November 7, 2017

The Shared Stage 1965-1975

What bands played with the Dead? Deadbase carried a list of the musicians who shared a stage with the Dead, but their list was incomplete and is not online. Many additional bands can be found in various online lists and contemporary sources, and research keeps turning up more, so I’m posting a comprehensive list of all the bands who played onstage with the Dead in their first ten years. This is a work in progress, as many sixties shows are still only hazily known and many bands forgotten, and I expect there will be many updates.

The well-known show posters are the primary source of information, but these are not infallible – they only say who was expected (or contracted) to play, but the actual lineups were often different. Newspaper reviews often correct the information on the posters – an opening band might not show up, or would be replaced by another band, but we only know this when someone wrote about the concert.
Some opening bands weren’t listed on the posters – I generally haven’t specified when the lineup differs from the billing. Substitutions were frequent enough in the ‘60s that many shows had different bands than advertised, so the information here isn’t always certain. (I didn’t always note when the Dead themselves substituted for another band.)
In many cases, when opening bands weren’t billed on posters or ads, their appearances are only known from later recollections. It can safely be assumed that many more bands played with the Dead in the ‘60s than we know about.
Sixties posters often have a confusing layout (many are notoriously hard to read or interpret) - light shows were often billed on the posters along with the bands, which can be misleading. But in a few cases I’ve found bands listed who were previously overlooked.
Sometimes posters were made for Friday-Saturday shows, and Sunday shows were later added – I’ve assumed that the opening acts remained the same on Sundays, though that may not always be the case.

Non-musical performers also shared the stage with the Dead – poets, speakers, theatrical groups, even mimes. These are listed when known.
Guests in the Dead’s sets are not included, unless they played a separate set.
Acid Tests are not included, although the Pranksters might be considered a musical group.
Shows where the Dead played alone are not listed. (But in a couple cases, shows where the Dead played with a feature film are listed.)
For multi-day festivals like Monterey or Woodstock, with dozens of bands playing, I listed only the bands that played on the same day as the Dead. This often causes problems since at many festivals, there’s no telling who played which day (when we know who played at all), but it at least narrows down the lists.
In the early years, the Dead often opened for more popular bands. The headlining band is noted when it wasn’t the Dead, but there are many shows where the band order can only be guessed from the posters.

For more info on opening bands, see the Lost Live Dead performance-list posts:

For posters, see:

Over 450 bands are listed here. Every effort has been made to make this as accurate as possible, every date double-checked, but in a list like this, mistakes and omissions are inevitable. Please comment with any corrections or additions!

Thanks to runonguinness for his help.


6/18/65 – Frenchy’s, Hayward
Lords of London (Warlocks may have opened, uncertain)

8/65 – Cinnamon Tree, San Carlos
William Penn and His Pals (battle of the bands)
The Knight Riders (battle of the bands)
The Mystics (battle of the bands)

8/65 – Big Al’s Gas House, San Mateo
The Impressions (Warlocks opened)

9/65 – In Room, Belmont
The Coasters w/ Cornell Gunter (backed by the Warlocks)

12/10/65 – Mime Troupe benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
Jefferson Airplane
Sam Thomas & the Gentleman’s Band
The Mystery Trend
The Great Society
The Vipers [misidentified by Gleason as the VIPs]
[The John Handy Quintet were billed, but did not show.]


1/14/66 – Mime Troupe benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
The Great Society
The Mystery Trend
Sam Thomas & the Gentleman’s Band

1/22/66 – Trips Festival, Longshoreman’s Hall
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The New Brothers

1/23/66 – Trips Festival, Longshoreman’s Hall (the Dead may not have played due to Garcia’s broken guitar)
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The Loading Zone

1/28/66 – Matrix
The Loading Zone 
[Contrary to Deadbase, Big Brother were playing at California Hall this date.]

3/3/66 – AIAA Hall, Los Angeles
“The Psychedelic Experience” (film)

3/25/66 – Trouper’s Hall, Los Angeles
Tiny Tim
[Del Close provided the light show.]

4/22-24/66 – Trips Festival, Longshoreman’s Hall
The Loading Zone
The Answer
Seance of Sound [the poster also lists “celebrity drop-ins and Trips regulars”]

5/7/66 – Harmon Gym, U of C Berkeley
The Charlatans
Billy Moses Blues Bag
The Great Society
(MC:“Russ the Moose” Syracuse)

5/14/66 – Veteran’s Memorial Hall, Berkeley
The Final Solution

5/19/66 – Avalon Ballroom
The Wildflower
The Outfit
Michael McClure (poetry reading)
Black Arts West / Ed Bullins (theatrical scene)

5/28/66 – Avalon Ballroom [on the poster the Dead are listed as “Sat. only”]
The Leaves (headliner)
The Grass Roots

5/29/66 – California Hall
The Charlatans

6/3-4/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Quicksilver Messenger Service (headliner)
The Mothers

6/10-11/66 – Avalon Ballroom
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The New Tweedy Brothers

6/17-18/66 – Veteran’s Memorial Hall, San Jose
The Jaywalkers

7/3/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Love (headliner)
Group B

7/8-9/66 – Santa Venetia Armory, San Rafael
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(One poster apparently has Sopwith Camel instead of the Dead, but I couldn’t find any poster online.)

7/14/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Hindustani Jazz Sextet (headliner)
Big Brother & the Holding Company

7/15-17/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)

7/29-31/66 – Trips Festival, PNE Garden Auditorium, Vancouver BC
The PH Factor Jug Band
The Daily Flash 
The Painted Ship 
Big Brother & the Holding Company (30th-31st only)
Gerry Walker electronic tape music (29th-30th only?)
Al Neil & His Royal Canadians, aka Al Neil Jazz Trio/Royal Rascals (30th-31st only)
Michael McClure (poetry reading, 31st)
Bill Bissett (poetry reading, 31st)

8/5/66 – Pender Auditorium, Vancouver BC
The United Empire Loyalists
[The Dead had played an earlier free park show in Vancouver as well, but it’s doubtful whether the UEL also played with them there, since the police quickly shut it down.]

8/12-13/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)

8/19-20/66 – Avalon Ballroom
Sopwith Camel

8/26-27/66 – IDES Hall, Pescadero (the Dead did not play on the 28th)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Colossal Pomegranate (aka the Induction Center)

9/2/66 – La Dolphine, Hillsborough
Al Trobbe Orchestra (played in a separate room from the Dead)

9/4/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Country Joe & the Fish

9/11/66 – jazz club benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
Jim Young Trio (not billed)
Jon Hendricks Trio
Elvin Jones-Joe Henderson Quartet (Henderson did not appear)
Denny Zeitlin Trio (Zeitlin played with Elvin Jones & Bob Moore from the JHQ)
Big Mama Thornton? (uncertain - on the poster, but not mentioned in reviews)
The Wildflower
The Great Society (last performance)
Jefferson Airplane
(MC: Garry Goodrow)
[The Dead were not billed, but closed the show on other bands’ equipment.]

9/16-17/66 – Avalon Ballroom
The Oxford Circle

9/23-24/66 – Pioneer Ballroom, Suisun City
The 13 Experience

9/30/66 – Trips Festival, SF State College (International Room)
The Only Alternative and His Other Possibilities with Mimi Farina
The Light Castle

10/1/66 – Trips Festival, SF State College (Women’s Gym)
San Andreas Fault Finders
Dino Valenti
Universal Parking Lot
Congress of Wonders (readings)
Ken Kesey (accompanied by harmonica & violin)

10/2/66 – Trips Festival, SF State College (Commons lawn)
The Only Alternative and His Other Possibilities with Mimi Farina
The Committee (theatrical sketch)
Congress of Wonders

10/6/66 – Love Pageant Rally, Panhandle
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The Wildflower
The Orkustra (aka Electric Chamber Orchestra)
Mocker Manor Blues Band

10/7-9/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Butterfield Blues Band (headliner)
Jefferson Airplane

10/8/66 – benefit, Mt Tamalpais Theater
Bola Sete
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(Also speakers Ed Keating & Don Duncan – Joan Baez & Mimi Farina were originally scheduled, didn’t appear.)

10/14/66 – TMU Deck, Stanford U, Palo Alto
The Wildflower

10/15/66 – Heliport, Sausalito
TJ Transatlantic Railroad

10/16/66 – free fair, Panhandle
Country Joe & the Fish
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(Other bands also played either on the 15th or this date – Wildflower, Mocker Manor Blues Band, & Mrs. Joseph P. Lacey III’s Jug Band.)

10/21-22/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Lightning Hopkins
The Loading Zone
Chocolate Watch Band (uncertain – may have played one night)

10/28/66 - Freeborn Hall, UC Davis 
Yellow Brick Road

10/31/66 – California Hall
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(Mimi Farina was billed, but did not appear.)

11/4-5/66 – Avalon Ballroom
The Oxford Circle

11/12/66 – Old Cheese Factory
Andrew Staples (formerly Group B)

11/13/66 – Zenefit, Avalon Ballroom
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Quicksilver Messenger Service

11/18-20/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
James Cotton Blues Band
Lothar & the Hand People

11/20/66 – SNCC benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
James Cotton Blues Band
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Johnny Talbot & De Thangs
Stokely Carmichael (speaker)
(MCs: Jon Hendricks & John Hardy)

11/23/66 – Thanksgiving party, Fillmore Auditorium
The Wildflower
Quicksilver Messenger Service

11/28-12/1/66 – Matrix
Jerry Pond

12/2/66 – Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley
Country Joe & the Fish

12/9-11/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Big Mama Thornton
Tim Rose

12/17/66 – Ladera School, Ladera
Rhythm Method Blues Band

12/20/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Otis Redding & His Orchestra (headliner)

12/21/66 – Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara
The Other Side
The Light House (this could be the light show)

12/23-24/66 – Avalon Ballroom
Moby Grape
Steve Miller Blues Band

12/28/66 – Governor’s Hall, Sacramento
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(“A local Sacramento area band” was also listed in one advertisement.)

12/29/66 – Santa Venetia Armory, San Rafael
Moby Grape
Morning Glory

12/30-31/66 – Fillmore Auditorium
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Quicksilver Messenger Service


1/1/67 – Panhandle
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The Orkustra
John Handy Quintet
(Wildflower was also announced but is unconfirmed.)
(Speakers: Buddha, Paul Krassner.)

1/6/67 – Freeborn Hall, Davis
Big Mama Thornton

1/13/67 – Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley
The Mamas & the Papas (headliner)
Canadian Fuzz (substituting for Hard Times)
(The Dead replaced Jose Feliciano as an opener in the early show.)

1/13-15/67 – Fillmore Auditorium
Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band
The Doors (did not play on the 13th)
Immediate Family (may not have played on the 15th)

1/14/67 – Human Be-In, Golden Gate Park
Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The New Age (w/ guest Country Joe & some Fish)
Sir Douglas Quintet
The Loading Zone
The Charlatans (uncertain)
Big Brother & the Holding Company (uncertain)
Speakers/Poets: Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Jerry Rubin, Dick Gregory, Gary Snyder, Jack Weinberg, Lenore Kandel, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Baker, Buddha

1/20/67 – Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica
Timothy Leary (speaker)

1/27-28/67 – Avalon Ballroom
Quicksilver Messenger Service

1/29/67 – benefit, Avalon Ballroom
Moby Grape
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Swami Bhaktivedanta (speaker)
Allen Ginsberg (speaker)

2/5/67 – benefit, Fillmore Auditorium (unconfirmed, the Dead may not have played)
Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dino Valenti
The New Delhi River Band
The Loading Zone
Country Joe & the Fish

2/10/67 – Santa Venetia Armory, San Rafael
Blue House Basement
Baltimore Steam Packet
(The Dead substituted for headliner Sopwith Camel.)

2/12/67 – benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
Moby Grape
Sly & the Family Stone
New Salvation Army Banned
Notes from the Underground

2/24-26/67 – Fillmore Auditorium
Otis Rush & His Chicago Blues Band
The Canned Heat Blues Band

3/3/67 – Winterland Arena
Love (headliner)
Moby Grape
Loading Zone
Blue Crumb Truck Factory

3/5/67 – benefit, Avalon Ballroom (the Dead were not listed on the poster)
Moby Grape
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Country Joe & the Fish
The Sparrow
Michael McClure (poetry)

3/17-18/67 – Winterland Arena
3/19/67 – Fillmore Auditorium
Chuck Berry (headliner)
Johnny Talbot & De Thangs

3/24-25/67 – Avalon Ballroom
Johnny Hammond & His Screaming Nighthawks
Robert Baker

3/26/67 – Avalon Ballroom
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Eric Burdon & the Animals (unbilled guest set)

3/28-4/2/67 – Rock Garden
Charles Lloyd Quartet (did not play on the 30th)
The Mystery Trend
The Virginians (uncertain)

4/8/67 – KPIX-TV Studio
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Wildflower

4/9/67 – benefit, Longshoreman’s Hall
Sopwith Camel (headliner)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Country Joe & the Fish

4/11/67 – State Prison, San Quentin
Country Joe & the Fish
The Mobius Band
(This event was probably members of the various bands jamming, rather than separate sets.)

4/12/67 – benefit, Fillmore Auditorium
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Moby Grape
Andrew Staples
Loading Zone

4/14-16/67 – Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Canned Heat

4/29/67 – Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara
The Doors
Captain Speed

4/30/67 – The Cheetah, Santa Monica
Yellow Balloon
New Generation

5/67 – Rendezvous Inn, San Francisco (dates unknown)
The Wildflower

5/5-7/67 – Fillmore Auditorium
The Paupers

5/12/67 – Marigold Ballroom, Fresno
The Roadrunners

5/18/67 – Awalt High School, Mountain View
Gross Exaggeration

5/20/67 – Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara
The Real Thing
Autumn People

5/29/67 – Napa Fairgrounds, Napa
Project Hope

5/30/67 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Quicksilver Messenger Service
(The Charlatans were billed but did not play. One of the other bands may also have cancelled.)

6/1/67 – Tompkins Square Park, NYC
Group Image (uncertain)
(Richie Havens – per McNally, but unconfirmed and very doubtful. A couple witnesses recall the Fugs, but another says they didn’t play. Group Image members recall opening, but it’s also possible there was no opener; one newspaper has the Group Image playing the previous day, another puts them later that evening, after the Dead. When the Group Image played, they were chased off the stage by an angry mob.)

6/1-11/67 Cafe au Go Go, NYC
Luke & the Apostles (on at least the 8th-11th, and probably earlier dates as well)
(Deadbase also listed Eric Andersen, who had played there the last week of May, but I’ve seen no evidence for him playing with the Dead.)

6/8/67 Central Park, NYC
Group Image

6/12/67 – The Cheetah, NYC
Group Image

6/15/67 – Straight Theater
The Wildflower
The J.S. Quintet
Straight Theater Company (theatrical scenes)
Straight Theater Dancers

6/16/67 – The Hullabaloo, Hollywood
The Yellow Payges
The Power

6/18/67 – Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey Fairgrounds, Monterey
Ravi Shankar
The Blues Project
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The Group With No Name
Buffalo Springfield
The Who
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Mamas & the Papas (w/ Scott McKenzie)
(Members of the Dead also participated in the Free Stage jams, but not the whole band.)

6/21/67 – Golden Gate Park
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Anonymous Artists of America (per film clip of uncertain date)
Mad River
Big Brother & the Holding Company
The Phoenix 
Black Swan (per the Barb
Jefferson Airplane (very uncertain)
(The bands played on different stages in the park, some at the same time.)

6/28/67 – Oakland Auditorium, Oakland
The Young Rascals (headliner)
Country Joe & the Fish
The Sons of Champlin
The Grass Roots
(The Dead substituted for Sparrow as one of the openers.)

7/2/67 – El Camino Park, Palo Alto
Anonymous Artists of America
The New Delhi River Band
The Solid State
The Good Word

7/6/67 - Spreckels Bandshell, Golden Gate Park
Mount Rushmore

7/13/67 – PNE Agradome, Vancouver BC
The Daily Flash 
The Collectors 
Painted Ship 
(The Love-In was the event title, not a band.)

7/14-15/67 – Dante’s Inferno, Vancouver BC
The Collectors
Painted Ship (uncertain - listed on poster but not newspaper ad)

7/16/67 – Golden Gardens Beach, Seattle WA
The International Brick
The Karma
The Daily Flash
The Time Machine
Papa Bear’s Medicine Show

7/16/67 – Eagles Auditorium, Seattle WA
The Daily Flash
Magic Fern

7/18/67 – Masonic Temple, Portland OR
Poverty’s People
US Cadenza

7/21-22/67 – Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara
The Sons of Champlin
The Phoenix
The Congress of Wonders (comedy skits)

7/23/67 Straight Theater
The Phoenix
The Wildflower
Big Brother & the Holding Company

7/31-8/5/67 – O’Keefe Centre, Toronto ON
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Luke and the Apostles

8/6/67 – Place Ville Marie, Montreal PQ
8/6/67 – Expo ’67, Montreal PQ
Jefferson Airplane

8/11-12/67 – Grande Ballroom, Detroit MI
The Rationals
The Gang (per newspaper ad)
South Bound Freeway (per poster & alternate ad)
The Bishops (uncertain - on the 11th, per poster?)
The Ashmollyan Quintet (uncertain - on the 12th, per poster?)
(The poster is very hard to interpret and is contradicted by two different ads – one ad lists the Rationals and the Gang, the other ad only lists the Southbound Freeway. The Rationals are confirmed on the 12th by a newspaper report.)

8/25-26/67 – Kings Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe
The Creators

8/28/67 – Golden Gate Park
Big Brother & the Holding Company

9/8-9/67 – Eagles Auditorium, Seattle WA
Magic Fern
Fat Jack (on the 8th)
United Flight Service (on the 9th)

9/15/67 – Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
(Big Brother & the Holding Company was billed but did not appear.)

9/16/67 – Elysian Park, Los Angeles
Jefferson Airplane

9/22-23/67 – Family Dog, Denver CO
Mother Earth 

9/24/67 - Denver City Park, Denver CO 
Captain Beefheart 
Mother Earth (with Tracy Nelson) 
Lothar and the Hand People 
Crystal Palace Guard 
Timothy Leary (speaker)

9/29-30/67 – Straight Theater
The Sons of Champlin
Unknown poet (seen in film clip) – “and other groovies”

10/1/67 – Greek Theatre, Berkeley
Charles Lloyd
Bola Sete

10/14/67 – Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara
The Powers of Evil

10/22/67 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Quicksilver Messenger Service

10/31/67 – Winterland Arena
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Big Brother & the Holding Company

11/10-11/67 – Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Buffalo Springfield (headliner)
Blue Cheer

12/8-9/67 – Psychedelic Supermarket, Boston MA
(There is no evidence the Dead returned here on Dec. 29-30.)

12/22-24/67 – Palm Gardens, NYC
The Gray Company
The Aluminum Dream
The Group Image
Mimes with Michael

12/26-27/67 – Village Theater, NYC
Take Five
Peggy Emerson


1/17/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Quicksilver Messenger Service

1/20/68 – Municipal Auditorium, Eureka
Quicksilver Messenger Service

1/26-27/68 – Eagles Auditorium, Seattle WA
Quicksilver Messenger Service

1/29/68 – PSC Center Ballroom, Portland OR
Quicksilver Messenger Service
PH Phactor Jug Band

1/30/68 – EMU Ballroom, U of O, Eugene OR
Quicksilver Messenger Service
PH Phactor Jug Band
Palace Meat Market

2/2-3/68 – Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
Quicksilver Messenger Service
PH Phactor Jug Band

2/4/68 – Southern Oregon College Gym, Ashland OR
Quicksilver Messenger Service

2/14/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Country Joe & the Fish

2/16/68 – Turlock Fairgrounds, Turlock
The Crystal Syphon

2/17/68 – Selland Arena, Fresno
Country Joe & the Fish (headliner)
Valley Fever

2/22-24/68 – Kings Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe
Morning Glory

3/1-2/68 – Clifford’s Catering, Walnut Creek
The Looking Glass

3/8-9/68 – Melodyland Theater, Anaheim
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)

3/11/68 – Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento
Cream (headliner)

3/15-17/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Jefferson Airplane
Blue Cheer (reportedly replaced the Airplane on the 17th, but uncertain)

3/20/68 – benefit, Avalon Ballroom
Charlie Musselwhite
Blue Cheer 
Frumious Bandersnatch
Jeremy & the Satyrs (uncertain)
Santana Blues Band (uncertain)
Clover (uncertain)
(A Rolling Stone report stated that the Dead, Musselwhite, Kaleidoscope, “and three other bands” played, Blue Cheer are confirmed by a witness, and the Examiner reported that Frumious Bandersnatch played - so it's uncertain which of the other bands appeared. A poster for the benefit listed a completely different lineup – All Men Joy, Blue Cheer, Ace of Cups, Black Swan, and Creedence Clearwater Revival – which could be an early tentative list, or bogus.)

3/22/68 – State Fair Coliseum, Detroit MI
Eric Burdon & the Animals (headliner)
Eire Apparent
The Apostles
Jagged Edge

3/29-31/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Chuck Berry
Curly Cooke’s Hurdy-Gurdy Band

4/3/68 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Moby Grape
The Electric Flag
The Youngbloods
Mother Earth
It’s A Beautiful Day
Malachi (per Chronicle - uncertain)

4/12-14/68 – Thee Image, Miami FL
The Blues Image
The Kollektions
The Bangles

4/14/68 – Greynolds Park, Miami FL
The Blues Image

4/19-21/68 – Thee Image, Miami FL
The Blues Image
The Kollektions
The Bangles

4/26-28/68 – Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA
Edison Electric Band
Necrophilanthropy (per newspaper listing)
The Amboy Dukes (per poster)
The Amazing Beymont (per poster)
(It’s uncertain which listing is more accurate.)

5/4/68 – Pritchard Gym, SUNY, Stony Brook NY
Incredible String Band

5/5/68 – Central Park, NYC
Jefferson Airplane
Paul Butterfield Blues Band 
(witnesses also remember Larry Hankin, comedian, & Charlie Alvarado, classical guitar) 

5/12/68 – Civic Center, Virginia Beach VA
The Wild Kingdom

5/17-18/68 – Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Steve Miller Band
Taj Mahal
Jefferson Airplane (reportedly played a guest set on the 18th)

5/18/68 – Northern California Folk Rock Festival, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose
Mourning Reign
Indian Head Band
Transatlantic Railroad
Crome Syrcus
Sons of Champlin
The People
The Youngbloods
Steve Miller Band
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Jefferson Airplane

5/24-25/68 – National Guard Armory, St Louis MO
Public Service Blues Band

5/31-6/2/68 – Carousel Ballroom (poster misreads 5/30-6/1)
Charlie Musselwhite
Petrus (billed as Petris)

6/2/68 – Panhandle
Charlie Musselwhite

6/7-9/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Jefferson Airplane
(Fleetwood Mac was billed but did not appear.)

6/14-15/68 – Fillmore East, NYC
Jeff Beck Group
Seventh Sons

6/19/68 – Carousel Ballroom
Little Andre
Richie Havens

6/22/68 – Travelodge Theater, Phoenix AZ
Ten Years After
Thackeray Rocke

7/11/68 – Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Blue Cheer

7/12-23/68 – Kings Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe
The Working Class

7/14/68 – JAM benefit, Marina Green, San Francisco
Ornette Coleman Quartet
Big Black’s African Rhythm Band (aka The Big Black Sextet)
John Handy Quintet
Monte Waters Big Band
Granny Goose & the Soul Chips
Hylar Jones Quartet with singer Millie Foster
The Youngbloods
(All that is known about this concert is the poster, so no bands are confirmed.
It appears the Dead canceled.

8/2-3/68 – The Hippodrome, San Diego
Curley Cooke’s Hurdy-Gurdy Band

8/4/68 – Newport Pop Festival, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa
Illinois Speed Press
Things To Come
Blue Cheer
Charles Lloyd Quartet (per LA Times review)
Country Joe & the Fish (held over from the 3rd)
The Byrds
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Iron Butterfly
Eric Burdon & the Animals
Jefferson Airplane

8/20-22/68 – Fillmore West
Albert Collins

8/23-24/68 – Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Taj Mahal

8/30-9/1/68 – Fillmore West
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Sons of Champlin

9/2/68 – Sky River Rock Festival, Sultan WA
James Cotton Blues Band
Big Mama Thornton
It’s A Beautiful Day
(Around 40 bands played over three days, and it’s impossible to determine who else played on the 2nd.)
Who played and in what order? Who knows?” 

9/20/68 – Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley
Steve Miller Band
Ace of Cups

9/22/68 – Autumn Equinox Festival, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego
Curly Cooke’s Hurdy-Gurdy Band
Ace of Cups
Mother Earth
Sons of Champlin
Taj Mahal
Buddy Miles Express (uncertain)
Quicksilver Messenger Service 
(Not all the bands on the poster may have played. The Steve Miller Band, Big Brother & the Holding Company, and the Sir Douglas Quintet might have appeared.)

10/5/68 – Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento
The Turtles
The Youngbloods
Initial Shock
Family Tree

10/11-13/68 – Avalon Ballroom
Lee Michaels
Linn County
Mance Lipscomb

10/18/68 – The Bank, Torrance
Cleveland Wrecking Company
Mick Lampe

10/20/68 – Greek Theater, Berkeley
Canned Heat (headliner)
Mad River
Linn County

11/1/68 – Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Chico
Friends and Gunge

11/4/68 - Longshoreman's Hall 
(Political speakers: Mark Lane & Terence Hallinan.) 

11/7-10/68 – Fillmore West
Quicksilver Messenger Service (headliner)
Linn County

11/15/68 – OSU Coliseum, Corvallis OR
Mint Tattoo
Big City Blue

11/17/68 – Eagles Auditorium, Seattle WA
Byron Pope Ensemble
Easy Chair
Muff (uncertain - listed in ad, not in article)
Papa Bear's Medicine Show (per article)
(Speakers: Al Bridges & Suzette Bridges)

11/25/68 - Memorial Auditorium, Ohio U, Athens OH
Tin Foil ("and several other rock bands," per article)

11/27-28/68 – Kinetic Playground, Chicago IL
Procol Harum
Terry Reid

11/30/68 – Hyde Park Teen Center, Cincinnati OH
Sacred Mushroom (uncertain)

12/1/68 – Grande Ballroom, Detroit MI
Popcorn Blizzard 
(Also present: Hog Farm

12/6/68 – The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
American Dream (replaced Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Iron Butterfly
Sly & the Family Stone
(MC: Al Kooper)

12/7/68 – Knights Hall, Bellarmine College, Louisville KY
The Oxfords
The Waters

12/13-14/68 – The Bank, Torrance
Magic Sam
Turnquist Remedy

12/20-21/68 – Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Country Joe & the Fish (headliner)
Mint Tattoo
Comfortable Chair 
(Sir Douglas Quintet was billed but did not appear.)

12/28/68 – The Catacombs, Houston TX

12/29/68 – Miami Pop Festival, Gulfstream Park, Hallandale TX
The Boxtops
Richie Havens
Pacific Gas & Electric
James Cotton Blues Band
Procol Harum
Joni Mitchell
Butterfield Blues Band
Flatt & Scruggs
Hugh Masekela
Marvin Gaye
(This lineup is mostly from the poster; the actual lineup on the 29th was probably different and is unknown. Bands played on two separate stages.)

12/31/68 – Winterland Arena
Quicksilver Messenger Service
It’s A Beautiful Day


1/2-5/69 – Fillmore West
Blood Sweat & Tears

1/17/69 – Robertson Gym, U of C, Santa Barbara
Santana Blues Band (headliner)
Travel Agency

1/24-26/69 – Avalon Ballroom
Sons of Champlin
Initial Shock

1/31-2/1/69 – Kinetic Playground, Chicago IL
The Grassroots

2/2/69 – Labor Temple, Minneapolis MN
The Blackwood Apology

2/4/69 – The Music Box, Omaha NE
The Unknown

2/5/69 – Memorial Hall, Kansas City KS
Iron Butterfly (headliner)

2/6/69 – Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis MO
Iron Butterfly (headliner)

2/7/69 – Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA
The Fugs
The Velvet Underground 
(MC: Paul Krassner

2/9/69 – Lyric Theater, Baltimore MD
Chambers Brothers (headliner)

2/11-12/69 – Fillmore East, NYC
Janis Joplin & Her Band (headliner)

2/14-15/69 – Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA
Paul Pena (replacing The Gun)

2/19/69 – Fillmore West
Golden Toad
Don Hamrick (speaker)

2/21-22/69 – Dream Bowl, Vallejo
Dancing Food & Entertainment
Amber Whine

2/27-3/2/69 – Fillmore West
Sir Douglas Quintet (did not play the 1st)
Shades of Joy (did not play the 1st)
Frumious Bandersnatch (on the 1st)
Jim Rinehart (juggler, on the 27th)

3/12/69 – benefit, Fillmore West
It’s A Beautiful Day
A.B. Skhy Blues Band
Cleveland Wrecking Company
(It’s unknown whether the Dead played.)

3/15/69 – Hilton Hotel
Country Weather (per poster)

3/17/69 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane
Sons of Champlin
Garden of Delights
Red Mountain
(Bands “expected to show up;” actual lineup unknown.)

3/21-22/69 – Rose Palace, Pasadena
Paul Butterfield Blues Band (headliner)
Jethro Tull

3/22/69 – Thee Experience, Hollywood (guest set)
Chicago (headliner)
Blues Image
Little John Farmer
The Mothers of Invention (guest set)

3/29/69 – Ice Palace, Las Vegas
The Free Circus

4/4-6/69 – Avalon Ballroom
Flying Burrito Brothers
Sanpaku (on the 4th-5th)  

4/12/69 – Union Ballroom, U of Utah, Salt Lake City UT
Spirit of Creation

4/15/69 – The Music Box, Omaha NE
The Liberation Blues Band

4/17/69 – Quadrangle, Washington U, St. Louis MO
Alvin Pivil

4/18/69 – Purdue Memorial Union Ballroom, Purdue U, Lafayette IN
George Stavis

4/20/69 – Atwood Hall, Clark U, Worcester MA
Roland Kirk

4/25-26/69 – Kinetic Playground, Chicago IL
The Velvet Underground

4/27/69 – Labor Temple, Minneapolis MN
The Bobby Lyle Quintet

5/2-3/69 – Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Mongo Santamaria

5/3/69 – Sierra College, Rocklin
The Youngbloods
“three other groups”
(Other groups scheduled at the two-day festival include Flying Bear Medicine Show, the Sir Douglas Quintet, the McCoys, and the Shades of Joy.)

5/7/69 – Golden Gate Park
Jefferson Airplane

5/10/69 – Rose Palace, Pasadena
Cream Farewell Concert (film)
South Wind

5/11/69 – Aztec Bowl, San Diego State U
Canned Heat (headliner)
Lee Michaels

5/16/69 – Campolindo High School, Moraga
Frumious Bandersnatch
The Velvet Hammer

5/23/69 – Big Rock Pow Wow, Seminole Indian Village, West Hollywood FL
Johnny Winter
Muddy Waters
Joe South
Nervous System
Jane & the Electric Jive Wire
(Possibly Timothy Leary, speaker.)

5/24/69 - Big Rock Pow Wow, Seminole Indian Village, West Hollywood FL
Joe South
Sun Country
(Lineup may have differed from advertisement.)

5/28/69 – benefit, Winterland Arena
The Ace of Cups (not billed)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bangor Flying Circus
Elvin Bishop Group
Jefferson Airplane

5/29/69 – Robertson Gym, U of C, Santa Barbara
Lee Michaels
The Youngbloods

5/30/69 – Springer’s Hall, Portland OR
Palace Meat Market

5/31/69 – McArthur Court, Eugene OR
Palace Meat Market

6/5-8/69 – Fillmore West
Junior Walker & the All-Stars
The Glass Family

6/13/69 – Convention Center Arena, Fresno

6/14/69 – Monterey Peninsula College Gymnasium, Monterey
The Bitter Seeds

6/20-21/69 – Fillmore East, NYC
Savoy Brown
Buddy Miles Express

6/27-28/69 – Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Santa Rosa
Hot Tuna (not yet named)
Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band
(The poster advertises the same lineup June 29 at the Barn in Rio Nido, but that show is unconfirmed. The announcer on 6/28 says there will be “a jam session” in the Santa Rosa auditorium the next day.)

7/3/69 – Reed’s Ranch, Colorado Springs CO
Alice Cooper
Holden Caulfield Blues Band
Devin Mikles [aka Devon Michaels]

7/4-5/69 – Kinetic Playground, Chicago IL
Buddy Miles Express
Sir Douglas Quintet 

7/6/69 - Grande Ballroom, Detroit MI (show not confirmed)

7/7/69 – Piedmont Park, Atlanta GA
The Hampton Grease Band
The Allman Brothers Band
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends
Chicago Transit Authority

7/11-12/69 – New York State Pavilion, Flushing Meadow Park, Queens NY
Joe Cocker & the Grease Band

7/16/69 – Longshoreman’s Hall
Cleveland Wrecking Company
New Riders of the Purple Sage (not yet named)

8/1-3/69 – Family Dog
Ballet Afro-Haiti
Albert Collins

8/16/69 – Woodstock Music Fair, Bethel NY
Country Joe McDonald (solo)
John Sebastian
Keef Hartley Band
The Incredible String Band
Canned Heat
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Janis Joplin & the Kozmic Blues Band
Sly & the Family Stone
The Who
Jefferson Airplane 
(Also present: Hog Farm

8/20/69 – El Roach, Ballard WA
8/21/69 – Aqua Theater, Seattle WA
New Riders of the Purple Sage

8/23/69 – Bullfrog 3 Festival, Pelletier Farm, St. Helens OR
(Of the advertised bands, it’s unknown which played on the 23rd, or at all – nothing is known.
On the poster: Taj Mahal, Portland Zoo, Sabatic Goat, River, Sand, Notary Sojac, Searchin Soul, The Weeds, New Colony, Mixed Blood, Chapter Five, Trilogy, Bill Feldman, Don Ross, Ron Bruce.)

8/29-30/69 – Family Dog
Phoenix (replaced Rubber Duck Co., per witness)
Commander Cody
New Riders of the Purple Sage

9/1/69 – New Orleans Pop Festival, Baton Rouge International Speedway, Prairieville LA
Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys
Chicago Transit Authority
It’s A Beautiful Day
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Youngbloods
Lee Michaels
Jefferson Airplane
Dr. John Voodoo Show
(Other bands may have played on the 1st as well.)

9/6/69 – Family Dog
Jefferson Airplane

9/26-27/69 – Fillmore East, NYC
Country Joe & the Fish (headliner)

9/29-10/1/69 – Cafe au Go Go, NYC
Eric Mercury
Lonnie Mack
The Holy Modal Rounders
(A different act opened each night.)

10/2-4/69 – Boston Tea Party, Boston MA
Bonzo Dog Band
Joe McCord (aka “Rubber Duck” - mime with Dead backing)
Doc Watson & Son (opened at least one show in the run)

10/5/69 – Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston TX
Jefferson Airplane (headliner
The Byrds
Ken Kesey (w/ MC Johndavid Bartlett)

10/24-26/69 – Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane (headliner)
Sons of Champlin
Hot Tuna (unbilled)
Doug Kershaw (on the 24th - unbilled, backed by Commander Cody)
Stephen Stills & Graham Nash (acoustic set on the 25th)

10/31/69 - Union Ballroom, San Jose State College
South Bay Experimental Flash
(Per Good Times listing, but not on poster.)

11/1-2/69 – Family Dog
Danny Cox
Golden Toad

11/7-8/69 – Fillmore Auditorium
South Bay Experimental Flash

11/15/69 – Lanai Theater, Crockett
The Black Diamond Blues Band

11/21/69 – Cal Expo Building A, Sacramento
A.B. Skhy
Country Weather
Commander Cody

12/4-5,7/69 – Fillmore West
The Flock
Humble Pie

12/13/69 – Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino
Country Joe & the Fish
The Flying Burrito Brothers

12/19-21/69 – Fillmore Auditorium
Rhythm Dukes
Jeff Jaisun (formerly in Phoenix)
(Lightyear is on the poster, but is most likely the light show.)

12/22/69 – Napa Valley Sports Camp, Napa
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The People
The Loading Zone

12/26/69 – McFarlin Auditorium, SMU, Dallas TX

12/28/69 – Miami Rock Festival, Miami-Hollywood Speedway Park, Hollywood FL
Biff Rose
Mother Lode
Canned Heat
Johnny Winter
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Vanilla Fudge
Amboy Dukes
These bands were named in a news report. Other bands were scheduled for the 28th but are unconfirmed, including:
The Fever Zone
Noah’s Ark
Jon Bartel’s Thing 
(Other local bands may have played as well.)
(Speaker: Billy Graham)

12/31/69 – Boston Tea Party, Boston MA
The Proposition (improvisational musical-theater revue - per ad)


1/2-3/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
Cold Blood

1/10/70 – Convention Hall Community Concourse, San Diego
Sons of Champlin (replacing Savoy Brown)

1/16/70 – Springer’s Hall, Portland OR

1/23/-24/70 – Civic Auditorium, Honolulu HI
The Sun and the Moon
September Morn
Pilfredge Sump
Michael Brody Jr. (on the 23rd)

1/30-2/1/70 – The Warehouse, New Orleans LA
Fleetwood Mac
The Flock (on Jan 30-31)

2/2/70 – Fox Theater, St Louis MO
The Aorta

2/4/70 – Family Dog (TV taping)
Jefferson Airplane

2/5-8/70 – Fillmore West
Taj Mahal

2/11,13-14/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
Allman Brothers Band

2/20/70 – Panther Hall, Fort Worth TX
Quicksilver Messenger Service (headliner)

2/21/70 – Convention Center Arena, San Antonio TX
2/22/70 – Coliseum, Houston TX
Quicksilver Messenger Service (headliner)
John Mayall w/ Duster Bennett
It’s A Beautiful Day

2/23/70 – Municipal Auditorium, Austin TX
Country Joe & the Fish

2/27-3/1/70 – Family Dog
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen 
Rubber Duck (per Barb listing

3/7/70 – Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica
Cold Blood

3/8/70 – Travelodge Theater, Phoenix AZ
Roxi (per ad)

3/17/70 – Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
The Road

3/20-21/70 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY

3/22-23/70 – Pirates World, Dania FL
New Society Band

4/3/70 – U of Cincinnati Fieldhouse, Cincinnati OH
The Lemon Pipers
Devil’s Kitchen
Ken Kesey & the Pranksters (billed, but it’s uncertain what they did onstage)
(Speakers: Hog Farm)

4/9-12/70 – Fillmore West
Miles Davis Quintet
Stone the Crows
Clouds (per Deadbase; not on poster)

4/15/70 – Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messenger Service

4/17-19/70 – Family Dog (acoustic shows, billed as Heartbeats/Bobby Ace)
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Charlie Musselwhite

4/24-25/70 – Mammoth Gardens, Denver CO
John Hammond

4/26/70 – Sound Storm Festival, York Farm, Poynette WI
(Some three dozen bands were scheduled for this three-day event. It wasn’t possible to determine which played on the 26th – since the Dead played all afternoon, probably not that many.)

5/1/70 – Alfred State College, Alfred NY
5/2/70 – Harpur College, Binghamton NY
New Riders of the Purple Sage

5/3/70 – Wesleyan University, Middletown CT
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Swamp Gas
(Other local bands also played, which may have included Randy Burns & the Morning After, Bone, Joy, the Nighthawks, Trod Tiger & the Tunafish, and possibly Charisma.
(Also present: Hog Farm

5/7/70 – MIT, Cambridge MA
5/8/70 – SUNY, Delhi NY
5/9/70 – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA
New Riders of the Purple Sage
(It’s unconfirmed whether NRPS also played the free MIT show on the 6th.)

5/10/70 – Sports Arena, Atlanta GA
The Hampton Grease Band
(Members of the Allman Brothers jammed with the Dead but didn’t play a separate set.)

5/14/70 – Meramec Community College, Kirkwood MO
5/15/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
New Riders of the Purple Sage

5/16/70 – Temple Stadium, Philadelphia PA
Jimi Hendrix (headliner)
Steve Miller Band
Cactus (replaced the MC5)
Jam Factory

5/24/70 – Hollywood Music Festival, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
The Flaming Groovies
Black Sabbath
Mungo Jerry
Jose Feliciano

6/4-7/70 – Fillmore West
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Southern Comfort

6/12-13/70 – Civic Auditorium, Honolulu HI
Quicksilver Messenger Service
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Steve Miller Band (on the 13th – unbilled)
(Contrary to deadlists, there is no evidence the shows were moved to the Red Vest nightclub, which is preposterous. Honolulu papers continued listing the shows at the Civic Aud through the 13th, and witnesses recall the shows at the Civic.)

6/19/70 – Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN
Country Joe & the Fish
The Illusion

6/21/70 – benefit, Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley 
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Sandy Bull
Indian Puddin’ and Pipe
The East Bay Sharks (a street-theater group
(MC: Wavy Gravy – the Hog Farm was present, and Pit River tribe activists made speeches.)

6/24/70 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester
New Riders of the Purple Sage

6/27/70 – CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Eric Andersen
Robert Charlebois
Ian & Sylvia and the Great Speckled Bird
James & the Good Brothers
New Riders of the Purple Sage
The Band
(A dozen other bands were scheduled over two days; more bands probably played this day, and others played the stadium the next day.)

6/27/70 – Coronation Park, Toronto ON
Ian & Sylvia and the Great Speckled Bird
James & the Good Brothers
The People’s Revolutionary Concert Band
Si Potma
P.M. Howard
(The last three local acts said they’d play, but are unconfirmed – others likely played as well.)

6/28/70 – Coronation Park, Toronto ON
(It’s unknown which bands played the second day of free shows, but one list includes the New Riders, Ian & Sylvia & the Great Speckled Bird, James & the Good Brothers, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Eric Anderson, and the People’s Revolutionary Concert Band.)

7/1/70 – Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg MB
Justin Tyme
Tom Rush
Eric Andersen
James & the Good Brothers
Robert Charlebois
Buddy Guy
Ian & Sylvia and the Great Speckled Bird
Randy Bachman
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
The Band
Janis Joplin  
(NRPS did not play.)

7/4/70 – McMahon Stadium, Calgary AB
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Janis Joplin
Great Speckled Bird w/ guests (probably following Ian & Sylvia’s set)
(Unlike Winnipeg, there’s no account of which bands played each day at Calgary, so it’s unknown which among over a dozen other bands played on the 4th.)

7/9-12/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
New Riders of the Purple Sage

7/14,16/70 – Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Rubber Duck Company (with Tom Constanten)
(It’s unknown whether David Crosby also opened on the 14th as Deadbase lists, but there’s no evidence for it.)

“7/30/70” – location unknown (Matrix or possibly Lion’s Share)
“8/5/70” – location unknown (not San Diego)
New Riders of the Purple Sage
(Here the Dead switched and played opening acoustic sets for the New Riders. Both of these tapes are of uncertain date.)

7/30-8/1/70 – The Lion’s Share, San Anselmo (acoustic shows)
New Riders of the Purple Sage (headliner)

8/17-19/70 – Fillmore West
New Riders of the Purple Sage

8/28-29/70 – Thee Club, Los Angeles (acoustic shows)
New Riders of the Purple Sage

9/17-20/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
9/25/70 – Civic Auditorium, Pasadena
New Riders of the Purple Sage  
(The 9/26/70 Salt Lake City show was billed as “An Evening with the Grateful Dead,” but it’s unknown whether the New Riders played – no attendees recall them, and Deadbase doesn’t list them.)

10/4-5/70 – Winterland Arena
Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Hot Tuna
New Riders of the Purple Sage

10/23/70 – McDonough Arena, Georgetown U, Washington DC
10/24/70 – Kiel Opera House, St. Louis MO
New Riders of the Purple Sage
(The New Riders did not appear on the earlier shows of this tour from Oct 10-18.)

10/26/70 – The Lion’s Share, San Anselmo (Janis wake)
Unknown - “The Grateful Dead and other rock music groups entertained.”

10/30-31/70 – Gym, SUNY, Stony Brook NY
11/5-8/70 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY
11/9-10/70 – Action House, Island Park NY
11/11-14/70 – 46th Street Rock Palace, Brooklyn NY
11/16/70 – Fillmore East, NYC
11/20/70 – Palestra, U of Rochester, Rochester NY
11/21/70 – Sargent Gym, Boston U, Boston MA
11/22/70 – Gym, Middlesex County College, Edison NJ
11/23/70 – Anderson Theater, NYC
11/27/70 – The Syndrome, Chicago IL
11/29/70 – Club Agora, Columbus OH
12/12/70 – Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Also: Hot Tuna on 11/16/70.
Also: a chimpanzee act on 11/21/70.
Also a mime (possibly Joe McCord) on 11/23/70, backed by “Purple Sage on guitar.”

12/21/70 – Pepperland, San Rafael
Jerry Hahn Brotherhood
Unknown blues band with John Kahn (possibly replacing Howard Wales & Friends)
New Riders of the Purple Sage
David & the Dorks
(It’s unconfirmed whether the Dead actually played.)

12/22/70 – Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento
New Riders of the Purple Sage

12/23/70 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Hot Tuna
New Riders of the Purple Sage

12/26-28/70 – Legion Stadium, El Monte
New Riders of the Purple Sage

12/31/70 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Hot Tuna


1/21/71 – Freeborn Hall, Davis
James & the Good Brothers
New Riders of the Purple Sage

1/22/71 – Lane Community College, Eugene OR
Notary Sojac
New Riders of the Purple Sage

1/24/71 – Seattle Center Arena, Seattle WA
Ian & Sylvia
New Riders of the Purple Sage

2/18-24/71 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY
New Riders of the Purple Sage

3/3/71 – benefit, Fillmore West 
Hot Tuna 
Shades of Joy (unconfirmed
Straight Funk
Gestalt Fool Theatre Family
New Generation Singers
American Indian Dancers

3/5/71 – benefit, Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland
The Lumpen (backed by the Freedom Messengers)
The Vanguard
Speakers: Huey Newton, Kathleen Cleaver

3/13/71 – Jenison Field House, Michigan State U, East Lansing MI
3/14/71 – Camp Randall Field House, U of Wisconsin, Madison WI
3/17-18/71 – Fox Theatre, St. Louis MO
3/20/71 – Field House, U of Iowa, Iowa Cita IA
3/21/71 – Expo Convention Center, Milwaukee WI
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Also: Ox on 3/21/71.

3/24/71 – benefit, Winterland Arena
Kailas Shugendo (Buddhist rituals)
Yogi Bhajan (speaker)
Sufi Choir
Sufi whirling dervish dancers

4/4-6/71 – Manhattan Center, NYC
4/7-8/71 – Boston Music Hall, Boston MA
4/10/71 – Mayser Center, F&M College, Lancaster PA
4/12/71 – Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA
4/13/71 – Catholic Youth Center, Scranton PA
4/14/71 – Christy Mathewson Stadium, Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA
4/15/71 – David Mead Field House, Allegheny College, Meadville PA
4/17/71 – Dillon Gym, Princeton U, Princeton NJ
4/18/71 – Lusk Field House, SUNY, Cortland NY
4/21/71 – Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence RI
4/22/71 – Bangor Auditorium, Bangor ME
New Riders of the Purple Sage

4/24/71 – Wallace Wade Stadium, Duke U, Durham NC
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Butterfield Blues Band
The Beach Boys
(MC: Uncle Dirty)

4/25-29/71 – Fillmore East, NYC
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Also the Beach Boys on 4/27 (a guest set).

5/29-30/71 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
R.J. Fox
(James & the Good Brothers did not show.)

6/21/71 – Chateau d’Herouville, Herouville, France
Light Sound Dimension

7/2/71 – Fillmore West
Rowan Brothers
New Riders of the Purple Sage

8/5-6/71 – Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood
Rowan Brothers
New Riders of the Purple Sage

8/7/71 – Community Concourse, San Diego
8/14-15/71 – Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley
New Riders of the Purple Sage

10/19/71 – Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis MN
10/21-22/71 – Auditorium Theatre, Chicago IL
10/23-24/71 – Easttown Theatre, Detroit MI
10/26/71 – Palestra, U of Rochester, Rochester NY
10/27/71 – Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse NY
10/29/71 – Allan Theatre, Cleveland OH
10/30/71 – Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati OH
10/31/71 – Ohio Theatre, Columbus OH
New Riders of the Purple Sage

11/11/71 – Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta GA
11/12/71 – San Antonio Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio TX
11/14/71 – Daniel Meyer Coliseum, TCU, Fort Worth TX
11/15/71 – Austin Municipal Auditorium, Austin TX
11/17/71 – Albuquerque Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque NM
11/20/71 – Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles
12/1-2/71 – Boston Music Hall, Boston MA
12/4-7/71 – Felt Forum, NYC
12/9-10/71 – Fox Theatre, St. Louis MO
12/14-15/71 – Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor MI
New Riders of the Purple Sage (first shows with Buddy Cage)

12/31/71 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Yogi Phlegm (formerly the Sons of Champlin)


1/2/72 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Yogi Phlegm

3/5/72 – benefit, Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Yogi Phlegm
(MC: Wavy Gravy)

3/25/72 – Academy of Music, NYC
Bo Diddley (backed by the Dead)

5/7/72 – Bickershaw Festival, Wigan, England
Haydock Brass Band
Neophonic Symphony Orchestra
Brinsley Schwarz
Country Joe McDonald
New Riders of the Purple Sage

5/23-26/72 – Lyceum, London, England
New Riders of the Purple Sage

6/17/72 – Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood
New Riders of the Purple Sage

8/25/72 – Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley
8/27/72 - Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR
New Riders of the Purple Sage

9/9/72 - Hollywood Palladium
High Country 
(Per newspaper review. They likely also opened on the 10th as well.

10/9/72 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage

10/28/72 – Cleveland Public Hall, Cleveland OH
Rowan Brothers
(It’s unknown how many shows the Rowans opened in fall ’72. Per Richard Loren, they were on tour with the Dead, which is confirmed by a Cleveland Scene announcement: "At the invitation of the Dead...the Rowan Brothers are on tour with them and will certainly make a strong supporting act." But in November ’72, a Houston paper stated, "The Rowan Brothers will NOT be appearing Saturday and Sunday in Hofheinz Pavilion with the Grateful Dead, as previously announced by the Houston Post.")

12/10/72 – Winterland Arena
High Country

12/11/72 – Winterland Arena
The Sons (of Champlin)

12/12/72 – Winterland Arena
Rowan Brothers

12/31/72 – Winterland Arena
New Riders of the Purple Sage
The Sons (of Champlin)


2/19/73 - International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL
2/21-22/73 - Assembly Hall, U of IL, Champaign-Urbana, IL
2/28/73 - Salt Palace, Salt Lake City UT
New Riders of the Purple Sage

3/15/73 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY
The Sons of Champlin

3/16, 19/73 – Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY
New Riders of the Purple Sage (replacing the Sons)

3/30/73 - Community War Memorial, Rochester NY
3/31/73 - War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY
4/2/73 - Boston Garden, Boston MA
New Riders of the Purple Sage

5/20/73 - Campus Stadium, UCSB, Santa Barbara
New Riders of the Purple Sage

5/26/73 - Kezar Stadium, San Francisco
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Waylon Jennings

6/9/73 – RFK Stadium, Washington DC
Allman Brothers Band
Doug Sahm

6/10/73 – RFK Stadium, Washington DC
Allman Brothers Band
Wet Willie

7/27-28/73 – Grand Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen NY
Allmans Brothers Band
The Band

7/31-8/1/73 – Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City NJ
The Band

9/11-12/73 – William & Mary Hall, W&M College, Williamsburg VA
9/15/73 - Providence Civic Center, Providence RI
9/17/73 - Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse NY
9/20-21/73 – The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
9/24/73 – Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA
9/26/73 - War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY
Doug Sahm & His Friends


5/17/74 – PNE Coliseum, Vancouver BC
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

5/25/74 – UCSB Stadium, Santa Barbara
Maria Muldaur
Great American String Band (listed as “New Riders” on ticket)
(Contrary to Deadbase, Elvin Bishop did not appear.)

6/8/74 – Oakland Stadium, Oakland
The Beach Boys
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

6/20/74 - The Omni, Atlanta GA
Maria Muldaur

7/21/74 - Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood
Maria Muldaur
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen


3/23/75 – benefit, Kezar Stadium
Eddie Palmieri & His Orchestra
Graham Central Station
Tower of Power
Doobie Brothers
Jefferson Starship
Joan Baez
Neil Young (w/ Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Bob Dylan)
(Mimi Farina & the Miracles were billed but did not appear.)
Speakers: Rev. Cevil Williams, Cedric Hardman, Bob St. Clair, Frankie Albert, Willie Mays, Gene Washington, Marlon Brando, Bob Hope
(John Brodie, Rosie Casals, Werner Erhard, and Jesse Owens were also billed speakers, but may not have appeared.)

6/17/75 – Winterland Arena
Keith & Donna
The Mirrors

9/28/75 – Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park
Jefferson Starship



Pardon the idiosyncratic alphabetization!

13 Experience - 9/23-24/66

A.B. Skhy Blues Band - 3/12/69, 11/21/69
Ace of Cups - 9/20/68, 9/22/68, 5/28/69
Al Neil Jazz Trio (Royal Canadians/Royal Rascals) - 7/30-31/66
Al Trobbe Orchestra - 9/2/66
Albert Collins - 8/20-22/68, 8/1-3/69
Alice Cooper - 7/3/69
Alligator - 11/7-8/69
Allman Brothers Band - 7/7/69, 2-11,13-14/70, 6/9-10/73, 7/27-28/73
Aluminum Dream - 12/22-24/67
Alvin Pivil - 4/17/69
Amazing Beymont - 4/26-28/68? (uncertain)
Amber Whine - 2/21-22/69
Amboy Dukes - 4/26-28/68? (uncertain), 12/28/69
American Dream (w/ Al Kooper) - 12/6/68
Andrew Staples - 11/12/66, 4/12/67
Anonymous Artists of America - 6/21/67?, 7/2/67
Answer - 4/22-24/66
Aorta - 2/2/70
Apostles - 3/22/68
Ashmollyan Quintet - 8/12/67? (uncertain)
AUM - 4/4-6/69, 5/24/69, 5/28/69, 6/13/69, 6/14/69, 1/10/70
Autumn People - 5/20/67
Axis - 9/1/69

Ballet Afro-Haiti - 8/1-3/69
Baltimore Steam Packet - 2/10/67
Band - 6/27/70a, 7/1/70, 7/27-28/73, 7/31-8/1/73
Bangles - 4/12-14/68, 4/19-21/68
Bangor Flying Circus - 5/28/69
Beach Boys - 4/24/71, 4/27/71, 6/8/74
Biff Rose - 12/28/69
Big Black's African Rhythm Band - 7/14/68
Big Brother & the Holding Company - 1/22/66, 1/23/66? (uncertain), 7/14/66, 7/30-31/66, 10/6/66, 11/13/66, 1/1/67, 1/14/67? (uncertain), 1/29/67, 3/5/67, 4/9/67, 5/30/67, 6/18/67, 6/21/67, 7/23/67, 8/28/67, 10/22/67, 10/31/67, 5/18/68, 9/22/68? (uncertain)
Big City Blue - 11/15/68
Big Mama Thornton - 9/11/66? (uncertain), 12/9-11/66, 1/6/67, 9/2/68
Bigfoot - 2/5-8/70
Billy Moses Blues Bag - 5/7/66
Bishops - 8/11/67? (uncertain)
Bitter Seeds - 6/14/69
Black Diamond Blues Band - 11/15/69
Black Sabbath - 5/24/70
Black Swan - 6/21/67
Blackwood Apology - 2/2/69
Blood Sweat & Tears - 1/2-5/69
Blue Cheer - 11/10-11/67, 3/17/68? (uncertain), 3/20/68, 7/11/68, 8/4/68
Blue Crumb Truck Factory - 3/3/67
Blue House Basement - 2/10/67
Blues Project - 6/18/67
Blues Image - 4/12-14/68, 4/14/68a, 4/19-21/68, 3/22/69
Bo Diddley - 3/25/72
Bobby Lyle Quintet - 4/27/69
Bola Sete - 10/8/66, 10/1/67
Bone – 5/3/70? (uncertain)
Bonzo Dog Band - 10/2-4/69
Boxtops - 12/29/68
Brinsley Schwarz - 5/7/72
Buddy Guy - 7/1/70
Buddy Miles Express - 9/22/68? (uncertain), 6/20-21/69, 7/4-5/69
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - 3/17/70
Buffalo Springfield - 6/18/67, 11/10-11/67
Byrds - 8/4/68, 10/5/69
Byron Pope Ensemble - 11/17/68

Cactus - 5/16/70
Canadian Fuzz - 1/13/67a
Canned Heat - 2/24-26/67, 4/14-16/67, 10/20/68, 5/11/69, 8/16/69, 12/28/69
Captain Beefheart - 9/24/67 
Captain Speed - 4/29/67
Cat - 7/1/70
Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys - 9/1/69
Catfish - 3/20-21/70
Catharsis - 12/8-9/67
Celebration - 12/28/69
Chambers Brothers - 2/9/69
Charisma – 5/3/70? (unconfirmed)
Charlatans - 5/7/66, 5/29/66, 1/14/67? (uncertain)
Charles Lloyd Quartet - 3/28-4/2/67, 10/1/67, 8/4/68 
Charlie Alvarado - 5/5/68? (uncertain)
Charlie Musselwhite - 3/20/68, 5/31-6/2/68, 6/2/68a, 4/17-19/70
Chicago (Transit Authority) - 3/22/69, 7/7/69, 9/1/69
Chocolate Watch Band - 10/21-22/66? (uncertain)
Chuck Berry - 3/17-19/67, 3/29-31/68
Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band - 6/27-28/69
Cleveland Wrecking Company - 10/18/68, 3/12/69, 7/16/69
Clouds - 4/9-12/70
Clover - 3/20/68? (uncertain)
Coasters w/ Cornell Gunter - 9/65
Cold Blood - 1/2-3/70, 3/7/70
Collage - 5/5-7/67
Collectors - 7/13/67, 7/14-15/67
Colossal Pomegranate - 8/26-27/66
Colosseum - 5/24/70
Comfortable Chair - 12/20-21/68
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - 8/29-30/69, 11/21/69, 2/27-3/1/69, 5/17/74, 6/8/74, 7/21/74
Country Joe & the Fish - 9/4/66, 10/16/66, 12/2/66, 2/5/67? (uncertain), 3/5/67, 4/9/67, 4/11/67? (uncertain), 6/28/67, 2/14/68, 2/17/68, 8/4/68, 12/20-21/68, 9/26-27/69, 12/13/69, 2/23/70, 6/19/70
Country Joe McDonald (w/o Fish) - 8/16/69, 5/7/72
Country Weather - 3/15/69, 11/21/69
Cream - 3/11/68
Creators - 8/25-26/67
Creedence Clearwater Revival - 5/28/69, 8/16/69
Crome Syrcus - 5/18/68
Crow - 12/28/69
Crystal Palace Guard - 9/24/67
Crystal Syphon - 2/16/68
Curly Cooke's Hurdy-Gurdy Band - 3/29-31/68, 8/2-3/68, 9/22/68

Daily Flash - 7/29-31-66, 7/13/67, 7/16/67a+b
Dancing Food & Entertainment - 2/21-22/69
Danny Cox - 11/1-2/69
David (Crosby) & the Dorks - 12/21/70
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - 7/7/69, 7/1/70
Denny Zeitlin Trio - 9/11/66
Devil's Kitchen - 4/3/70
Devin Mikles - 7/3/69
Dino Valenti - 10/1/66, 2/5/67? (uncertain)
Doc Watson & Son - 10/2-4/69 (at least one night)
Doobie Brothers - 3/23/75
Doors - 1/14-15/67, 4/29/67
Doug Kershaw (w/ Commander Cody) - 10/24/69
Doug Sahm - 6/9/73, 9/11-12/73, 9/15/73, 9/17/73, 9/20-21/73, 9/24/73, 9/26/73
Dr. John Voodoo Show - 9/1/69

Easy Chair - 11/17/68
Eddie Palmieri - 3/23/75
Edison Electric Band - 4/26-28/68
Eire Apparent - 3/22/68
Electric Flag - 4/3/68
Elvin Bishop Group - 5/28/69
Elvin Jones & Joe Henderson Quartet - 9/11/66
Eric Andersen - 6/27/70a, 7/1/70
Eric Burdon & the Animals - 3/26/67, 3/22/68, 8/4/68
Eric Mercury - 9/29-10/1/69 (one night)

Family Tree - 10/5/68
Fat Jack - 9/8/67
Fever Zone - 12/28/69
Final Solution - 5/14/66
Flaming Groovies - 5/24/70
Flatt & Scruggs - 12/29/68
Fleetwood Mac - 1/30-2/1/70
Flock - 12/4-5,7/69, 1/30-31/70
Flying Burrito Brothers - 4/4-6/69, 12/13/69
Free - 5/24/70
Free Circus - 3/29/69
Friends and Gunge - 11/1/68
Frumious Bandersnatch - 3/20/68, 3/1/69, 5/16/69
Fugs - 2/7/69

Gang - 8/11-12/67
Garden of Delights - 3/17/69
Gentleman's Band w/ Sam Thomas - 12/10/65, 1/14/66
George Stavis - 4/18/69
Gerry Walker electronic tape music - 7/29-30/66
Glass Family - 6/5-8/69
Golden Toad - 2/19/69, 11/1-2/69
Good Word - 7/2/67
Graham Central Station - 3/23/75
Graham Nash - 10/25/69 
Granny Goose & the Soul Chips - 7/14/68
Grass Roots - 5/28/66, 6/28/67
Grassroots - 1/31-2/1/69 (the same band?)
Gray Company - 12/22-24/67
Great American String Band - 5/25/74
Great Society - 12/10/65, 1/14/66, 5/7/66, 9/11/66
Gross Exaggeration - 5/18/67
Group B - 7/3/66
Group Image - 6/1/67? (uncertain), 6/8/67, 6/12/67, 12/22-24/67
Group With No Name - 6/18/67

Hampton Grease Band - 7/7/69, 5/10/70
Haydock Brass Band - 5/7/72
High Country - 9/9/72, 12/10/72
Hindustani Jazz Sextet - 7/14/66
Holden Caulfield Blues Band - 7/3/69
Holy Modal Rounders - 9/29-10/1/69 (one night)
Honeysuckle - 12/28/68
Hot Tuna - 6/27-28/69, 10/24-26/69, 10/4-5/70, 11/16/70, 12/23/70, 12/31/70, 3/3/71
Hugh Masekela - 12/29/68
Humble Pie - 12/4-5,7/69
Hylar Jones Quartet w/ Millie Foster - 7/14/68

Ian & Sylvia & the Great Speckled Bird - 6/27/70a+b, 7/1/70, 7/4/70
Ian & Sylvia - 1/24/71
Ice - 7/16/69
Illinois Speed Press - 8/4/68
Illusion - 6/19/70
Immediate Family - 1/13-14/67
Impressions - 8/65
Incredible String Band - 5/4/68, 8/16/69
Indian Head Band - 5/18/68
Indian Puddin' and Pipe - 6/21/70
Initial Shock - 10/5/68, 1/24-26/69
International Brick - 7/16/67a
Iron Butterfly - 8/4/68, 12/6/68, 2/5/69, 2/6/69
It's A Beautiful Day - 4/3/68, 9/2/68, 12/31/68, 3/12/69, 9/1/69, 2/21/70, 2/22/70

Jagged Edge - 3/22/68
Jam Factory - 5/16/70
James & the Good Brothers - 6/27/70a+b, 7/1/70, 1/21/71, 5/29-30/71
James Cotton Blues Band - 11/18-20/66, 9/2/68, 12/29/68
Jane & the Electric Jive Wire - 5/23/69
Janis Joplin - 2/11-12/69, 8/16/69, 7/1/70, 7/4/70
January - 6/27/70b
Jaywalkers - 6/17-18/66
Jeff Beck Group - 6/14-15/68
Jeff Jaisun - 12/19-21/69
Jefferson Airplane - 12/10/65, 7/15-17/66, 8/12-13/66, 9/11/66, 10/7-9/66, 12/30-31/66, 1/14/67, 2/5/67? (uncertain), 4/12/67, 4/14-16/67, 5/30/67, 6/21/67? (uncertain), 7/31-8/5/67, 8/6/67a+b, 9/15/67, 9/16/67, 3/8-9/68, 3/15-17/68, 5/5/68, 5/18/68a, 5/18/68b, 6/7-9/68, 8/4/68, 3/17/69, 5/2-3/69, 5/7/69, 5/28/69, 8/16/69, 9/1/69, 9/6/69, 10/5/69, 10/24-26/69, 2/4/70, 4/15/70, 10/4-5/70
Jefferson Starship - 3/23/75, 9/28/75
Jeremy & the Satyrs - 3/20/68? (uncertain)
Jerry Pond - 11/28-12/1/66
Jerry Hahn Brotherhood - 12/21/70
Jethro Tull - 3/21-22/69
Jim Young Trio - 9/11/66
Jimi Hendrix - 6/18/67, 5/16/70
Joan Baez - 3/23/75
Joe Cocker & the Grease Band - 7/11-12/69
Joe South - 5/23-24/69
John Hammond - 4/24-25/70
John Handy Quintet - 1/1/67, 7/14/68
John Kahn w/ unknown blues band - 12/21/70
John Mayall (w/ Duster Bennett) - 2/21/70, 2/22/70
John Sebastian - 8/16/69
Johnny Hammond & His Screaming Nighthawks - 3/24-25/67
Johnny Talbot & De Thangs - 11/20/66, 3/17-19/67
Johnny Winter - 5/23/69, 12/28/69
Jon Bartel's Thing - 12/28/69
Jon Hendricks Trio - 9/11/66
Joni Mitchell - 12/29/68
Jose Feliciano - 5/24/70
Joy – 5/3/70? (uncertain)
J.S. Quintet - 6/15/67
Junior Walker & the All-Stars - 6/5-8/69
Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band - 1/13-15/67
Justin Tyme - 7/1/70

Kaleidoscope - 3/20/68, 8/20-22/68, 5/10/69
Karma - 7/16/67a
Keef Hartley Band - 8/16/69
Keith & Donna - 6/17/75
Kimberly - 2/4/70
Kingfish - 6/17/75
Knight Riders - 8/65
Kollektions - 4/12-14/68, 4/19-21/68

Leaves - 5/28/66
Lee Michaels - 10/11-13/68, 5/11/69, 5/29/69, 9/1/69
Lemon Pipers - 4/3/70
Liberation Blues Band - 4/15/69
Light - 11/17/68
Light Castle - 9/30/66
Light House - 12/21/66 (the light show?)
Light Sound Dimension - 6/21/71
Lighthouse - 1/2-3/70
Lightning Hopkins - 10/21-22/66
Linn County - 10/11-13/68, 10/20/68, 11/7-10/68
Little Andre - 6/19/68
Little John Farmer - 3/22/69
Lizard - 12/23/70
Loading Zone - 1/23/66? (uncertain), 1/28/66, 4/22-24/66, 10/21-22/66, 1/14/67, 2/5/67? (uncertain), 3/3/67, 4/12/67, 12/22/69
Lonnie Mack - 9/29-10/1/69 (one night)
Looking Glass - 3/1-2/68
Lords of London - 6/18/65? (uncertain)
Lothar & the Hand People - 11/18-20/66, 9/24/67
Love - 7/3/66, 3/3/67, 2-11,13-14/70
Love-In - 7/13/67 [might not be a band]
Luke & the Apostles - 6/8-11/67 (possibly from 6/1), 7/31-8/5/67
Lumpen (backed by the Freedom Messengers) - 3/3/71

Mad River - 6/21/67, 10/20/68
Magic Fern - 7/16/67b, 9/8-9/67
Magic Sam - 12/13-14/68
Malachi - 4/3/68? (uncertain)
Mamas & the Papas - 1/13/67a, 6/18/67 (w/ Scott McKenzie)
Mance Lipscomb - 10/11-13/68
Maria Muldaur - 5/25/74, 6/20/74, 7/21/74
Marvin Gaye - 12/29/68
Mashmakhan - 7/1/70
Maya - 8/2-3/68
Michael Brody Jr. - 1/23/70
Mick Lampe - 10/18/68
Miles Davis Quintet - 4/9-12/70
Mint Tattoo - 11/15/68, 12/20-21/68
Mirrors - 6/17/75
Mobius Band - 4/11/67? (uncertain)
Moby Grape - 12/23-24/66, 12/29/66, 1/29/67, 2/12/67, 3/3/67, 3/5/67, 4/12/67, 4/3/68
Mocker Manor Blues Band - 10/6/66, 10/16/66? (uncertain)
Mongo Santamaria - 5/2-3/69
Monte Waters Big Band - 7/14/68
Morning Glory - 12/29/66, 2/22-24/68
Mother Earth - 9/22-23/67, 9/24/67, 4/3/68, 9/22/68
Mother Lode - 12/28/69
Mothers (of Invention) - 6/3-4/66, 3/22/69
Mount Rushmore - 7/6/67
Mountain - 8/16/69, 7/1/70, 4/24/71
Mourning Reign - 5/18/68
Mrs. Joseph P. Lacey III Jug Band – 10/16/66? (uncertain)
Muddy Waters - 5/23/69
Muff - 11/17/68? (uncertain)
Mungo Jerry - 5/24/70
Mystery Trend - 12/10/65, 1/14/66, 3/28-4/2/67
Mystics - 8/65

Necrophilanthropy - 4/26-28/68? (uncertain)
Neil Young (w/ Bob Dylan & members of the Band) - 3/23/75
Neophonic Symphony Orchestra - 5/7/72
Nervous System - 5/23/69
New Age (w/ Country Joe) - 1/14/67
New Brothers - 1/22/66
New Delhi River Band - 2/5/67? (uncertain), 7/2/67
New Generation - 4/30/67
New Generation Singers - 3/3/71
New Salvation Army Banned - 2/12/67
New Society Band - 3/22-23/70
New Tweedy Brothers - 6/10-11/66
Nigells - 7/18/67
Nighthawks – 5/3/70? (uncertain)
Noah's Ark - 12/28/69
Notary Sojac - 1/22/71
Notes from the Underground - 2/12/67
NRPS (New Riders of the Purple Sage) - 7/16/69, 8/20/69, 8/21/69, 8/29-30/69, 4/17-19/70, 5/1/70, 5/2/70, 5/3/70, 5/7/70, 5/8/70, 5/9/70, 5/14/70, 5/15/70, 6/4-7/70, 6/12-13/70, 6/21/70, 6/24/70, 6/27/70a, 7/4/70, 7/9-12/70, 7/14,16/70, 7/30-8/1/70, "8/5/70," 8/17-19/70, 8/28-29/70, 9/17-20/70, 9/25/70, 10/4-5/70, 10/23/70, 10/24/70, 10/30-31/70, 11/5-8/70, 11/9-10/70, 11/11-14/70, 11/16/70, 11/20/70, 11/21/70, 11/22/70, 11/23/70, 11/27/70, 11/29/70, 12/12/70, 12/21/70, 12/22/70, 12/23/70, 12/26-28/70, 12/31/70, 1/21/71, 1/22/71, 1/24/71, 2/18-24/71, 3/13/71, 3/14/71, 3/17-18/71, 3/20/71, 3/21/71, 4/4-6/71, 4/7-8/71, 4/10/71, 4/12/71, 4/13/71, 4/14/71, 4/15/71, 4/17/71, 4/18/71, 4/21/71, 4/22/71, 4/24/71, 4/25-29/71, 5/29-30/71, 7/2/71, 8/5-6/71, 8/7/71, 8/14-15/71, 10/19/71, 10/21-22/71, 10/23-24/71, 10/26/71, 10/27/71, 10/29/71, 10/30/71, 10/31/71, 11/11/71, 11/12/71, 11/14/71, 11/15/71, 11/17/71, 11/20/71, 12/1-2/71, 12/4-7/71, 12/9-10/71, 12/14-15/71, 12/31/71, 1/2/72, 3/5/72, 5/7/72, 5/23-26/72, 6/17/72, 8/25/72, 8/27/72, 10/9/72, 12/31/72, 2/19/73, 2/21-22/73, 2/28/73, 3/16/73, 3/19/73, 3/30/73, 3/31/73, 4/2/73, 5/20/73, 5/26/73, 6/8/74

Oliver - 9/1/69
Om - 10/14/67
Only Alternative & His Other Possibilities w/ Mimi Farina - 9/30/66, 10/2/66
Orkustra (aka Electric Chamber Orchestra) - 10/6/66, 1/1/67
Ornette Coleman Quartet - 7/14/68
Osceola - 12/19-21/69, 6/21/70
Other Side - 12/21/66
Otis Redding - 12/20/66
Otis Rush & His Chicago Blues Band - 2/24-26/67
Outfit - 5/19/66
Ox - 3/21/71
Oxford Circle - 9/11/66, 11/4-5/66
Oxfords - 12/7/68

Pacific Gas & Electric - 12/29/68
Painted Ship - 7/29-31/66, 7/13/67, 7/14-15/67?
Papa Bear's Medicine Show - 7/16/67a, 11/17/68
Palace Meat Market - 1/30/68, 5/30/69, 5/31/69
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 10/7-9/66, 5/5/68, 12/29/68, 3/21-22/69, 12/28/69, 4/24/71
Paul Pena - 2/14-15/69
Paupers - 5/5-7/67
Peggy Emerson - 12/26-27/67
Pentangle - 2/27-3/2/69, 7/6/69
People - 5/18/68, 12/22/69
People's Revolutionary Concert Band - 6/27/70b
Petrus - 5/31-6/2/68, 6/2/68a
PH Factor Jug Band - 7/29-31/66, 1/29/68, 1/29/68, 1/30/68, 2/2-3/68
Phananganang - 6/21/70
Phoenix - 6/21/67, 7/21-22/67, 7/23/67, 9/22/68, 8/29-30/69
Pilfredge Sump - 1/23-24/70
P.M. Howard - 6/27/70b
Poco - 10/5/69
Popcorn Blizzard - 12/1/68
Potliquor - 9/1/69
Poverty's Temple - 7/18/67
Power - 6/16/67
Powers of Evil - 10/14/67
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - 8/30-9/1/68
Procol Harum - 11/27-28/68, 12/29/68
Project Hope - 5/29/67
Public Service Blues Band - 5/24-25/68
Pulse - 12/20-21/68

Quicksilver Messenger Service - 6/3-4/66, 6/10-11/66, 7/8-9/66, 8/26-27/66, 9/4/66, 10/8/66, 10/16/66, 10/31/66, 11/13/66, 11/20/66, 11/23/66, 12/28/66, 12/30-31/66, 1/14/67, 1/27-28/66, 2/5/67? (uncertain), 3/26/67, 4/8/67, 4/9/67, 4/12/67, 5/30/67, 6/21/67, 10/22/67, 10/31/67, 1/17/68, 1/26-27/68, 1/29/68, 1/30/68, 2/2-3/68, 2/4/68, 8/4/68, 9/22/68, 11/7-10/68, 12/31/68, 12/22/69, 2/20/70, 2/21/70, 2/22/70, 4/15/70, 6/12-13/70, 10/4-5/70
Quill - 8/16/69
Quintessence - 5/24/70

Randy Bachman - 7/1/70
Randy Burns & the Morning After – 5/3/70? (uncertain)
Rationals - 8/11-12/67
Ravi Shankar - 6/18/67
Red Mountain - 3/17/69
Real Thing - 5/20/67
Rejoice - 12/22/69
Rhythm Dukes - 12/19-21/69
Richie Havens - 6/1/67? (doubtful), 6/19/68, 12/29/68
River - 1/16/70
RJ Fox - 5/29-30/71
Road - 3/17/70
Roadrunners - 5/12/67
Robert Baker - 3/24-25/67
Robert Charlebois - 6/27/70a, 7/1/70
Roland Kirk - 4/20/69
Rowan Brothers - 7/2/71, 8/5-6/71, 10/28/72 (and other 10/72 shows?), 12/12/72
Roxy - 3/8/70, 8/28-29/70
Rubber Duck Company (with Tom Constanten)  - 7/14,16/70
Rhythm Method Blues Band - 12/17/66

Sacred Mushroom - 11/30/68? (uncertain)
San Andreas Fault Finders - 10/1/66
Sandy Bull - 6/21/70
Sanpaku - 10/5/68, 4/4-5/69, 6/13/69, 8/20/69, 8/21/69
Santana - 3/20/68? (uncertain), 12/31/68, 1/17/69, 3/29/69, 5/11/69, 5/28/69, 8/16/69, 9/1/69, 2/4/70, 3/23/75
Savoy Brown - 6/20-21/69
Seance of Sound - 4/22-24/66
September Morn - 1/23-24/70
Seventh Sons - 6/14-15/68
Sha-Na-Na - 9/26-27/69
Shades of Joy - 2/27-28/69, 3/2/69, 3/3/71?
Si Potma - 6/27/70b
Sir Douglas Quintet - 1/14/67, 9/22/68? (uncertain), 2/27-28/69, 3/2/69, 7/4-5/69
Sly & the Family Stone - 2/12/67, 12/6/68, 8/16/69
Solid State - 7/2/67
Sons of Champlin - 6/28/67, 7/21-22/67, 9/29-30/67, 5/18/68, 8/30-9/1/68, 9/22/68, 1/24-26/69, 3/17/69, 10/24-26/69, 1/10/70
Sons of Champlin (reformed) - 12/11/72, 12/31/72, 3/15/73 (see also Yogi Phlegm)
Sopwith Camel - 8/19-20/66, 4/9/67
South Bay Experimental Flash - 10/31/69, 11/7-8/69
South Bound Freeway - 8/11-12/67
South Wind - 5/10/69
Southern Comfort - 6/4-7/70
Sparrow - 3/5/67
Spirit - 12/20-21/68, 1/2-5/69, 7/7/69
Spirit of Creation - 4/12/69
SRC - 4/25-26/69
Stephen Stills - 10/25/69 
Steppenwolf - 12/6/68, 12/29/68
Steve Miller Band - 12/23-24/66, 5/17-18/68, 5/18/68a, 9/20/68, 9/22/68? (uncertain), 5/16/70, 6/12-13/70
Stone the Crows - 4/9-12/70
Stoneground - 12/31/70
Stonehenge - 10/20/68, 12/7/68
Straight Funk - 3/3/71
Sufi Choir - 3/24/71
Sun and the Moon - 1/23-24/70
Sun Country - 5/24/69
Swamp Gas - 5/3/70
Sweetwater - 5/24/69, 12/28/69

Taj Mahal - 5/17-18/68, 8/23-24/68, 9/22/68, 2/5-8/70
Tarantula - 5/11/69
Take Five - 12/26-27/67
Ten Years After - 6/22/68
Terry Reid - 11/27-28/68
Thackeray Rocke - 6/22/68
Things To Come - 8/4/68
Tim Rose - 12/9-11/66
Time Machine - 7/16/67a
Tin Foil - 11/25/68 
Tiny Tim - 3/25/66
Tom Rush - 7/1/70
Tower of Power - 3/23/75
Traffic - 5/24/70
TJ Transatlantic Railroad - 10/15/66
Transatlantic Railroad - 5/18/68 (the same band?)
Travel Agency - 1/17/69
Tribe - 7/11-12/69
Trod Tiger & the Tunafish – 5/3/70? (uncertain)
Turnquist Remedy - 12/13-14/68
Turtles - 10/5/68
Tyrannosaurus Rex - 9/1/69

UFO - 4/29/67
United Empire Loyalists - 8/5/66
United Flight Service - 9/9/67
Universal Parking Lot - 10/1/66
Unknown - 2/4/69
US Cadenza - 7/18/67

Valley Fever - 2/17/68
Vanguard - 3/3/71
Vanilla Fudge - 12/28/69
Velvet Hammer - 5/16/69
Velvet Underground - 2/7/69, 4/25-26/69
Vipers - 12/10/65
Virginians - 3/28-4/2/67? (uncertain)

Walrus - 7/1/70
Waters - 12/7/68
Waylon Jennings - 5/26/73
Wet Willie - 6/10/73
Whizbang - 9/1/69
Who - 6/18/67, 8/16/69
Wild Kingdom - 5/12/68
Wildflower - 5/19/66, 9/11/66, 10/6/66, 10/14/66, 10/16/66? (uncertain), 11/23/66, 1/1/67? (uncertain), 4/8/67, 5/?/67, 6/15/67, 7/23/67
Wildmouth - 5/24/70
Wildwood - 11/21/69
William Penn and His Pals - 8/65
Working Class - 7/12-13/68

Yellow Balloon - 4/30/67
Yellow Brick Road - 10/28/66
Yellow Payges - 6/16/67
Yogi Phlegm - 12/31/71, 1/2/72, 3/5/72 (see also Sons of Champlin)
Young Rascals - 6/28/67
Youngbloods - 4/3/68, 5/18/68, 7/14/68, 9/22/68, 10/5/68, 5/3/69a, 5/24/69, 5/29/69, 9/1/69

Zephyr - 7/3/69, 12/26/69


Al & Suzette Bridges - 11/17/68
Allen Ginsberg - 1/14/67, 1/29/67
American Indian Dancers - 3/3/71
Bill Bissett - 7/31/66
Billy Graham - 12/28/69
Black Arts West & Ed Bullins - 5/19/66
Buddha - 1/1/67, 1/14/67
Chimpanzee Act - 11/21/70
Committee - 10/2/66
Congress of Wonders - 10/1-2/66, 7/21-22/67
Cream Farewell Concert (film) - 5/10/69
Don Duncan - 10/8/66
Don Hamrick - 2/19/69
East Bay Sharks - 6/21/70
Ed Keating - 10/8/66
Gestalt Fool Theatre Family - 3/3/71
Hog Farm (with Wavy Gravy) - 12/1/68, 8/16/69, 4/3/70, 5/3/70, 6/21/70
Huey Newton - 3/3/71
Jim Rinehart - 2/27/69
Joe McCord ("Rubber Duck") - 10/2-4/69, 2/27-3/1/70, 11/23/70 (possibly)
Kailas Shugendo - 3/24/71
Kathleen Cleaver - 3/3/71
Ken Kesey - 10/1/66, 10/5/69, 4/3/70
Larry Hankin - 5/5/68
Mark Lane - 11/4/68 
Michael McClure - 5/19/66, 7/31/66, 1/14/67, 3/5/67
Mimes with Michael - 12/22-24/67
Paul Krassner - 1/1/67
Pit River tribe members - 6/21/70
Proposition - 12/31/69
Psychedelic Experience (film) - 3/3/66
Stokely Carmichael - 11/20/66
Straight Theater Company/Straight Theater Dancers - 6/15/67
Sufi dervish dancers - 3/24/71
Swami Bhaktivedanta - 1/29/67
Terence Hallinan - 11/4/68
Timothy Leary - 1/14/67, 1/20/67, 9/24/67, 5/23/69? (uncertain)
Unknown Poet - 9/29/67
Yogi Bhajan - 3/24/71

(Other speakers from 1/14/67 & 3/23/75 not included here.)



There are some shows I didn’t include here, for various reasons. A non-inclusive list:

2/15/68 – State Prison, San Quentin
Garcia, Weir & Hart jammed with Nick Gravenites, Jack Casady, and members of Country Joe & the Fish and Phoenix. Not on the list, though, since it appears none of the full bands played. Consider it an outdoor Carousel jam.

3/18/68 – Green Street, San Francisco
The Dead were to play after Creedence Clearwater Revival in an impromptu street performance for KMPX strikers, but the police quickly shut it down. It’s uncertain whether the Dead actually got to play, but the Chronicle stated they didn’t.

9/1/68 – Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
It’s unknown whether the Dead played this four-day festival, as listed in Deadbase. They were originally scheduled for the 2nd, but flew up to Washington instead. If they did play earlier, I don’t know which bands they played with. 

10/8-10/68 - The Matrix
Elvin Bishop Group (with the Hartbeats)  

10/29-31/68 - The Matrix
Crome Syrcus (with the Hartbeats)

2/24/69 – The Matrix
Frumious Bandersnatch (with the Hartbeats)

8/24/69 – Golden Gate Park
A free show with Shiva Fellowship & speaker Steven Gaskin was announced in the Express-Times, but it’s unlikely the Dead made it back to San Francisco in time.

8/28/69 – Family Dog
An unbilled Hartbeats show. Per a witness, the New Riders and Commander Cody may have opened as on the 29th-30th, but this is unconfirmed.

9/7/69 – Family Dog
A rock-oldies jam circulates with members of the Dead & Hot Tuna, but it’s not even known whether the full Dead played, let alone what other bands.

11/23/69 – Boston Music Hall
With Country Joe & the Fish, Pacific Gas & Electric – the show occurred, but one witness says the Youngbloods replaced the Dead.

11/15/70 – Washington Avenue Armory, Albany NY
With Pacific Gas & Electric and the Buddy Miles Express. The Dead were present, but left after a bomb threat and payment dispute with the promoter, so the other bands played without them.

9/3-4/71 – Harding Theater, San Francisco
Planned benefits with Shades of Joy and Howard Wales. Almost certainly not played, since there’s no trace of these shows.


  1. This is awesome!

    I just found an addition. An article here

    Be-In, City Park, Denver, CO: Grateful Dead/Captain Beefheart/Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth/Lothar and The Hand People/Crystal Palace Guard

    1. Good find - no sooner is this posted than updates start appearing! I'll keep the list up to date as new finds come in.

      I figured there would be some newspaper report on that Denver Be-In - most of the Dead's park shows were covered by curious reporters, given the crowds and publicity. It would be good to find the original Denver Post article for more details on this Be-In.

  2. As always, this is an incredible list. I am wondering how many of the 1970 shows with the New Riders actually were full "Evening with the Grateful Dead" performances? i.e. NRPS set, Dead acoustic set, electric Dead set. Any idea?

    1. And speaking of that, look at today's date. Oh for a time machine to go back 47 years.......

    2. Well, no more than thirty 1970 shows included the full NRPS/acoustic/electric package - a bunch in May, a few shows each in June, July, August & Sept, then they dropped the acoustic set except for the Port Chester run in November.
      Oddly, a couple shows in December '70 were billed as the "acoustic Dead," but the Dead didn't play acoustic.
      Not that many surviving 1970 posters actually advertised "An Evening with the Grateful Dead" - 5/15, 7/14, the August Fillmore West run, the Sept Fillmore East run, 9/26, 11/10, 11/27, 12/22, 12/31 - though I'm sure the phrase was also used elsewhere (interviews, lost ads, radio announcements). By the fall, acoustic sets were no longer included, and on 9/26 there may have been no NRPS either! So the "Evening" concept could be used loosely just to suggest "a long show." (For the July Fillmore East run, Bill Graham used the "Dead At Midnight" tag instead, which fans knew implied "Dead til dawn!")

      There was a bit of discussion about the "Evening" concept on JGMF:
      Trivia note: in March '70, before the Dead did, Led Zeppelin started calling their shows "An Evening with Led Zeppelin."

    3. i think "An Evening With The Grateful Dead" was more of a promotional thing, often heard on the radio. I think it was used well into the 70s, even for all-electric shows. This was indicating that there was no opening act, but that it would be a full concert. I can remember ads that said things like "An Evening With Genesis," or whomever, and the implication was that while there was no opening act, it wasn't just going to be an hour-long set and then done.

  3. This must take you months LIA. I'll keep looking for obscure publications which finally hit the Web, but you always seem to have found them first. Your research is a treasure for the Dead community

  4. Although I see the list is for the Dead, I mention Dave and the Dorks as a footnote.

  5. Welcome back LIA! You have been missed. I spoke to Bear before he passed away asking for his memory of the Dead playing with the Doors. I had recently read Ray Manzarek's book that included an unflattering meeting with Pigpen who did not allow him to borrow his organ. Bear called bullshit and said not only wouldn't Pigpen ever do that, that the Dead never also never played with the Dead! Now we all know maybe for various reasons his recollections might not have been 100% accurate ( not according to him lol), but is there any further light ( pun intended ) you can shed on this?

  6. Oops * never played with the Doors..

    1. Well, the Dead definitely played with the Doors a couple times in early '67 - Bear wasn't touring with them in that period, so naturally he wouldn't remember that.
      Garcia vividly remembered playing with the Doors, and he hated them:

      Here's Ray Manzarek's story:

      I think Manzarek's account is considerably embellished and not entirely believable - he was hostile to the Dead and didn't like (or understand) their music, and he exaggerates their "wall of amplifiers" and army of roadies and describes two drummers, none of which was the case at the time, and he may misrepresent Pigpen as well. That kind of behavior was untypical of Pigpen, who was generally a nice guy. (Also, the Dead sometimes borrowed organs from other bands, and Pigpen often shared his organ with other guests.)

      Nonetheless, Robby Krieger remembered this incident as well, so it wasn't made up:
      “We didn’t get too close with the San Francisco groups - especially the Grateful Dead, who wouldn’t let us use their amps one night. We had a gig at Beverly Hills High School in the afternoon and then one about an hour up the coast in Santa Barbara, so we left our gear, figuring the Dead would let us use their stuff. You’d always let people use your amps in those days, but they just refused. I ended up playing through a Pignose [amp] or something equally ridiculous. Ray was aghast at the fact that Pigpen wouldn’t let him use his organ. He kept saying, ‘Pigpen? Someone named Pigpen won’t let me use his instrument? I could catch cooties from his organ.’ He couldn’t believe it.”

      Perhaps the Dead had formed an instant dislike of the Doors when they'd played with them at the Fillmore back in January - apparently it wasn't just Pigpen, the Dead wouldn't let the Doors use their amps either!

      We have a couple other memories of the Santa Barbara show in April '67. One brief mention on says, "The Dead played a split set with the Doors sandwiched in between. Jim Morrison was out of control and obviously pretty fucked up."
      A deadlists witness also says, "They played two sets that evening, with the Doors playing their set between the two."
      Garcia also remembered the show: "We opened for them in Santa Barbara...when they were a little more powerful. Their sound had gotten better...[but] was still thin... When they were the headliners, it was sort of embarrassing for us to open for them, cause we sort of blew them off the stand just with sheer power... When they played, there was an anticlimax kind of feeling to it, even with their hits."
      Our witness continues, "After the Doors finished their set and left everyone fairly stunned, the Dead came back out almost immediately, and either Weir or Garcia said, 'How about a little Viola Lee Blues.'"
      And then presumably they blew the Doors off the stage.

    2. Ha! Love it. Thank you so much for that post

    3. It's funny that Garcia and Manzarek each deeply hated the other band's music! I can only assume there was some bad blood between these two bands from the start, since "you can't use our amps" wasn't typical behavior for the Dead. (If a fellow San Francisco band or, say, the Stones, needed to borrow some amps, the Dead delivered! But when a "sham" Los Angeles band needed help, the Dead just sneered.)

      One ironic thing is that Garcia, with his sharply negative memory of how the Doors sounded live, failed to recall that the Dead had refused to share their equipment with them.

    4. More from the Doors: they were interviewed in the 9/15/67 East Village Other, and had some comments on the Dead -

      EVO: What do you think of the scene in San Francisco as compared to LA?
      JOHN: It's a great audience to play to...and there's so many kids there, just open...
      ROBBY: Although the crowd there is getting a little spoiled. Like every week they have either the Yardbirds, or the Who, or some great group. At least one great group every week. You know, like they know, like, most of the kids, like in LA, if they see the Animals or something, they go nuts. In San Francisco, it's just like as if the Grateful Dead were playing.
      EVO: What do you think of the Dead? I caught a set of theirs at the AuGoGo a week or two ago...
      ROBBY: I think they're really tight...
      JOHN: I don't.
      EVO: I didn't dig them at all. The set I saw, they just did rehashed blues...
      JOHN: Right. Like "The Midnight Hour." And they play it for 20 minutes. And their version of it is like, they get inside of it, get into all the corners, and, you know, I say, well, why don't they write original things?
      (Emmett Lake, "The Doors Open Up," East Village Other 9/15/67, p.7)

      And interviewed by Mojo Navigator R&R News in August '67 -
      MOJO: What’d you think of the Grateful Dead?
      JOHN: They weren’t too good, the night we saw them. Like, they’re really good musicians, and they’re tight, but so’s Wilson Pickett, you know?

      Unfortunately, in neither interview did Ray speak up about the organ incident!

  7. Amazing piece of work, thank you for the effort that , obviously, went into it. Just a point that I don't think anyone else raised, The Dorks were Jerry, Phil and Mickey. So not the Dead, but not far off. There is an available cd of the performance and , slightly dodgy sound aside, it is excellent. It clearly shows how important Bob was to the sound of the Dead as , good a rhythm guitarist as Crosby is, they sound a bit ragged without Mr. Weir.

    1. David & the Dorks are on this list, opening for the Dead on 12/21/70 at Pepperland... Ironically, no witness of the actual Dead's show has ever appeared (that I know of), so for all we know the Dorks played all night, with maybe some other Dead members joining in.
      And contrary to accepted wisdom, the Dorks were Jerry, Phil, and Bill Kreutzmann. (Mickey might have been involved too, but apparently not on the known nights.) The band name was fluid; Crosby preferred "Jerry and the Jerks!"
      A roundup of Dorks info:

  8. One commenter notes that on the poster for the 1/17/68 Carousel show, "Blue Cheer" is spelled backwards, so they may have opened as well.

    1. This has been bugging me...
      The poster reads:

      This is quite an obscure way to hint at another opening band on the bill. I suspect this is a hint not about the band, but the acid brand it was named after, indicating some Owsley "magic" will be present...or just the poster artist's little joke.

    2. And, more to the point, Ralph Gleason's Chronicle review of the 1/17/68 Carousel show does not mention Blue Cheer, he said it was just the Dead & Quicksilver.

    3. The poster was by Gut who was at one stage the manager of Blue Cheer. My guess is he was just putting their name about.

    4. The story deepens! As well as being a poster designer, Gut was Blue Cheer's manager at the time - he & Owsley had named the band together (about a year earlier, I guess?) - so it is a curious little tease to put on a Dead poster.

  9. Still on next post will be in February....sorry for the long wait!

  10. If shared a stage is to be taken litteraly, then Pearl Jam qualifies. They used the Dead's stage on 7/11/95 at soldier field following last dead show ever. Eddie talks about it during the show. "Thanks for leaving all the joints!"

  11. The 2/18/71 Long Island Advance had an article on mime Michael Grando:
    "Michael Grando studied mime with Marcel Marceau, and at the beginning of the current rock music boom he began searching for a place where he might reach his contemporaries with what had been regarded generally as an archaic art form.
    In 1967 he made his first appearance in association with the Grateful Dead, and since then he has made appearances with Janis Joplin, Judy Collins, The Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Sly, and Blood, Sweat and Tears.
    Most of his socially critical work has been done in the "Off-Off Broadway" theatre at the Fillmore East, Tanglewood, and a two-year engagement at the Electric Circus."

    This was a bit of a surprise - I'd assumed that Joe McCord was the only mime to appear with the Dead, but now it appears there was another one too! Can't narrow down which show(s) he might have been at, but it would have been in New York City, '67 or '68 (Fillmore East? Electric Circus?) - can't discount that he might have appeared with them later too.

    ALSO - I forgot to note that a chimpanzee act opened for the Dead at their Boston University show on 11/21/70. I haven't been able to find their name (if any), but Ned Lagin remembered them well in his interview with David Gans:
    "The opening act was a chimp act - a regular, straight vaudeville kind of chimp act - with three or four chimps riding little bicycles around the stage in hats and little vests, some wearing holsters with cap-gun six-shooters which they fired, waving American flags and smoking cigars. The audience had a rather hostile response to the whole act... My response was to feel sorry for the chimps, who became increasingly confused and scared, and maybe even a little insulted, without knowing the reason why the audience was so hostile... I thought the chimps deserved our sympathy and understanding."

    1. The connection to Micheal Grando would be via the Electric Circus, where he performed for a couple of years. The Grateful Dead appeared there May 7 to 9, 1968, so they would have shared the stage with him. Grando passed away on January 15, 2024.

    2. The insightful article "Micheal Grando - The Man and The Genius" appears on page 3 of the Sept. 25, 1973 issue of "The Quill" Also on that page, coincidentally, is a review of the Grateful Dead concert from Sept. 15, 1973 (part of the "With Horns" tour) at the Providence Civic Center; the Sept. 14, 1973 concert there had been cancelled. More newspaper articles and posters from that date are here: Articles/Grateful Dead 1973 09.14 - Prov. Civic Center.htm

    3. Thanks for the information on Grando!

  12. I added the Painted Ship, a Vancouver band, to the 7/29-31-66 Trips Festival. They weren't listed on the festival program, but Garcia said they were there in an August '66 interview. I don't know if they played all three days.

  13. An example of the kind of confusion we find trying to determine who played with the Dead in the '60s...the Rock Garden shows in 1967.

    The Rock Garden designed a nice handbill for these shows, stating that the Charles Lloyd Quartet, the Grateful Dead, and the Mystery Trend would play "April 28-March 2." Okay, a little psychedelic dating confusion!

    Then there was an article in the Sunday, 3/26/67 Oakland Tribune - per David Sorochty on deadlists, it stated that "Charles Lloyd will be playing at the Rock Garden "tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Grateful Dead and the Virginians, a pair of r 'n' r groups, will share the bill." ...Since the newspaper article was published the day of the 1st show in the run, I suggest going by what it says only. That means the shows were on March 26 (Sunday, "tonight"), March 28 & 29 (Tues and Wed), and March 31 & April 1 (Friday and Sat)."

    So now we have the Virginians playing instead of the Mystery Trend (this information was more recent than the poster), and also some variant dates: the Dead presumably didn't play on March 26 (they were at the Avalon), Charles Lloyd didn't play March 30 (his band was at the Berkeley Community Theater), and it seems Lloyd was not scheduled on April 2.

    But then, the Virginians vanish again! Ralph Gleason reported in a 3/29/67 Chronicle article that "the Grateful Dead opened last night with the Charles Lloyd Quartet and the Mystery Trend."
    Also, a Rock Garden ad in the 3/29/67 Chronicle stated: "Always 3 great groups for dancing / Grateful Dead / Charles Lloyd Quartet / Mystery Trend / Dancing from 8 Tues. thru Sun."

    So maybe the Virginians never appeared. Lloyd wasn't there the 30th, and April 2nd is a question mark. Indeed, I wonder about Lloyd playing there on March 26 too, since three different bands had been advertised for that Sunday! (It's possible the Tribune article was mixed up.)

  14. By chance, I was speaking with Jerry Granelli today (drummer in the Vince Guaraldi Trio on the Charlie Brown Christmas album). He told me he went to Europe with the Dead in 1970 with an electronic music / light show project he was in at the time called "Light Sound Dimension" (LSD). I see above that they indeed played in France with the Dead on 6/21/71. Maybe he meant 71 instead of 70 (or maybe it was both?). To me he seemed to imply they played with the Dead over there for more than one show. Wish I'd pressed for more details on that.

    In any event, I thought I'd mention that tidbit, at least to note that Light Sound Orchestra (LSD) was a project involving Jerry Granelli.

    1. Found more info here on the Light Sound Orchestra's role in the France 1971 show:

    2. Thanks for the comment, very detailed recollections by Bill Ham!
      A French reporter at the 6/21/71 show described the Light Sound Dimension: "My favorite garden party is ending with another San Francisco group, which plays an "abstract" music...based on the movements of colors that a light show invents before them. At least, that is what they are claiming, that their light show is indispensable to create this strident music, excessively electronic, a passage of piercing shrieks. Some of these tones almost damaged the sound columns of the Dead, whose equipment they were using; I have rarely seen low frequencies make the grass vibrate so much."

  15. A search through some papers turned up a few new discoveries.

    The 6/14/68 Berkeley Barb listing for the Carousel:
    "Folk guitarist Richie Havens will perform in concert with the Grateful Dead at the Carousel Ballroom, June 19 from 7:30 to 2 a.m.
    "A Soul Scene," the event given by the Blackman's Free Store, will feature Little Andre, a local 13-year-old showman who will lead an all-soul cast. Lights are by the Holy See.
    Mariachis, conga bands, and folk ensembles will also perform."

    I had wondered about the Dead playing with Havens and Little Andre in "an all-soul scene," but this sounds like quite a mixed bash. Mariachis, conga bands, and folk ensembles? Right...sounds like a Rakow promotional hoax to me.
    The poster states that Little Andre's headlining, so I suppose the Dead were one of the opening acts. It would also be their last time playing in the Carousel while they ran it.

    The 11/1/68 Barb had an interview with Mark Lane stating that he and Terence Hallinan would be at the 11/4/68 Longshoreman's Hall show with the Dead. Lane & Hallinan were lawyers & political activists - they were also included in the Barb's show listing, so it seems the plan was for them to make political speeches at the show. With no surviving poster, it's hard to say what kind of event this was supposed to be; the Barb labeled it a "concert/dance/meet."

    The 3/11/69 SF Express Times had a listing for 3/15: "Are you ready for this? The Grateful Dead at the Black & White Ball, Hilton Hotel, 8 pm, $17.50, also to appear are the SF Opera Co & the SF Symphony. (Possibly a hoax.)"
    Actually, the Symphony was appearing at the Sheraton-Palace hotel (different acts were playing at four different hotels as part of the Symphony Ball). Country Weather aren't listed, but a poster and other newspaper listings confirmed they were alternating with the Dead at the Hilton. (Or "opened" would be the better word, since the Dead started late and ended up playing only one set. It appears the hotel patrons didn't get their $17.50 worth!)

    The 10/30/69 Good Times listed the next day's show: "UNION BALLROOM: Grateful Dead, South Bay Experimental Flash, Billy the Kid vs. Dracula and other horror films to be shown as a light show, San Jose State College, 9 to 1 pm." The Experimental Flash wasn't listed on the poster; they'd also open for the Dead at the Fillmore the next week. It being a Halloween dance, the horror-film background was appropriate!

    The 2/27/70 Berkeley Barb included Rubber Duck in the listing for that night's Family Dog show - this was mime Joe McCord, but I'm not sure if he had his own group at that point. However, the Berkeley Tribe show listing of the same day does not include him. I'll assume he probably did appear, since as you know, the Rubber Duck could be anywhere, at any time.

    Also, a newspaper review of the 9/9/72 Hollywood Palladium show revealed that High Country opened. (They'd also open for one of the Winterland shows that December.) I presume they appeared on 9/10 as well. One thing to note about 1971-74 is that, for all but a few events, the Dead picked their own openers, and it was almost always friends of Garcia's. For the Dead, the days of random promoter-selected lineups for the most part ended in 1970, and I suspect this was at the Dead's own insistence.

  16. I added a few more Hog Farm dates to the list - though they didn't always have speakers onstage, they were certainly part of the audiences' experience.
    Hugh Romney went way back with the Dead, participating in the Acid Tests in Los Angeles. The Hog Farm had done "light shows and energy games" at the Shrine around the time the Dead were playing there in '68 (which show dates unknown), and later started traveling around the country providing fun and games (and food) at rock shows. Best known for Woodstock, they turned up at a few Dead shows - Detroit in Dec. '68, Cincinnati in April '70, Wesleyan U. in May '70, organizing a Berkeley benefit in June '70.
    (The Hog Farm also showed up for the Winter's End festival in Orlando in March '70, and the Medicine Ball Caravan in August '70, both of which the Dead dropped out of.)
    A couple vague audience memories place them at the 5/2/70 Harpur show: "The Hog Farm came off the day-glow buses to do their light show (on overhead projectors with colored water)." "The Hog Farm denizens including Ken Kesey were in attendance." But I couldn't confirm this, and I'm doubtful.

    1. Oh, and back in late '68 the Hog Farm hoped to 'tour' with the Dead - as Romney wrote in his 1974 book "The Hog Farm and Friends":
      "There is a fantasy afoot to mobilize the Dead and everybody else into a fantastic convoy of maybe 500 souls. A circus tent that holds 10,000. We have a powwow with Jerry Garcia and it sounds too good to be true." (p.46)
      An article on the Hog Farm in the 12/20/68 East Village Other had reported:
      "The overall plan is to gather enough equipment, people, and interest so that by the spring, 'they can all come together in some predetermined place under a circus tent holding 10,000 with a company of 500 with buses as far as the eye could see and move across America again.' Right now one of their own, Ken Babbs, who they picked up from Ken Kesey's farm in Oregon, is in San Francisco to mobilize the Grateful Dead for the great encounter." (p.12)
      But apparently the Dead decided against touring in a giant circus tent.

      Thanks to runonguinness for providing more Hog Farm info!

    2. The Hog Farm was DEFINITELY there as a prelude to the 5/2/70 DEAD show. I provided them with the location of where the science building was and shortly afterwards they showed up with a large tank of Helium which two guys hauled onto the student center stage where their light show was proceeding as described above. Under the backdrop of what looked like white parachute material people could come up to a microphone, take a huge hit of Helium and give a short speech. This went on for quite sometime until the tank was empty. Needless to say there were drugs involved and tremendous amounts of laughter.

  17. A couple more possible unexpected openers to the 5/5/68 Central Park free show, from a couple witnesses:
    "Also announced, but not appearing, was Richie Havens. He was replaced by a classical guitarist named Charlie Alvorado doing 4 selections. I only remember Charlie's name because we both attended Erasmus Hall High School." (Lawrence Brahma)

    Doug's review in Deadbase also says that when Bill Graham announced the free show at the Airplane's 5/4/68 Fillmore East show, he stated that Richie Havens would be playing. But when they went: "we couldn't wait to see Havens. He never showed. Instead, a comedian by the name of Larry Hankin went on first."

    Larry Hankin was a member of the Committee, a comedy troupe in San Francisco, and was definitely a friend of the Dead's - in fact, he'd come to New York with the Dead, as recalled by Rosie McGee here:

    The obscure Alvarado is more of a mystery, a total unknown really, but I wonder if it's a coincidence that Marky Ramone remembers, "My friend Charlie Alvarado was an usher at the Fillmore East in ’68... He would let us in backstage after the soundcheck was over."
    And in fact, Ramone went to Erasmus Hall High School, too, so it must be the same Charlie.

  18. The 1969-10-25 Winterland appearance by Stephen Stills has been confirmed but it was with Graham Nash not David Crosby. The Owsley Foundation's facebook page as of 2018-11-02 has the setlist and a photo of the reel which has been preserved.

    Hopefully they also have the missing Dead reels from that run.

    1. Fixed! Good to have this impromptu set not only confirmed, but recorded.

    2. and now Lonesome Valley on youtube

  19. Correction on 5/29-30/71:

    A review of 5/29 does not mention James and the Good Brothers, and an attendee of 5/30 says they did not appear that night, so I think they did not play either show.

    1. Addition to 3/3/71:
      According to a newspaper report, Hot Tuna appeared, though they were unbilled: "Hot Tuna appeared at the last minute and asked to play; they were fantastic."
      Shades of Joy is not mentioned, so their appearance is unconfirmed; but the reporter does list Straight Funk as playing, another unbilled addition.

    2. Correction to 7/13-15/67:

      7/13/67 PNE Agrodome - The Daily Flash, the Collectors, Painted Ship
      ("Love-In" was just marketing hype for the show, it was a regular concert.)
      7/14-15/67 Dante's Inferno - The Collectors. Painted Ship uncertain (the poster lists them but a newspaper ad doesn't).

  20. Who were the musicians in Seance of Sound? isted as being part of 4/22-24/66 – Trips Festival, Longshoreman’s Hall
    The Loading Zone
    The Answer )

    Charles Whittle

    1. Good question!
      The Trips Festival handbill lists:
      "MUSIC: "The Grateful Dead," "The Loading Zone," "The Answer," "Seance of Sound"...and others--"

      If it were just a name on a poster I'd assume it was perhaps a light show or some multimedia group, but it's specified as one of the bands, and all the others (including the Answer) were real bands. So I think it's some outfit that didn't last long enough to play anywhere else, or maybe the provisional name of some new group later known as something else. Or maybe the Seance of Sound wasn't really music at all...who knows...

  21. Added Ken Kesey to the 10/5/69 "Rock Jubilee" in Houston.

    Promoter and MC Johndavid Bartlett remembers, "The PA was delayed getting there...[it] got stuck for a while in Dallas. Ken Kesey was there, and we turned the monitors around and I played sitting on a piano stool with Ken playing harmonica."

  22. A cute eyewitness account of 6/19/68, the Dead's last show at the Carousel when they were running it, and a benefit for the Black Man's Free Store, advertised as a "Soul Scene" revue. It turns out members of the Dead backed headliner Little Andre.
    The event included "a talent show for kids in the community. The house band for the talent show was Jerry and Bobby on guitars, Bill on congas, and a trap drummer and bassist I didn't recognize. Three little girls did a Motown number. Then the MC asked us to give a hand for "Little Andre, only 13 years old!" Little Andre was about four feet tall, dressed in a white suit with a cape. He sang "Cold Sweat" which involved grunting about once every thirty seconds. The band took off and roared during the long breaks between Little Andre's grunts...the most memorable music of the evening."

  23. A new find - according to this page, the band Soft White Underbelly was an unbilled opener for the Dead at the May 4, 1968 Stony Brook show:

    1. Also - 5/14/70 Meramec College: one attendee wrote that a local St. Louis band called the Aardvarks were supposed to open.
      No such opener was known, however Jesse Jarnow found an Aardvarks site mentioning this show:
      "They were the lead band for The Grateful Dead at Meramec Junior College in May 1970...Garcia went over and spoke to the fellows and commented that they were really good and should go out West to pursue a career."
      If Garcia did say such a thing, they did not follow his advice.

    2. The New Riders did not appear at the 9/26/70 Salt Lake City show. As Garcia said a few weeks later, "We take them with us when we can...but a lot of times, whoever the promoter is says, 'No, we don't want the New Riders 'cause we don't know who the fuck they are.'"

  24. Per a newspaper report, the Earl Scruggs Revue opened for the Dead at the 11/20/73 Denver Coliseum show. (Possibly the next day as well.) So far this is the only opening act known for the whole fall '73 tour. By then the Dead rarely had any openers aside from their friends, so it would be interesting to learn how they got Earl Scruggs booked with them.

  25. 6/10/1973 RFK Stadium with New Riders & Joe Cocker?

  26. 12/31/70 - James & the Good Brothers also played this New Year's Eve show at Winterland.

  27. You missed one show, on 11/24/68 they played at Vets Memorial Aud. in Columbus, OH. The next night down to Athens, Ohio U.

    1. And the opening act was...?

      Only bands that played with the Dead are listed here.

  28. A correction: I listed the Palace Meat Market as an opener on 1/30/68, due to a recollection from the singer on the show page. However, since then more November '68 shows at the EMU Ballroom have been discovered, and I now think the PMM opened for the Dead on 11/13/68, not in January.

  29. 10/6/66 Panhandle - in a film clip of the afternoon, a jazz band can briefly be seen playing before Big Brother, perhaps the Joe Henderson Quartet.