the Barbara/Brigid Meier birthday party tape but he certainly talks of it as the Arroyo lounge performance, not a private house party and the way he says "I met the girl" does not sound like he's refering to Brigid who he knew very well.

    His answer to the question opened with a mention of an avid taper who is all but forgotten.

    RH: "Well there's a whole legacy of tapes, but they're all lost as far as I know. This fellow Chainey Otis recorded us, he did all our gigs but subsequently died in a motor cycle accident or something and whatever happened to his tapes I'll never know. Well! I don't care if I get ahold of them or not really. We have one or two tapes around and I'm pretty sure they all sound pretty much the same. We weren't that good. We were pretty standard for the time, lots of energy, but not much good."

    Who was "Chainey Otis" and what happened to his tapes? The correct spelling of his name is Cheney Otis and he was the younger brother of Brooks Adams Otis who was an occasional early bandmate of Garcia and Hunter and a live bluegrass tape trader. A quick internet search found the 1981 publication "Cosmos & Tragedy" by Professor Brooks Otis with the dedication "TO MY CHILDREN to Brooks Adams Otis, Marion Otis Barnes, Irene Otis, Paul Hamilton Otis and the memory of Cheney"

    "The Stanford Daily" of 1965-02-02 contained a funeral notice for "Franklin Carter Cheney Otis 21 year old son of classics professor Brooks Otis. Otis, a sophomore Phychology student at Foothill College, was killed in a car accident on Skiline Blvd."

    Sandy Rothman's Jerrys Banjo Years quotes Hunter "Cheney Otis [recordist and Brooks Otis's brother] thought we (the Wildwood Boys) were worthy to record regularly."

    It certainly looks like this guy was a prolific taper and if anyone still has his tapes the favourite must be his older brother, Brooks Adams Otis the musician who probably played on many of the tapes and was himself a tape collector. Brian Miksis has probably already checked him out.

    1. An interesting line of inquiry! My list of "missing" Dead tapes used to circulate but hadn't been digitized. These Garcia tapes not only never circulated, but apparently haven't been heard since the early '60s, and not even Hunter could get a copy! With only one copy existing (if they survive, which is unknown) these would be rare finds indeed.

  33. Happy to report that the acoustic set of 9/19/70 finally reappeared and is on the Archive. The AUD tape is a rough listen, though.