August 19, 2009

Missing 1969 Shows

I've put together a list of 1969 shows that are not in circulation, with the help of Deadlists.

Some (or most?) of these shows might be in the Vault; some of these shows might not have been played. A few, fortunately, were captured by AUD tapers, and I listed those in hopes that complete SBDs were also taped.
In a few cases, when Deadbase listed the songs that were played at a missing show, I've noted them [ in brackets ] - usually this is just a few songs that someone remembered years later.

I also listed shows that are missing big chunks of music - some of these may be tapeflips, but sometimes the timings of vault reels that Rob Eaton listed correspond suspiciously to the amount of music missing, so it's quite possible more is on the original reels than made it onto circulating copies. (Not all of his timings are correct, though.)
Another thing about cuts - in 1969 it was often Bear's practice to tape a show both on cassettes and reels, so that many shows are available from two sources, and cuts in one copy can be filled in from the other. (One example is the 4/23/69 cut in St Stephen>It's A Sin, which was recovered when a cassette source appeared.) In many cases, an alternate tape is in the Vault that can be used to patch gaps.

Comments on the tapes are mostly quoted from Deadlists.
This list is something like a "work in progress" since I probably missed a few things and there's always more research that can be done, so let me know if you have corrections / additions.

Updated September 2018.


12/31/68 Winterland, SF - LOST
[ Midnight Hour ; Dark Star > Saint Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight ]
(This was the Dead's first live 16-track recording. David Lemieux says, "The reels of 12/31/68 were erased to record the January '69 Avalon shows (hey, tape was expensive!), with one lonely Midnight Hour left on tape, featuring all of the musicians who performed that night in an all-star jam. The sound on this 16-track recording is very poor, filled with distortion.")

1/2/69 Fillmore West, SF - LOST

1/3/69 Fillmore West, SF - LOST

1/4/69 Fillmore West, SF - LOST

1/5/69 Fillmore West, SF - LOST
[ Morning Dew ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl ; Dark Star > (St Stephen > The Eleven) > Turn On Your Lovelight. (Per a newspaper report from one show of this run.) ]

1/24/69 Avalon, SF - INCOMPLETE
Apparently another 30 minutes of SBD hasn't made it into circulation yet.

1/26/69 Avalon, SF - CUT
There's a big cut in Dark Star, which may be a late tapeflip.

1/31/69 Kinetic Playground, Chicago - LOST

2/1/69 Kinetic Playground, Chicago - LOST

2/4/69 Music Box, Omaha - INCOMPLETE
Lovelight was played after Death Don't, per a newspaper review, but was not taped. 

2/5/69 Memorial Hall, Kansas City - INCOMPLETE
If Eaton's timing is correct the circulating version of this tape is missing 30 minutes, suggesting that perhaps the several cuts are not on the master. The Archive copy of this show is missing the opening Lovelight, which was on the previously circulating tape.
2/6/69 Kiel Auditorium, St Louis - CUT
The circulating SBDs are copies from Bear's cassette master. There is a cut of uncertain proportions at 8:34 into the Dark Star. According to Rob Eaton the beginning of this show was mastered onto the end of a cassette containing tape of the Rolling Stones, and this cut is where that cassette ran out. There is another cut between the Cryptical reprise and Feedback, presumably another tape flip.
If Eaton's timing is correct 7 minutes are missing from the circulating tape, implying that the circulating copy has been butchered.

2/9/69 Lyric Theater, Baltimore (early & late shows) - LOST

2/12/69 Fillmore East, NYC - early show LOST, late show INCOMPLETE
We are missing the early show (which is probably in the Vault).
The late show cuts in at the end of Dark Star. Probably the missing 16 minutes on the circulating tape represents the beginning of the Dark Star.
(One Deadbase reviewer recalls a set with country songs and Mountains of the Moon - I suspect this is the Dupree's/Mountains pairing, and probably was in the 2/12 early show.)

2/19/69 Fillmore West, SF - INCOMPLETE
A tape from this show has circulated under the false date of 6/19/68 - see here. However it's incomplete, and an unknown amount is missing.
(An article notes, "Originally the concert was to be recorded for inclusion on the next Dead album, but last-minute difficulties in setting up the recording equipment scotched that." Supposedly the set ran for "four hours.")
[ Dark Star ]

2/24 - 26/69 Matrix, SF - Hartbeats - LOST

3/12/69 Fillmore West, SF [not confirmed]

3/17/69 Winterland, SF [not confirmed]

3/21/69 Rose Palace, Pasadena - LOST
[ Schoolgirl opener ; Anthem material, "space jam" ; Feedback > We Bid You Goodnight ]
(A reviewer describes this as a short set; he may have attended 3/22, which fits this description. One 3/21 attendee thought they played "everything from Anthem." Deadlists notes that there could be one or more tunes missing after Schoolgirl on our 3/22 tape, which is under an hour and has several big cuts.)

3/22/69 Thee Experience, West Hollywood CA - LOST
(With the Mothers of Invention.) The Dead apparently came to the club after playing their short opening set at the Pasadena Rose Palace. They also played a Sunday jam session there, most likely the next day on March 23, also lost. 

3/27/69 County Fairground, Merced [not confirmed]

4/11/69 University of AZ, Tucson - INCOMPLETE
Obviously the 1st set is incomplete ; probably Cryptical Envelopment > Drums preceded The Other One but possibly something else. Likely more tunes are missing before that, too -- if the tape catalogued under Set 1 represents the second side of a cassette master, then there's 45 minutes missing previous to where the tape cuts in. According to a newspaper review of the show, they also performed versions of Morning Dew and Sittin' On Top Of The World. Presumably these tunes belong before the Other One.

4/15/69 Music Box, Omaha - INCOMPLETE AUD
Most of the show is AUD only (the first 30 minutes circulate in SBD). The AUD cuts off during the Eleven, so we are missing the end of the show. According to a newspaper review, it ended with an hour-long "Anthem of the Sun" and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.

4/22/69 The Ark, Boston - CUT
There is a cut in The Other One at 1:39, apparently a flip chop on the master cassette ; probably 4 to 9 minutes of Jamming are lost here.
Lemieux has played the vault copy on the Taper's Section, and unfortunately it also cuts after about 5 minutes (cutting back in a minute into Cryptical), so although it has a few more minutes of music, the second half of The Other One is still missing.
(There are also less major cuts in the other Boston Ark shows.)

4/25/69 Kinetic Playground, Chicago - Weir announces there will be a second set. According to a witness, the Velvet Underground played so long, the Dead only got to play one set. Most likely this is true (the Dead retaliated the next day), but it's still possible that memories are mistaken and the Dead did play another missing set on 4/25. For now, though, I think this is the Dead's complete show. 

5/2/69 Winterland, SF - LOST
[ Cold Rain & Snow ; Alligator ; The Other One ; Death Don't Have No Mercy ]

5/3/69 Sierra College, Rocklin (afternoon show) - [ Morning Dew ; Turn On Your Love Light ; Baby Blue ; BIODTL ]
(No longer missing! Lemieux has played the Lovelight on the Taper's Section, 4-30-07, and the full set was included the Jam of the Week in Sept. 2014, but doesn't yet circulate.)

5/3/69 Winterland, SF, second set - LOST
[ Dupree's Diamond Blues ; Sittin On Top Of The World ; Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Love Light ; Baby Blue encore ]
(The SBD for the first set circulates in terrible quality.)

5/7/69 Golden Gate Park, SF - INCOMPLETE
An eyewitness setlist includes Dancing in the Street, Cryptical, Hi Heel Sneakers, and the Eleven, which are missing from the tape but may have been played. There is, at the least, a large cut in the tape before the Other One.

5/8/69 (Listed in Deadbase, but there was no known show on this date.)

5/9/69 Hall of Flowers, San Mateo - LOST
[ Me & My Uncle ; Hard To Handle ; Doin' That Rag ; New Potato Caboose ; Turn On Your Love Light ]

5/28/69 Winterland, SF - LOST
[ Smokestack Lightnin' ; Doin' That Rag ; Saint Stephen ; That's It For The Other One > Turn On Your Love Light ]

5/29/69 Robertson Gym, Santa Barbara - LOST
[ Turn On Your Love Light ]
(The 5/11/69 show with the Santana drummers used to be attributed to this date.)

5/31/69 McArthur Court, Eugene - CUT
At 1:52 into the Cryptical reprise there is a cut ; probably several minutes are missing here. It's anybody's guess how much of the second set (between Doin' That Rag and Cosmic Charlie) may be missing.

6/11/69 California Hall, SF - LOST
Bobby Ace show; the Dead with John Dawson & David Nelson, and Peter Grant on pedal-steel. (For setlist & more details, see here.)

6/20/69 Fillmore East, NYC, early & late shows - LOST
[King Bee ; Cold Jordan ; Dire Wolf ; Casey Jones ; Mama Tried ; Turn On Your Love Light: Alligator ]
(A newspaper report of the 6/20 late show specifies that it opened with Dire Wolf w/ Weir vocals and Mama Tried, with Garcia on pedal steel for both, included King Bee, and closed with Lovelight and a "brief acoustic spiritual" encore. A review confirms that Alligator was played at one of the shows.)
(Lemieux played a Lovelight with this date on the Taper's Section, 6-18-07, noting that Bear taped the show on cassette; but it was actually the Lovelight from 6/21/69.)
Lemieux also included another part of the circulating 6/21/69 show on the Taper's Section, dating it 6/20. This, combined with the newspaper report, makes me think that 6/20/69 is the actual date for our "6/21" SBD tape, and we're actually missing the 6/21/69 late show. On the other hand, a review of 6/21 said it started with a couple pedal-steel country tunes, and ended with a "two-hour" suite finishing with a half-hour Lovelight, which would fit our 6/21 tape well. It's possible one review was misdated, or the Dead played similar sets both nights.

6/21/69 Fillmore East, NYC, early show - AUD only

6/21/69 Fillmore East, late show - CUT
There is a cut in Dark Star at 5:10 ; most of the Dark Star is missing on the SBD tape. Rob Eaton lists 101 minutes of cassette SBD for this show, but only 91 circulates. One would guess that at least 10 minutes are missing from the circulating Dark Star. The 10 minute discrepancy between the timing Eaton lists and the timing of the circulating tape may be the missing core of Dark Star.
As noted above, it's possible this tape comes from the 6/20/69 late show, so the 6/21 late show may be lost instead. 

6/22/69 Central Park, NYC - Only first two songs available in SBD; rest of show is AUD only.

6/29/69 The Barn, Rio Nido [unconfirmed]

7/3/69 Reed's Ranch, Colorado Springs - Lemieux included Hard to Handle, Friend of Mine & Lovelight on the 7-29-13 Tapers' Section; so along with Charlie Miller's circulating tape, we now have the entire show except for Mama Tried.

7/6/69 Grande Ballroom, Detroit [unconfirmed] 

7/8/69 Rock Pile, Toronto, early & late shows - LOST
[ Green Green Grass Of Home % El Paso % Cryptical Envelopment > Drums > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment % Casey Jones % Morning Dew (possibly also Mountains of the Moon, New Potato Caboose, Doin' That Rag, St Stephen) ]

7/10/69 Norwalk, CT (Deadbase lists the Dead playing a Hell's Angels party here, which is very doubtful.)

7/11/69 Queens, NY - CUT
Our tape cuts off in Lovelight & is missing the Cosmic Charlie encore.

7/12/69 Queens, NY - First part of the show is only available in AUD.

7/16/69 Longshoreman's Hall, SF - LOST

8/1/69 Family Dog, SF - LOST
The Dead (minus Garcia & Hart) jammed with audience members during the strike. Most likely not taped.

8/20/69 El Roach Tavern, Ballard, WA - LOST
Probably not taped.

8/24/69 Paradise Valley Resort, Squamish, BC - The Dead never showed up at this festival. They may have played a free show in San Francisco, but that's uncertain as well.

9/1/69 Baton Rouge Speedway - CUT
Lovelight cut. If correct, Eaton's timing implies a complete Turn On Your Love Light on the master.
Tom Constanten recalls the Jefferson Airplane sitting in at this show, which is missing on tape, but a multi-group jam session was scheduled to end the festival.

9/6/69 Family Dog, SF - INCOMPLETE
Lemieux played the end of the show, Casey Jones & the Midnight Hour encore, on the Taper's Section (8-29-11) - they weren't on the circulating copy but are all there is in the Vault; so there may be more missing from this show as well. (The Midnight Hour also came into circulation recently as "unknown show '68.")
It turns out more was missing after all. A fragment of Not Fade Away>Easy Wind has turned up, suggesting there's a lost reel out there with the rest of the show.

9/7/69 Family Dog, SF - INCOMPLETE
There must be more...whether it's the Dead, who knows. 

[9/11/69 Family Dog? - Only one AUD track of Easy Wind is available (with Jorma K playing slide), but there's no record of a Dead show on this date. Although it's definitely an early Easy Wind, the actual date, and the rest of the show, is unknown.]
It turns out this Easy Wind is actually from the 8/30/69 AUD.

9/26/69 Fillmore East, NYC, early show - LOST
[Other One; He Was A Friend Of Mine]
One review of this show specifies that the Dead played "side one of Anthem" and Friend of Mine, which makes me very doubtful that the Dead played the Dark Star suite in the same early show. So most likely the AUD tape comes from the late show.

9/26/69 Fillmore East, NYC, late show - PARTIAL AUD only
[ Lovelight ]

9/27/69 Fillmore East, NYC, early show - PARTIAL AUD only
Per a newspaper review, Schoolgirl was the early-show encore; however a couple audience members reported it in the late show.

9/27/69 Fillmore East, NYC, late show - LOST
[ Mama Tried ; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl ; possibly Midnight Hour ]
[Another audience member recalls: Cryptical > The Other One ; Morning Dew ; Schoolgirl ; Alligator > Feedback ; We Bid You Goodnight.]

9/29/69 Cafe au Go Go, NYC, early show - PARTIAL AUD only
Also [ He Was A Friend Of Mine ]

9/29/69 Cafe au Go Go, NYC, late show - LOST

9/30/69 Cafe au Go Go, NYC, early show - PARTIAL AUD only

9/30/69 Cafe au Go Go, NYC, late show - LOST

10/1/69 Cafe au Go Go, NYC, early & late shows - LOST

10/2/69 Boston Tea Party- LOST

10/3/69 Boston Tea Party - LOST
[ Midnight Hour ]

10/4/69 Boston Tea Party - LOST

10/5/69 Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston - LOST
[ Lovelight ]

10/6/69 Family Dog, SF [unconfirmed & doubtful]

10/17/69 San Jose (This turned out to be an NRPS show, not the Grateful Dead.)

10/24/69 Winterland, SF - PARTIAL AUD only 
Several songs missing: [ Hard to Handle ; Mama Tried ; Good Lovin' ]
(A superior stereo copy has appeared on the Archive that includes the //Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > Jam > Cosmic Charlie//.)

10/25/69 Winterland, SF - INCOMPLETE
First part of show missing: [ Good Lovin' ; Me & My Uncle ; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Casey Jones ; High Time ]

10/26/69 Winterland, SF - INCOMPLETE
Second part of show missing: [ King Bee ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Good Lovin' ; Doin' That Rag ; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Baby Blue ]

[11/7/69 Fillmore - The tape that was long in circulation was edited and missing several songs, but Charlie Miller has released a superior complete copy.
On the circulating tape the Uncle John's Jam cuts off, so part of the Dark Star is lost. There is room to hope that a Vault tape contains the complete Dark Star.]

11/23/69 Boston Music Hall [unconfirmed, probably canceled]  

12/5/69 Fillmore West, SF - AUD only

12/10/69 Thelma, Los Angeles - INCOMPLETE
The Other One suite>Cosmic Charlie// is AUD only, thought to come from this date. Its placement in this show is uncertain; it's generally attributed to a second set, which is otherwise completely missing. (It's likely the Dead played two long sets on the 10th, as on the 11th-12th, and the Other One suite probably comes from the missing set on the 10th.)
(The opening China Cat is also lost.)

12/14/69 "Kaleidoscope"/Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles [On Tom Constanten's show list, but unconfirmed & unlikely. May be derived from an older Deadbase?]

12/20/69 Fillmore - The circulating tape was missing a reel from the middle of the show; but the complete show has been released on Dave's Picks 6. (Black Peter, though it's in the Deadbase setlist, was not on the Vault reel.)

12/21/69 Fillmore - The circulating tape was missing the first reel of the show; but it's now been released on the Dave's Picks 6 bonus disc. The full show is split between that disc and the circulating tape. 
 Three songs may still be missing: [ Mama Tried ; Uncle John's Band ; High Time ] (It's not known if these were actually played.)

12/22/69 Napa Valley Sports Camp [unconfirmed]

12/28/69 International Speedway, Hollywood, FL - CUT
Probably there was another song or two before Black Peter. 

12/30/69 Boston Tea Party - CUT
The circulating soundboard cuts just as The Other One's last vocals are ending, and resumes immediately afterward near the beginning of Cosmic Charlie. Though it's missing on the tape, it seems almost certain that they went on to play the Cryptical reprise before transiting into Cosmic Charlie. Since this reprise varies from 2 minutes to 12 or more, it's difficult to say how much music is missing here.
Dark Star cuts as they are gliding down toward the second vocals ; probably around 3-4 minutes are missing before the end of the tune. After this cut the tape splices to the tag end of Alligator. It is usually assumed that the set ran Dark Star > Alligator, but this is a short set as the circulating tape runs, even after adding 3 minutes of Dark Star and 4 of Alligator, and it seems possible that more than that is missing here.
If Eaton's timing is correct, 20 minutes of this show still isn't circulating.

(??/69 - The first 1969 entry on Deadlists is a 20-minute Dark Star which is undated - but Jim Powell notified me that it's actually a degraded copy of 6/5/69.)


  1. A couple small corrections -

    5/29/69 is missing (if Michael Lydon's description of this show is accurate, we're not missing much!) - 5/11/69 was the show with Santana, which we do have, though in shady sound.

    9/11/69 - a discussion of this tape is here:

  2. This is a comment I made on a new post, but applies well here.

    Dick Latvala said about Bear's tapes:
    "There's hardly any 2-track stuff of '68 [in the Vault]. It's mostly 4-track or 8-track stuff in '68. Then '69 is the 2-track stuff - and Bear got pretty thorough, he taped almost every show, although there's a little missing in '69. But I found these cassettes of Bear's one day. I went, 'Oh my God! I've never even heard of these shows!' I went nuts on that box of tapes; I stayed up for days copying. I mean they're not usable - I don't think I could ever release any of it because they're not good enough quality - but they're sort of interesting as a listener."

    So this indicates that there's probably not much more in the Vault from '68 than we have (save perhaps for more of the Anthem tour 4-tracks). But it sounds like their '69 collection is nearly complete (at least on cassettes) - there must have been many shows Latvala never bothered or got around to copying for anyone. David Lemieux has said there's a lot of 1969 in the Vault that doesn't circulate...

  3. 2/19/69 is no longer missing - it's actually our tape of "6/19/68". (Which is incomplete though, so we're still missing Dark Star and who knows what else....)

  4. Latvala once listed the Morning Dew from the 5/3/69 Rocklin show as one of his favorite Dews from '69. So (along with Lemieux's posting of the Lovelight) there's proof that this show exists in the Vault, and must be pretty good....wish more of it would emerge!
    (An even more tantalizing mystery is whether the 5/3/69 Winterland second set, with its Dark Star suite, survives... The SBD of the first set is in horrible quality, so possibly there was something wrong with the recording. I would also love to know why the audience tapers that night didn't stay for the second set...)

    Deadlists notes that part of the Cryptical>Cosmic Charlie exists on the 10/24/69 audience tape, with this tantalizing description: "The Jam between Cryptical and Cosmic takes the opening riff of Cosmic Charlie & blends it with the rhythms of the Jam out of Cryptical."
    Unfortunately, it's missing from the Archive copy - the notes there suggest that maybe it wasn't actually part of this show. But we'll never know unless we hear it!

  5. An additional comment for 2/12/69 -

    Our tape is only the LATE set... We don't have the early show from 2/12, in fact we don't even know what they played. (Though admittedly, the song candidates are few.)

    2/11/69 was taped on 8-track, and most likely this night was as well. So I'm pretty sure that the first set from 2/12, along with the rest of this Dark Star, is in the Vault.

  6. eddie.schwartz@comcast.netFebruary 26, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    I have been trying to validate shows that were performed in Honolulu, HI June 12-13 1969. The bill was Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and the New Riders of the Purple Sage. I cannot find anything that suggest this show even exists except for a concert poster I found for this show. Have any ideas or insight?

    1. I was at that show, I decided to tape the second night only. Big mistake as Quicksilver blew the doors off Honolulu Civic Auditorium on the first night. They closed the show. Their whole set was Who Do You Love Suite. Probably for an hour and a half!
      I taped the next night, the Dead were good, but Quicksilver had Dino Valenti and played mostly his stuff.
      My house and almost everything we owned was destroyed in the CZU wildfire of August 2020. I still had that tape, but now it’s ashes.

    2. Oh yeah Jerry wore shorts and a Country Surfboards TANK TOP!

    3. The Honolulu shows were in June 1970. The June 13 Dead show circulates, but other than an excerpt June 12 is still tucked away in the Vault.
      A 90-minute Who Do You Love does sound like a more appetizing Quicksilver show than a set of Dino's songs!

  7. I think your concert poster is actually for June 12-13, 1970:

    1969 could not be the true date for the poster since the New Riders did not exist in June 1969...

  8. The Archive has a (new?) Charlie Miller transfer of 11/7/69 that restores the missing songs cut out of the previous tape, although there's still a reel flip during Dark Star.

    1. It is a new transfer, thanks for the note. Too bad the reel flip couldn't be patched!

  9. Since 5-8-69 is my birthday, I've always been frustrated by the fact that not only can I not get my hands on an actual recording, nobody seems to know where or even if they played that day. For sentimental reasons, can anybody shed a little light?

  10. Thanks for catching that - I was mistaken in listing that. Deadlists notes that it was a misdate for the 5/7/69 Golden Gate Park show, which we have. Nothing is known about any 5/8/69 show, and I doubt it exists.

  11. Thanks Light..was afraid of that even though I've seen a 5-8-69 show in various texts including their playing some flower show in northern California lol. Ahh well, maybe they played in some alternate universe on my b-day!!! Fantastic site by the way

  12. Well, they did play the Hall of Flowers in San Mateo on May 9 (which we don't have), then the Rose Palace in Pasadena on May 10 & the Aztec Bowl in San Diego on May 11 (and those we do have)...

    More details on the month here:

  13. Hi Light - you gave me a shout-out today on the archive 2/5/69 - thanks for that! It's impossible to have a conversation on those review boards, so I decided to come over to your blog, which has been a very valuable resource for me for a long time - been more of a browser than a commenter. Yeah, that's great news regarding that AUD - I'll be sure to check back over there once in a while to see if Mr. Miller has indeed decided to patch & upgrade that show using the found AUD. Thanks again - Doug

    1. For other readers, the story is that Leon Komar's AUD tape of 2/5/69 has surfaced (he also taped the 4/15/69 Omaha show) and has been sent to Charlie Miller to transfer. The person who had it says, "This is a rough recording so the most I'd expect is it can be used to patch some." Nonetheless, maybe the cuts in the show will now be filled!

    2. Oops, looks like 2/4/69 Omaha was actually the show taped, and the SBD cuts on that one aren't too significant. Nonetheless, the AUD has not yet been put into circulation.

    3. Three years later, the 2/4/69 audience tape is now in digital circulation.

    4. About time! The 2/4/69 Omaha audience tape isn't complete (just 46 minutes), but it has a couple minutes missing from the soundboard tape. Apparently the problems with the poor quality & tape speed kept it from being put out for years.

  14. A few more small corrections, when I get around to updating this list -

    Lemieux included the Lovelight from 6/21/69 on a Tapers' Section but wrote that it was from 6/20/69. Hopefully it was his mistake, and not an indication that the Vault tape-dates are wrong, or that 6/20/69 is also missing from the Vault.

    7/3/69 - Lemieux included Hard to Handle, Friend of Mine & Lovelight on the 7-29-13 Tapers' Section, so we now apparently have all of the show except for Mama Tried.

    9/11/69 - The Easy Wind AUD is actually from 8/30/69.

    10/24/69 - The //Other One>Cryptical>Cosmic Charlie// AUD is now on the Archive. (And it's essential listening.)

    11/7/69 - The new Miller transfer is complete with all the songs.

    12/20/69 - The full show has been released (though it's lacking Black Peter) - along with much of the missing portion of 12/21/69 (except for Mama Tried, UJB & High Time).

    1. If I recall right, although Deadbase X states "Black Peter" was played at the end of the first set on 12/20, the photo of the tape box in Dave's Picks doesn't list it there.

    2. Good catch! It would have been in the middle of the reel, if played. The reel is about 48 minutes long at 7.5ips, so that's a full reel. Deadbase's informant must have been wrong.

      There is some question about 12/21/69, too - Deadbase lists Uncle John & High Time after NFA; but if they were played there, they should have been on the circulating reel.

  15. Fillmore East 9/27/69, late show was my first show. I was 14 and had been already been listening from '67 thanks to my older brother. I still still have the program from this show. Some memories of the show are crystal clear, some not so. Much was new to me. I remember them opening with Cryptical>The Other One. I was so thrilled to hear this since I'd been listening to Anthem steadily since I first heard it. Tried learning parts of it as I was learning to play guitar. I remember Jerry playing pedal steel but don't know what song it was on. The Morning Dew was very powerful. I'd only known the version from the first album. This one really blew me away. I don't remember Midnight Hour which you'd think I would since I already knew the song. Schoolgirl was great. I really dug Pig. They finished the night out with Alligator>Feedback and I'm almost certain And We Bid You Goodnight. The show ended around 5 a.m. This is the show I'd always hoped to find but alas this one went off into the night....

    1. Thanks for the memories!
      You may have seen the reviews of these 9/26-27/69 Fillmore East shows here:

      The Dead opened for Country Joe & the Fish at most of the shows, but there's some confusion over whether they switched in the 9/27 late show & the Dead went on last. From your account it sounds like they closed.

      Interesting about the pedal steel, since no one else mentions Garcia playing it during these shows. (Or, for that matter, during any Dead set in fall '69.)
      Did you see more Dead shows at the Fillmore East?

  16. This post has been updated, with many corrections.

  17. The 5/3/69 Sierra College afternoon set is featured on this week's Jam of the Week at (mislabeled as Winterland). Should be up for another week.
    Though the tape's only 55 minutes and four songs, it appears to be the whole show - the Dead were opening for the Youngbloods, and faced some long delays in their set. Garcia sounds pretty upset.

    The tape cuts in at the start of a short, sloppy Morning Dew. Phil breaks a string, and there's a long 7-minute pause afterwards, with plenty of banter, mostly from Garcia:
    "In the meantime, we'll mention that nobody here is made of sugar, and nobody will melt if it rains. The worst thing that can happen is we might be electrocuted...and that's not so bad, shit."
    He continues, "Meanwhile, Phil broke a string on his bass, never happens, man, you know; this is one of those days when everything goes wrong at least once or twice."
    Weir: "By the time he gets it fixed, it'll be pouring rain." (Garcia: "Right.")
    During the long wait, there's some impatience in the audience, and Garcia shouts, "Hey man, we're hassling up here, can't you understand, we're in the middle of a hassle; if you want you can hassle along with us, you know; we're just hassling, it's all right. This is life, you know, this is no show; this is what we really do, it's the way we live; we're hassling here, like we normally do, and we never can play some simple music!"
    Phil tunes up...only to break a string again. Garcia exclaims, "Oh no, he just busted another one! This is impossible, completely impossible, 100% totally impossible!"
    But at least there's one diversion. Weir calls out, "Somebody bring that dog up here, that dog is too much."
    Garcia: "Yeah man, the dog from the movies man."
    Weir: "Hey, let's hear it for Hobo."
    As the wait continues, Weir decides it's time for a lame, off-color story: "I don't know any other jokes, but I'll tell you a true story..."

    Finally things are fixed, and Garcia starts Lovelight. It's a nice, standard version, 25 minutes; he plays slide briefly in the middle jam.
    After a few minutes of tuning, he continues with It's All Over Baby Blue, singing it very emphatically. (There's a tapecut in the middle.)
    After that, he says brusquely, "This is gonna be it, goodbye, it's plenty."
    Weir: "After a short quick number."
    They close the show with Beat It On Down The Line, finishing with the merry-go-round theme.

    The band splits without another word. Applause & shouts. An announcer says: "We're gonna take about ten minutes to unscramble this collection of stuff up here and set up the Youngbloods for another set. Keep warm. How about some intermission music, Bear?"

    Lemieux included the Lovelight in the 4/30/07 Taper's Section. This brief show otherwise is one of the weakest of this period - for completists only - but I'm glad it was made available. It's rare to hear Garcia sound so pissed in a show. Whatever problems the Dead were having seem to have cleared up by the evening Winterland show. They repeated Lovelight and Baby Blue in the second set at Winterland, which doesn't circulate - hopefully it also survives in the Vault.

    1. (Small correction: Garcia actually says "goodbye, we're splitting" before BIODTL. Not in a friendly way.)

  18. There's an eyewitness account of the 10/5/69 Houston "Rock Jubilee" show here:
    It's likely the Dead played a shortened set, as the show had been delayed for several hours waiting for the PA system to arrive (making the audience very restless). Ken Kesey played harmonica during the delay. Jefferson Airplane followed the Dead, and their set was cut short by a 10pm curfew.
    The Dead closed with Lovelight. There's an interesting detail that before the Dead came on, "a couple of Dead roadies came to the edge of the stage with large paper grocery bags and began to hurl showers of pre-rolled joints into the crowd near the front."

    Also - it's possible that we're missing the second set of the 4/25/69 Chicago show. Our tape is just of the short opening first set; and Weir announces, “We’re gonna come back and do a second set in a little while, and we’re gonna bring on two other real good bands."
    Possibly the Velvet Underground's set ended up being so long that the Dead's second set had to be truncated, causing the Dead to retaliate with their super-long set the following night.

    1. Someone who attended one of the Dead's shows at the Bank in Torrance, CA, in late 1968, said, “At the Dead show, one of their crew had a brown bag full of Acid and was throwing it out to the audience from the front of the stage.”

      It could have been joints, not acid, but in any case there seem to be several reports of the Dead's crew throwing stuff from bags on stage to the audience, at various shows. (I think at one of the NYC park shows, too? And 9/3/72 Boulder: "a dealer threw hundreds of free baggies of pot into the crowd.") Those were the days!

  19. A Stanford Daily reporter saw one of the Fillmore West shows in January '69 - the Dead "did the always-moving “Morning Dew” and always-boring “Good Morning Little School Girl.” The rest of the set was a delightful build from “Dark Star” to “Turn On Your Lovelight,” interspersed with lots of nice transitions, new tunes, and changing arrangements."

  20. It's long been thought that the Dead played the Vancouver Pop Festival in Squamish, BC, on 8/24/69.
    Looking into it, though, they actually never showed up at the festival.

    JGMF points out that they may have played a free show in SF on 8/24 (as listed in the San Francisco Express Times), though there is some doubt whether that occurred either:

  21. On the Taper's Section this week there is a selection dated 6/20/69 ("The Old Old House, Sitting On Top Of The World, King Bee, Dire Wolf, Mama Tried, High Time, Dupree's Diamond Blues. As an added bonus, we hear Weir singing lead on Dire Wolf.").

    1. But I see in db.etree the same songlist is attributed to 6/21/69 late.

    2. Yes, that show circulates as the 6/21 late show.

      I don't know why the Vault tape date would be different than the circulating tape date; on Rob Eaton's list it's 6/21 too, and Eaton got his tapes straight from Latvala. Plus a newspaper review suggests that the actual 6/20 show was different, though repeating some songs.
      Lemieux has included the 6/21 Lovelight on the Taper's Section in the past, too (also dating it 6/20). In fact he's shared almost the whole show except for the Dark Star>Stephen>Eleven.... It would be nice to know if the Dark Star is more complete in the Vault.

    3. A version of "Lovelight" with the same date is currently Jam Of The Week. I'm going to guess that is the one shared before, but I haven't confirmed.

    4. Thinking about it some more, the newspaper review of 6/20 is just vague enough that our tape could be from 6/20 after all. What are the odds that they'd play Dire Wolf, Mama Tried, King Bee, and Lovelight in two consecutive late shows at the Fillmore?
      (Then again, the review was written a month later, and may well have switched Friday & Saturday.)

      So I'm now leaning towards thinking that it's the 6/21 late show we're missing. But in any case, it's a little odd that an SBD tape of only one show would survive from that run (when almost every other show in the surrounding months has tapes), so I suspect (or hope) the other Fillmore shows might still be in the Vault.

    5. One Archive commenter suggests that it's unlikely High Time would be played in both early & late shows on the 6/21/69 tapes - another reason why the late show may actually be from 6/20.
      I wouldn't put much weight on this though, since there were other Fillmore East dates where they repeated a song in early & late shows, so it wasn't unheard-of.

  22. A recent Lost Live Dead article turned up a new show!
    3/22/69 Thee Experience, West Hollywood CA (with the Mothers of Invention) - the Dead apparently came to the club after playing their short opening set at the Pasadena Rose Palace. They also played a Sunday jam session, most likely on March 23.

  23. A correspondent who saw the Dead frequently in '69 says, "At one Family Dog show the band played "I'm A Lovin' Man" that was intended for a Pigpen solo album that was never recorded."

    The Family Dog was his favorite place to see the Dead, and he went to a few shows there. Needless to say, we don't have any live versions of "I'm A Lovin' Man" on tape. There could be undiscovered "lost" Dead shows/jam sessions at the Family Dog in the late summer of '69, but my guess is it may have been played on 9/6/69, a show we only have in part, and close to the period that song was recorded.
    (He also remembers Big Boy Pete & New Orleans as a couple songs he liked & wished they'd played more - and both of those were played in this Aug/Sep series of Family Dog shows.)

    1. More from 9/6/69 has turned up, a fragment of Not Fade Away>Easy Wind from the middle of the show. (I assume it's dated correctly - it was included in the "San Franciscan Nights 2" compilation by a collector who may have had the rest of the missing reel as well.)
      Aside from the false start on 4/23/69, there's no other known performance of Not Fade Away between 2/19 and 12/21/69, so it definitely fits into the unusual "oldies" theme on 9/6. This one's very similar to the 12/21 version (Weir handles most of the vocals, Pigpen's on harmonica), but jammed out to 13 minutes; then Garcia does a nifty segue to Easy Wind, which is a very rough version (the 6th time they'd played it live, I think) which is cut, probably by the end of the reel.

    2. Now that I think of it, I wonder if playing the rock oldies on 9/6/69 (Big Boy Pete, Good Lovin', It's All Over Now, NFA) is what gave Garcia the idea to play an entirely-oldies show with Jack & Jorma & co. the next day.

  24. They have the 12-10-69 show at the Thelma posted now ~

    1. The inclusion of 12/10/69 on this list might be misleading - I don't mean that the show is missing, just that the tape of the Other One suite into a cut Cosmic Charlie seems to come from another set that we don't have the rest of. The tape source for that section is different than the rest of 12/10, with a much louder audience, and whether it's even from the same show is unknown.

      The notes on the Gerland copy state:
      "The tapes of the 10th come in two parts, both in excellent quality. Most of what we have from this date comes from a MSR > D containing nearly all of one set. The other tape, containing That's It For The Other One > Cosmic Charlie#, most often circulates labeled "12/10/69," as the second half of a cassette side, following the 12/11/69 Dark Star. (For more on this curious piece of tape, see DeadLists for 12/10/69.) Probably they played 2 sets on the 10th, as on the other nights, and probably That's It comes from the other set from the material on the MSR > D, but the evidence does not show which set is which and can be argued both ways."

      And the notes on the Cotsman copy:
      "The audience recording that supplies set 2 matches the timings of deadlists for what is speculated to be the 12-10-69 2nd set. It typically has circulated with the beginning of the 12-11 show (which has a nearly identical ambience) under the name of either the 10th or 11th. This "That's It>Charlie" clearly does not match the SBD recording for these songs on 12-11-69. Therefore, the case is strong that 12-10-69 is an accurate date for this portion, though the placement of it may be uncertain."

      Anyway, whenever it occurred, clearly they must have played more in the set than this one half-hour suite, but the rest of the tape has gone missing.

  25. 9/18/70 the day Hendrix died the Dead open for NRPS the open with a disorganized Dire Wolf and leave the stage stating the have to get their shit together while they bring out NRPS they return at 2am and are on cruise control till daylight.

    1. Not sure if this was meant as a comment on any missing 1969 shows! But anyway, I wonder if you were there that night? On the tape, they open the 9/18/70 acoustic set with Truckin' and abandon the set after two songs, Garcia complaining, "This is insane, man. I'm sorry, but it's just horrible up here, really awful." (A couple acoustic sets earlier in the year had been dropped after a few songs due to monitor problems, but Garcia seems particularly upset on this night.)
      I thought the electric set was a good one. But it's an interesting claim that the Dead's mood was off due to Hendrix's death that day. Many people have thought that the happy, exuberant 9/19/70 show was the Dead's reaction to Hendrix dying, which never made sense to me. Personally I think it's more likely that they didn't care enough about him for their shows to be affected one way or the other.

      Note that during that Fillmore East run, Phil's dad had recently died and Jerry's mom was dying in the hospital. One uninvestigated question is whether the Dead ever displayed an emotional reaction to anybody's death in their shows. There may be some examples in the '80s, but I have a hard time thinking of any '70s shows where the Dead seem down about anyone dying, whether it be Duane, Pigpen, or whoever. (Maybe the 10/5/70 post-Janis show, if we had all of it.) It's not a very important point, but the things that affected their mood onstage were much more mundane - bad monitors or heavy security or upset audiences had more of an impact on the Dead's playing than any offstage tragedies.

  26. A review of the 7/8/69 Toronto early show confirms that it started with a couple "sappy country tunes" (no doubt sung by Weir, with Garcia on pedal steel), and the rest of the set included some blues and country.

    1. I was at the early show. I remember "Green, Green Grass" and "El Paso," and "Cryptical Envelopment" etc. The last song was "Morning Dew."

  27. On the 5/7/69 Golden Gate Park setlist:

    Deadbase's old list from eyewitness Judy Dawson had Lovelight*, Good Lovin'*, Dancing in the Street, Cryptical>Other One*>Cryptical, Dark Star*, Me & My Uncle*, Hi Heel Sneakers, The Eleven, Smokestack Lightning*

    The songs marked * are on the circulating tape, which is incomplete - it starts with Me & My Uncle (which may not have been the first song), and cuts into the Other One, possibly missing a big chunk beforehand.
    I think if Dawson was able to correctly list all six of the songs played on our tape, she was probably right on the others as well, even if they were listed out of order. It's very likely that Dancing was played, and Hi Heel Sneakers was heard again in August '69 so it's not implausible. Cryptical probably did open up the Other One (though they didn't reprise it). The one suspicious entry on her list is the Eleven, which doesn't plausibly fit into the show (nor would she know what it was at the time). Then again, it's possible the Dead in their utterly zonked-out state at that show, opened it with a Dancing>Eleven>Hi Heel Sneakers....

  28. The Archive copy of 2/5/69 Kansas City is missing the opening Lovelight, which was on circulating tapes (it's timed on deadlists). Hopefully a more complete copy will appear.

  29. One Archive reviewer of 3/22/69 writes, "This is NOT the complete show. I was there...I remember that "feedback" stuff they did and at the end they sang "we bid you goodnight"... I could of sworn the Dead played for 2 hours, but then could of been the acid too."

    Our tape of 3/22/69 is less than an hour, has some bad cuts and may be missing some songs before it cuts out in the middle of Lovelight; but I suspect he may actually have attended 3/21/69 (same lineup/venue).
    One attendee for 3/21 recalls, "I don't remember much about the show other than they started off with a rowdy Good Morning Little School Girl and slipped into a space jam and then were out. Short set, or so it seemed."
    The funny thing is, this describes the start of the 3/22 set, although the Dead may well have played Schoolgirl & Dark Star at both shows (just like every other show at the time).
    Anyway, it seems 3/21 or 3/22 ended with Feedback>Bid You Goodnight.

  30. The late show from 2/11/69 (at the Fillmore East which was officially released by Rhino) is missing most of the Cosmic Charlie encore. The early show seems to be complete but appearantly (via Wikipedia, not the most reliable source) the tape ran out mid-song, and there was no way to repair it. It does sound that way tbh