January 8, 2010

Post Comments Here

One of the formatting issues with blogspot is that readers don't have a place to comment unless they respond to a specific post.
So I thought I'd start the year by making a space for visitors.... If you have comments, questions, or requests that aren't related to a topic I've posted, you can put them here!

I should also mention for readers - I can't turn out posts like these very quickly, but hopefully I'll be able to add about two posts per month, time permitting. (Wish I could post more often, but life gets in the way!)

Also - generally when I have a correction or update to a post, rather than silently revising it, I post a comment. Partly this is to show that the discussion is always ongoing, that these essays aren't "the final word" - and to encourage others to comment as well.


  1. love what you're doing with this blog, more power to you :o)

  2. this blog is awesome!

  3. ive been loving your blog, and happily stumbled on it while i've been in the middle of an early era obsession.

    just a quick question, does a SBD exist for 11/8/70, or if not, can you recommend the best sounding AUD?
    noticed it highly rated in the Deadbase polls, but havent heard it yet.

    thanks again for great reading.

  4. There is no SBD for 11/8/70. There's a link to a good source in my Port Chester November 1970 post.

  5. Well, this idea was a dud... So I'll post another comment for myself!

    In writing these essays, I rely very much on previous Grateful Dead writers and scholars, online and in print - so the material I present is a collective effort.
    But I write alone. I take great efforts to prevent errors and omissions, but some slip through. I've made many discoveries while researching these pieces, and some of the older posts here may have mistakes or outdated info I've forgotten about.
    This site is always in the perilous condition of being not-quite-updated...

    So it's very helpful when readers submit corrections or additions. (But so few do!) I'd also appreciate suggestions on topics people would like to hear about, to try to broaden the variety of posts here...
    Ideas for improving the site are also welcome. (I just added a new index to help people find older posts.) I'd like this site to be a definitive Dead resource and research guide, but sometimes the simplest ideas escape me until someone else mentions them!

  6. How are we supposed to submit corrections? I don't see an email address. Have you seen the new Wolfgang's Vault video of 12/27/77? Not sure if that was circulating before.



  7. Actually, that Wolfgang's Vault video is 90% from 12/30/77, which has circulated for a long time; just Cold Rain, Around & Samson are from 12/27/77.
    I suspect more Winterland videos will pop up in the future, though.

    Corrections & additions can be made in the comments; no email necessary.

    I do have to check/approve comments before they appear, so they don't get added immediately when you post.

  8. Hey Folks - just thought I'd post this story and see what comments come back.

    A couple days after Jerry Garcia sprung the mortal coil (might have been the day after but not for sure) I stopped in the Grottoes Va 7/11 and bought a cup of coffee. Got a couple bills back as change and later realized that one was an old crumpled dollar bill that had the GD skull w/ lightning bolt design stamped over George's face. There's no way that somebody put that out after hearing the sad news...talk about weird synchronicity. I kept it on my dresser under a wooden box that I kept loose change in. Had it for many yrs but then it disappeared. think maybe one of the kids innocently lifted it.

    So what say you all? Anyone else find any of these bills? I thought maybe JG might have had a hand in that, wish I still had it!

  9. hey any new posts soon?? I've read all of yours about 10 times, they are fucking great!