December 3, 2010

Jerry Garcia Interview Links

For some time I’ve lamented that there isn’t a complete archive of Jerry Garcia interviews online. Many interviews in old publications are now more or less inaccessible – a few have been reprinted; a few others have been transcribed online; a few circulate in audio.
So I’ve decided to at least take a small step and try compiling links to the various interviews available to read or hear online. This list is just a start, and is meant to be a work in progress – I hope readers can suggest other interviews I’ve missed, so I can make additions.

This list is not meant to cover what’s available in books or DVDs – it’s a list of weblinks, not a bibliography. I was hesitant to include youtube videos; but there’s a lot of good material there. I drew the line, though, at listing every ten-second snippet!
I also (somewhat arbitrarily) decided not to include torrent downloads, only things that can be streamed, but many audio interviews can also be found on Lossless Legs.
An ever-growing text collection of Garcia interviews up to 1975 is also included on this site: 
This list is arranged by date – I tried to list the actual interview dates, but sometimes had to settle for publication date.

UPDATED March 2018 with some youtube interviews added (and others deleted). I'm sure I've missed or forgotten other items online, so it would be appreciated if people could point out some of those!

July '64 - (Mother McCree's interview)

Spring ’67 - (Audio)
(Several copies are also up on youtube, for instance:

May '70 - (brief video interview in England - excerpt also available at

'70 - (Audio - Grateful Dead radio interview) - link dead

9/70 - (Audio - Grateful Dead interview with Alex Bennett on WMCA-AM, New York) - link dead
Also at:

10/11/70 - (by Jay Itkowitz, for Action World) - link dead

Feb ‘71 - (by David Bromberg)

6/21/71 (has French voiceover) - taken off youtube; may be available elsewhere?

Summer/Fall ’71 - (by Charles Reich & Jann Wenner; published in Signpost to New Space)
Also part here: 

4/11/72 -

April ‘72 - (very short, only a minute) (brief Danish TV bit, from same interview)
5/7/72 - (brief preshow interview)

'73 - (brief Hell's Angels documentary clip)

6/7/73 -  (Audio - by Dennis McNally; mostly about early scene, Neal Cassady) - link dead, but probably available in the "Jerry on Jerry" audiobook.

Oct ’73 -
Jan ’74 - (by Cameron Crowe - not straight interviews, but use lots of Garcia quotes)

6/8/74 - (Audio - by Ken Wardell for BAM, backstage at Oakland Stadium)

9/74 - (Audio - WPLJ interview, New York)

October '74 - (unreleased interview done for the Grateful Dead Movie) [ also had an unedited clip of this interview on a "Celebrating Jerry" page a couple years ago] 

3/23/75 - (Audio - preshow interview by James Cameron included)

Spring '75 - (Audio - by Peter Simon, for WVOI radio) (shorter edit, excerpts with songs added) 

8/6/75 -  (Audio - by Mary Travers)

9/22/75 - (audio)

1/23/76 - (Audio - by Bonnie Simmons, on KSAN) 

1/31/76 - (Audio - by Miles Riley, on KPIX) 

4/1/76 - (by Steve Weitzman, for Relix - also published in Rolling Stone's Garcia tribute book)

1976 - (Audio - by Ben Fong-Torres for Rolling Stone; in 5 parts, follow links - from the "Got Some Things To Talk About" CD) (Audio - Ben Fong-Torres interview, dated c.1975, part 1) (part 2)

1976 - (Audio - "What Was That" interview for KSAN)

10/2/77 - (audio)
also here: 

3/10/78 - (Audio - radio interview w/ Garcia & Kahn about punk & new-wave bands – great music excerpts) (longer, unedited)

3/11/78 - (Audio - radio interview by Andy Gefen, w/ the JGB)

Oct ‘78 - (by Jon Sievert; excerpts from Guitar Player interview) - link dead
( had a few short excerpts from later Guitar Player interviews, but the page is now gone)

1/11/79 - (Audio - WLIR interview with Ray White) 

5/10/79 - (Audio - with Mickey Hart; for Direct News radio broadcast)

6/10/79 - (Audio - Robert Klein radio show)
Also at:
Also at:

11/7/79 - (Audio - WMMR radio show, Philadelphia) 

12/6/79 - 
Audio - (Studs Terkel/Abe Peck interview, Chicago)
Also at: 

Oct ‘80 Radio City press conference w/ Weir - (pt 1)  

3/28/81 - (Audio - hotel room, Essen, Germany) 

5/7/81 - (Tomorrow Show w/ Tom Snyder - with Ken Kesey & Bob Weir) (with the band)
band clip also here:  (dead links)
& here: 
Full interview also at:  and

7/10/81 - (audio, St. Paul hotel interview)
also at:

9/7/81 - (video)

Oct ’81 - (“In Search of the X Factor” – also includes other Dead interviews from Musician issue)

1982 - (Audio - "A Talk with Jerry Garcia" - by Joe Territo) - link dead
also at: (Audio - "a Talk with Jerry," part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

4/9/82 -  (Audio - by Lisa Robinson)

5/82 - (Audio - WRNW interview with Bill Cooper, Westchester NY)

11/8/82 - (Audio - by Bob Coburn, on Rockline radio show) - link dead (audio)

1/21/83 - (Audio - Santa Rosa 101.7 KVRE FM radio interview)
and here:
and here:

6/2/83 - (MTV interview, part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Complete 30-minute clip also here:
and here:  

May '84 - (Audio - Paul Krassner radio interview in Eugene, partly printed in '85) 

Fall ’84 - (Video - “PM Magazine” TV spot by Dennis Elsas - brief Garcia comments used)

Fall '84 - (Audio - by Alice Kahn, for San Jose Mercury News "West" magazine) 

12/31/84 - (Audio - by Guido Sarducci)
also here:

1/12/85 - (complete Jas Obrecht interview for Frets; excerpt was used on - dead link 

6/14/85 - (Audio - 20th-anniversary Grateful Dead press conference in Berkeley)

Sep ’85 - (by Paul Krassner, for Realist; different edit than '84 radio excerpt above)

10/14/86 - (by Steven Marcus)
also here:

’87 (video) - NBC News On Stage, Jerry Garcia Speaks, vol. 1 - used to be on as well as video, Amazon instant video, etc., but no longer available for streaming

'87 - (video for Rolling Stone 20th-anniversary TV special) - dead link

’87 - (by Justin Kreutzmann, about the Touch of Grey video) - dead link

'87 - (Audio - Grateful Dead "In the Dark" promo interview)

April ’87 - (audio - brief)

10/31/87 - (audio)

11/12/87 - (by Mary Eisenhart, for BAM – full transcript)

12/87 - (for Guitar World) 

12/31/87 - ("Garcia's backstage kitchen" comedy bit w/ Tom Davis)
also here:

'88 - (by Kate Kelly, for KPIX TV)
full interview at: 
see also: (only brief excerpts)

5/23/88 - (Audio excerpt on the acid tests - by Joe Smith -  partial interview was printed in Off The Record)

9/13/88 - (by Legs McNeil for High Times, on rainforests) - dead link

7/3/89 - (by Jeremy Alderson, for Relix)

Oct ‘89 - (by Steve Peters, for Relix)

10/13/89 - (video)

10/16/89 - (radio call-in questions)

11/20/89 - (Audio - "Timothy White's Rock Stars" radio interview with Garcia & Bob Weir) (part 2)

11/30/89 - (by Fred Goodman, for Rolling Stone)
Also at:

May '90 - (in Hawaii, on a boat) - dead link
Part of this video is a different Hawaii boat interview:

5/10/90 - (audio - Honolulu hotel interview by Ben DiPietro)

5/19/90 - (audio - Hawaii hotel interview)

6/27/90 - (by Howard Rheingold - with Bear) 

Oct '90? - (GD press conference)

2/27/91 - (Headliners TV) - This has been taken down.

3/1/91 - (w/ Elvis Costello, for Musician)

4/16/91 - (with Bob Weir, by Howard Rheingold, for Interview magazine)

6/27/91 - (by Brigid Meier - excerpt later printed in spring 1992 Tricycle magazine) - the site is now gone!

9/9/91 - (by Peter Watrous, for the NY Times)

9/13/91 - (by Scott Muni)
(Same as and )

10/31/91 - (by James Henke, for Rolling Stone) 

spring ’92 - (by Barbara Meier, for Tricycle)

May '93 -  (backstage in Las Vegas) (part 2)
also here: 

May '93 - (by Greg Kot, for the Chicago Tribune) 

5/20/93 - (w/ Bob Weir - by Jon Sievert, for Guitar Player)

9/2/93 - (by Anthony Decurtis, for Rolling Stone)

’93 - (10/11/93 New Yorker retrospective, by Bill Barich)

Jan ’94 – (for Magical Blend)
(Different edits of this interview also available at and and )

3/31/94 - (short interview on art)

5/2/94 - (History of Rock & Roll unedited interview) 

There used to be a shorter two-part copy on youtube, but it's gone now - - this is part 2.

'94 - (phone interview about comic-book artist Will Elder)

'95 - (Jerry talks about Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein)
also here: 

4/28/95 - (Garcia's last interview) (excerpt from above - a brief reminiscence about the old Palo Alto days) - Now gone! (a brief clip of Jerry talking about playing on Merl Saunders' Blues From the Rain Forest) - This has been taken down.
I think this is the same one: (don't know what interview it's from) (brief audio on 1970 drug bust; don't know what interview it's from) (on the trip to Egypt; haven't placed interview) 

Various - (Audio - "Got Some Things To Talk About" compilation) - dead link, but see 1976 link above.

compilation of excerpts - 

'80s - (Don Fass "Reaching Up Radio" show, part 1) (part 2)

Nov ’91 - (some interesting Garcia comments used in this CNN news report from Aug '95) (Audio - 1999 "American Routes" radio program, has excerpts from a July '89 Smithsonian interview by Nick Spitzer) (part 2) 
Also at:

Some other short TV bits: 
11/6/79 Philadelphia TV show (with Weir) - 
c.1980 Good Morning America -
10/29/80 Good Morning America (with Weir) -
1982 Don Bleu's Weekend (talking about Run for the Roses) - 
4/13/82 Letterman TV show w/ Weir -
also at:  

9/5/82 ABC Nightline w/ Sting - 

9/17/87 Letterman TV show w/ Weir -
9/15/88 Good Morning America (talking about rain forests) -
10/10/89 ABC Studios, interviewer Kurt Loder (with Weir, on the growing audience at recent tours) -
October '89 Today Show (with Weir, a similar interview) -
And Garcia with Grace Slick & Bill Graham on a San Francisco TV show in 1984, interviewer Bill Kurtis (talking about changes in the music scene since the '60s) -


  1. Sadly, due to lack of time, this may be the last post I make here until late January. (Unless I can think of some really short topics... The things I want to write about, though, are all big time-intensive projects, so they'll have to wait for now.)

  2. Thanks for this post! Turns out, I just so happened to be looking for a collection of Garcia interviews, and here they were! Thanks a lot, enjoy your break.

  3. Thank-you LiA . This is from the '92 Tricycle article . It demonstrates of of the aspects of Garcia that I respect and appreciate the most .
    Barbara Meier: You don't impose any political message.

    Jerry Garcia: I couldn't do it. The power is frightening.

    Barbara Meier: Are you ever tempted?

    Jerry Garcia: No. I thought, if I'm going to be onstage I'm not going to say
    anything to anybody or address the crowd, because it doesn't matter what you
    say, sometimes just the sound of your voice might inadvertently set somebody
    off. The situation with psychedelics is so highly charged that you never
    know what's leaking in. I don't mind doing it in the music, because that's
    where I divest myself of ego. It's egoless, something I trust. If the band
    has something to protect, it's the integrity of the experience, which
    remains shapeless and formless. As long as it stays that way, everything's

  4. Garcia interviews from 10/2/77 and 3/28/81 are also available as downloads here & there.

  5. How could I have forgotten this short Garcia interview from July 1964? He talks about the different musical elements of the Mother McCree's jugband, and what the future holds for the bandmembers. Prophetic.

  6. What I have found is so many good resources are now gone. Many of the old sites just faded away.
    Great list you tube seems to be where so much of the information has gone.

  7. I've updated this with a few more youtube interviews. Are there other interviews I've missed? Let me know!

  8. Another one to add -
    (12-31-84, with Father Guido Sarducci)

  9. The '73/74 Cameron Crowe links don't work anymore; his page has changed.

    The '73 article:

    The '74 article:

  10. Jay Itkowitz wrote:

    "I am so pleased to see my interview with Jerry from 1970 archived. I always felt it was special but I don't think I dreamed that 41 years later people would still find it of interest, yet they clearly do.
    The interview was kind of a blind shot in the sense I had no connections to the Dead. I got the interview because they played my college (Queens) and as an editor on the college newspaper I was able to get on stage while they were tuning up. I went directly up to Jerry at an opportune moment, handed him four reefers and asked him for an interview. He gave me the name of the band's manager and told me to call the next day. I called and they let me come up later in the afternoon.
    When I got to the room at the hotel, there were quite a few people hanging out while Jerry just sat there and played riffs for about a half hour or so. When he finished, he turned to me and said okay, what do you want to know.
    I had prepared for the opportunity by reading The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe and had a lot of questions about the formation of the group and how they got together with the Merry Pranksters. Jerry patiently answered every question I had.
    The rest is, as they say, history. The interview was featured in Action World and was snapped up the moment it came out. The interview was periodically reissued by Action World over the years and was always very popular.
    Ironically, about nine months later I was across the country in Oregon and thought I could get an interview with Ken Kesey. I located his number and actually got him on the phone. I asked him for an interview and his response was as follows: "I don't do interviews."
    Jerry could have certainly taken the same position inasmuch as he was very sought after. He didn't."

    1. I've always wondered about that interview. It seems like a fairly clumsy interview. I mean, starting off with "what happened last night?", asking if he ever jammed with Hendrix -- asking if they still hand out acid at concerts! Was this your first interview? Some of Garcia's responses seem as if he was fairly well ticked-off. Did he give that impression to you at the time?

      And Garcia's long "You know, I think everybody should take one step backwards and two steps sideways and let the whole thing collapse" response is classic... Do you remember what kind of he had on his face at that time?

  11. I am trying relentlessly to get in contact with my aunt. She was the housekeeper/ maid for jerry in the 80's i believe. I think she is maybe be involved in the 1/12/85 interview titled "Nora's house". However, when i click on it the link is dead. If anyone could help me i would be so thankful..

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like some guitar site has taken over Jas Obrecht's site, but that interview is still available here:

      Nora isn't mentioned; I've read that the interview took place at Nora Sage's house, but all Obrecht wrote was that it was at "the home of a Grateful Dead supporter who, it turned out, was letting Jerry Garcia live in her basement." (I wonder if this was Rock Scully's place where Garcia was staying, & Obrecht was misinformed.)

      Dennis McNally has some negative comments about Nora Sage in his book Long Strange Trip, p. 524 & 589, basically categorizing her as a Garcia-stalker "who'd been incessantly sending mail and gifts to Garcia since 1976" and had been removed from a JGB show once at Garcia's request, but "managed to entrench herself" and became his housekeeper & drug connection. In 1991 Garcia apparently asked NY artist Vince Di Biase to "take over his art business from Nora Sage, who annoyed Garcia with her aggressive commercial instincts."

      Blair Jackson interviewed her for his Garcia bio and has a more positive portrayal, basically presenting her as his caretaker who more or less saved his life in the '80s & got him turned around from the depths of his drug addiction, but got shut out afterwards - see p.337-38, 344-46, 350, & 413-14. (There are also a few comments in Robert Greenfield's Dark Star bio, p.207-08.)

      Though she seems to have been very close to Garcia in the early '80s, she had some enemies among Garcia's other friends, and Garcia eventually kicked her out of the house after his coma in 1986. At some point after that, she became his art agent, but by '91 he wanted someone else to do that too.
      So it seems to have been an off-and-on relationship - which wasn't uncommon at all with people who knew Garcia; various factions formed around Garcia, and he could often fall out with someone for years & then reconnect.

      The aftermath: (As of 1995 she lived in Bend, Oregon.)

  12. I updated this post with a few new links to youtube clips; also corrected many old dead links.
    Unfortunately, things online have a way of disappearing, so some of these interviews appear to have vanished for now.

    As always, I'm sure this list is very incomplete - there are probably many more Garcia interviews scattered across the Web - so more additions are welcome.
    I'm debating whether to include torrent links as well.

  13. I added this recently surfaced 50-minute interview from 1994/95, for the History of Rock & Roll series -

    1. This is a fantastic interview.

      I had a hard time figuring out when it took place: '94 or '95 makes sense. You know it's pretty late because his hair is extremely white: but, he seems a whole lot healthier than I thought he would be at that time. He's pretty damned chipper, actually, in this interview, which makes his death all the more semi-incomprehensible.

      I wish the questions being put to him were a little more audible. His reactions to them are pretty funny -- it's as if he can't believe he has to answer the same damned questions he's answered for thirty years now. But, he does his best, and soon has us (or at least me) spellbound with his interpretation of what it all meant...

    2. Sometimes he'll be grumpy at the start of an interview, and then quickly warm up. And many times we can see his reaction to being asked the same questions for the hundredth time - "arggh, again?" He always graciously answers, though. It's very rare to see him uncooperative through an interview; he usually musters up some enthusiasm, and in many of these late interviews he is very chipper.

  14. One quick question:

    In a 1991 interview with both Garcia and Hunter (by Blair Jackson, which apparently isn't on the web anywhere), Jerry talked about the origins of "Uncle John's Band":

    "At that time I was listening to records of the Bulgarian Women's Choir and also this Greek-Macedonian music, and on one of those records there was a... little turn of melody that was so lovely... I thought, 'Gee, if I could get this into a song it would be so great.' So, I stole it."

    Well, OK -- it's nice to know where at least some of the otherness of "Uncle John's Band" is coming from. But -- in the Stoned Sunday Rap, the interview between Charles Reich and Garcia (which also is hard to find on the web), there are also two separate mentions of Bulgaria -- in particular, Bulgarian cuisine. Reich mentions Bulgarian cooking in passing, and Garcia talks about chestnut puree -- "a Bulgarian dessert that's fantastic".

    So I guess my question is: What's all this about Bulgaria? Did Garcia have a Bulgarian friend, perhaps? Was there a substantial Bulgarian cultural presence in the Bay area at the time -- e. g., a Bulgarian restaurant or two?

  15. I updated the three Relix interview links here (one in '76 & two in '89). It seems Relix links frequently get taken down or changed.

  16. Yeah, I knew there had to have been something like that... Thanks a lot...

  17. New to youtube: Garcia's last interview from 4/28/95, 48 minutes:

    Some other older short TV bits:
    Philadelphia TV show 11/6/79 (with Weir) -
    Good Morning America 10/29/80 (with Weir) -
    Don Bleu's Weekend, 1982 (talking about Run for the Roses) -
    Good Morning America 9/15/88 (talking about rain forests) -
    ABC Studios 10/10/89, interviewer Kurt Loder (with Weir, on the growing audience at recent tours) -
    Today Show, October '89 (with Weir, a similar interview) -
    and Garcia with Grace Slick & Bill Graham on a San Francisco TV show in 1984, interviewer Bill Kurtis (talking about changes in the music scene since the '60s) -

    And an alternate copy of the May '90 Hawaii boat interview -

    There are probably others I've missed.... The appearances with Weir are all pretty funny.

  18. Hi, caught your Blog when I was hunting for information about Nora Sage.

    Kinda a long story and am open to share by phone if you're interested but I was married in the early 80's to a woman who had this study partner @ Golden Gate University Law school who claimed she had a boyfriend in a band. ...she wasn't pretty but relatively petite and interesting; ...well for many months she'd come to our apartment & study with my then wife Susan & continue to mention she had a boyfriend in a band; ...frankly I didn't think she had a boyfriend but that was her claim.

    After a few months & Nora talking about her boyfriend in a band I said put-up or shut-up meaning if you really have a boyfriend let's meet him since she was mostly camping our at our apartment studying law with my then wife Susan. Nora then says he's famous and asks to see my record albums, I showed them to her, which included bands like the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band, ect.

    Then Nora asks me if I like the Greatful Dead which frankly I was not a fan so then Nora tells Susan and I that Jerry Garcia is her boyfriend. At that point, I didn't believe her but she didn't have a car & asked me to take her home (Larkspur) from our apartment on Hyde Street. Susan & I drove her there & sure enough it was Jerry Garcia's duplex but the kind of duplex on the side of a hill where Jerry lived on top & Nora claimed the bottom was open & they lived together.

    I can tell you stories about Nora & her somewhat relationship with Garcia which seemed at best to be a sexual pal thing however Nora had access to all his stuff including his Will in the early 80's that showed he had some property in Mendocino county but not much cash @ the time. After that I dropped Nora off many times @ Jerry's place & when Susan & I divorced about 18 months later Susan stayed with Nora in Jerry's bottom half duplex.

    Back then I was about 24 working in the Silicon Valley and Jerry wasn't selling many records so he asked me to help him market his music but I declined - he was also working on a screen play then with one of Belushi's & had worked a little with Steve Jobs on some graphic ideas for the Mac. His artwork was everywhere in his top half of the duplex but he hadn't launched the neck ties yet.

    When you went in the front door of Jerry's place turned left then walked down a narrow hallway to an open living area that had a couple of lazy-boy recliners, the left wall of that room was full of records; ...he must have dropped whatever he was smoking on the floor because the carpet was covered with burn marks. It was a small place and at first he didn't have a car then one day a friend dropped-off a BMW = he / Jerry was a giver and that day one of his buddies either paid him back or returned a favor.

    Susan & Nora used to baby sit for his kids, I was the designated shuttle driver to get Nora to Jerry's concerts in Berkeley in the outside arena and inside a theater but wasn't interested in Jerry's music which was a surprise to him so I seldom attended just dropped her off...

    Anyway, I can tell you more if you're interested?


  19. More from Mike:

    "I was thinking more about Nora last night, she seemed more like a nurse-maid back then meaning Nora had access to all Jerry's stuff & am not certain about any intimacy so I wanted to correct that. I called her a nurse maid back then but she didn't like that. None of it mattered to me at the time -- it all seemed like a sham, meaning she wanted to be part of his life and we didn't see her connected in the same way she described, more of a caretaker.

    I do remember Nora saying that Jerry was writing a screen play with a Belushi. I saw the play he was working on as we spent a fair amount of time @ Jerry's place when he was traveling because I had to drop her off many nights after law school or when she was studying with Susan at our apartment on Hyde street.

    I was with Nora one of the nights Jerry ended-up in the hospital in the SF area; she said Jerry was addicted to speed balls -- Nora shared he shot-up a combination of coke & heroin I think, but it's been so long ago am pulling from memory. At that time Jerry had left some drugs in this BMW I told you about; we had to figure out a way to get the car -- I don't remember much more other than Jerry was a mess -- it was prob. in the 1984/85 timeframe -- I think his car was downtown SF & he was taken by ambulance to the hospital that night.

    I can tell you that Nora was in Law school with my then wife Susan & they reviewed & tried to help him with his Will which I saw as well. It outlined the Mendocino land / property but he didn't have much liquid assets at that time. Jerry grew weed on that land, had a guy tend to it and sold it to his friends; this was in the 1984 - 1985 time-frame when I was still married. The family price for this stuff was $250 but it was amazing or so am told :). Funny thing was he seemed to be less interested in weed and more into the crazy stuff he shot up.

    Nora was surprised that I was not into the Dead and that I never wanted to go back stage at the Berkeley concerts, nor did I stay for them after the first one; I think she thought everyone was a Deadhead but frankly I wasn't into their music. Jerry's band also played local gigs downtown SF, I never went but Susan did, it did seem cool that he played big tours with the Grateful Dead but when not traveling played with his band in small bars...

    Nora was focused on Law school, it was painful for me to be the taxi but the benefits were having access to the vegetables Jerry was growing :) It was hard to tell but seemed like Nora had a solid friendship with Jerry but more as an older guy-younger girl care taker relationship. Nora would bring Grateful Dead stuff to our apartment like buttons, printed stuff, etc to thank me for the rides but I never accepted the stuff & don't remember if Susan (x-wife) kept it...

    Am not sure but probably met Nora through Susan in 1983 / 1984; we moved from Hyde Street to buying an apartment on Fillmore & Bush then within 9 months or so filed for divorce; at that time Susan stayed w/Nora @ Jerry's place. It did seem a little different at the time of our marriage separation that Susan stayed @ Jerry's place in that I had to call his home to speak with her however Jerry was quite gracious to let her stay in bottom duplex & was always kind on the phone to me."

  20. A few comments:

    Nora Sage may have been more of a caretaker than a girlfriend. (From other accounts, Jerry's sex life was pretty diminished in those years.) As mentioned in the 2/27/13 comment above, McNally's & Jackson's biographies each have a very different portrayal of Nora and her role. Like many people around Garcia, she probably wanted a bigger role in his life than she had.

    Garcia was working on a screenplay for "Sirens of Titan" with Tom Davis in 1984. John Belushi died in early '82, years before; but Davis had worked with Belushi on Saturday Night Live.

    I haven't heard of any interaction between Garcia & Steve Jobs; however Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) sponsored the US Festival in 1982, where the Dead played, so there was some contact with Wozniak at least. (Garcia apparently said at that time, "Technology is the new drugs!")

    In the early '80s Jerry was living with his manager Rock Scully on Hepburn Heights in San Rafael, but then in early '84 Scully was fired and moved out, and after that it was just Nora & Jerry. The description here more or less matches that house (a duplex on a hill, Garcia staying in a small room with recliners & burn marks on the floor), though it wasn't in Larkspur but the neighboring San Rafael, and other accounts say Garcia stayed on the bottom floor.

    The BMW mentioned here is most likely the same car Garcia was arrested in, in January 1985:

    Not surprised to hear Jerry was on speedballs. That's what killed Belushi, as well as Brent Mydland. But as an addict Jerry was beyond caring at that point; he bottomed out in the mid-80s.
    He went into a coma in his home in July '86; apparently Nora found him and took him to the hospital, where he stayed for a few weeks. (Nora was told to move out before he came back.) I haven't heard of earlier hospital trips, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were earlier emergencies that haven't been told, given his poor health & constant drug use at the time.

    Some of the Dead family didn't like Nora & told her to move out of the house after his coma. She still ran Jerry's art business in the late '80s (I think she pressed him to start selling stuff & do the neckties), but he got tired of her in '91 and got someone else to manage the art business & his property. Last I know of she was still selling art in Oregon.

    1. (part one)

      per Anonymous "mike": "...I was with Nora one of the nights Jerry ended-up in the hospital in the SF area; she said Jerry was addicted to speed balls -- Nora shared he shot-up a combination of coke & heroin I think, but it's been so long ago am pulling from memory..."

      While I don't find that inconceivable, I find it much more plausible that Garcia was smoking (actually vaping) the cocaine-heroin "speedball" combination than that he was injecting it.

      Tom Davis and Rock Scully were about as close to Jerry as anyone in the early to mid 1980s. Both of them were his roommates for a long time. And while they're pretty much entirely up-front about the fact in their respective memoirs that Garcia was all too avidly fond of both substances, their anecdotes refer to him (and also them) using the drugs by smoking them (& also sniffing cocaine), almost exclusively.

      The single exception I know of is found in Scully's book, where he mentions Garcia being injected with drugs during the 1984-1985 New Year's show run. Scully also states in the same passage that neither he or Garcia cared for needles, but that they made an exception at that time, possibly because the heroin or other opioid that was available to them wasn't in a readily smokeable form (from my reading, some types of heroin or opioids are more easily smoked than others.)

      Tom Davis relates a lengthy anecdote in his book that- while redacted- is pretty clearly about cooking up cocaine into freebase. There's no need to do that unless you're going to vaporize it; cocaine hydrochloride- powder- works just fine for sniffing or shooting. The point of boiling up cocaine with baking soda is to get rid of the hydrochloride, leaving "free base" cocaine. Freebase coke melts at a fairly low temperature, and vaporizes when heat is applied. By contrast, powder cocaine hydrochloride blackens and burns- or at least most of it does- if someone tries vaping it. That's the the crucial difference between powder and crack.

      Your correspondent Mike refers to Garcia living at a Larkspur address in 1984-1985, and the only address I've heard explicitly connected to Garcia's residence in those years by either Davis or Scully is Hepburn Heights, which is in west San Rafael. If Mike was driving Nora Sage to and from the place where Garcia was living, it's possible that he could have confused Larkspur with San Rafael, but not likely. The exits to Larkspur are only a couple of miles south of SR, but unless you're really determined to take the long way around, the only way to get to Hepburn Heights is to drive into downtown San Rafael. If the address is actually in Larkspur, it's conceivable that neither Davis or Scully were around. If Nora was the only person keeping tabs on him- Mike doesn't mention anyone else around- he might have been doing things that neither Tom Davis or Rock Scully witnessed. (The entire paragraph above? Speculation.)

      That said, I still find the assumption that Garcia was injecting his cocaine and heroin unlikely. For one thing, shooting speedballs tends to be a very intensive form of drug use- speedball shooters typically aren't shooting up merely 2-5 times a day, it's often more like 20-50 times a day. It's a bad game of bruises and welts; user injection sites often appear to have been run over with a sewing machine. Chet Baker- a notorious speedballer- eventually ran out of places to shoot in his arms and legs, and ended up shooting the combination between his toes and into the veins on his neck (Chet was often photographed wearing turtleneck shirts). (Chet Baker's habit of injecting speedball combos is common knowledge, openly admitted by him in the film Let's Get Lost.)I never heard of Garcia in that kind of shape.

    2. ...and part two?

      I think Mike's account is valuable, but these are 30-year-old memories so not every detail is accurate. In particular, all he knew of Garcia's drug use is what he remembers Nora telling him, so it's second-hand and he admits being uncertain about the specifics.
      My guess is that Larkspur is a slip of the memory; what surprised me more is to hear that relative strangers could visit and stay in Garcia's house during those years...hardly his most social, healthy period. But I suppose since Nora lived there, her friends could come and go...and he'd even take phone calls for them!

    3. For whatever it's worth, I can confirm Jerry lived in what is known as the "in-law unit" or lower level of 12 Hepburn Heights Rd in San Rafael, certainly during the summer of 1979 when I stayed with him there, and well into 1982 or 83 when I would make periodic visits. Rock and Nicki Scully and their children Sage and Acacia, with occasional visits from Rock's son Lucas from a previous relationship, lived upstairs. During the brief time I knew Jerry intimately, I never witnessed him administer drugs of any kind intravenously. However, during this period of late 1978 through early 1980, I witnessed him inhaling the vapors of Persian tar heroin through a crudely hand-fashioned pipe apparatus made of heavy weight aluminum foil. This came to be known in street-drug parlance as "chasing the dragon,' (with a reference made to it in the Steely's Dan song "Time Out of Mind.") During this period, Rock Scully would procure the heroin and the two of them would smoke/inhale in the in-law unit when the band was not on the road. My sense was Rock was not as dependent as Jerry was, but that is only my extremely un-sophisticated observation of the time, when I was I in my early twenties. I met Nora Sage and found her clear-headed and cordial, and her role was explained to me at the time as a sort of care-taker. Within the subsequent years of 1983 to 1985, I met and later married my husband, and would occasionally call Jerry to check in and say hello. On one phone call, in early 1985 he sounded alarmingly incoherent, and this was to be unfortunately the last time we spoke. A year later, when Jerry suffered his collapse and diabetic coma, I brought a gift to 12 Hepburn Heights for Nora to give to Jerry who was still in the hospital. He was now living in the upstairs main level of the home. The gift was a coffee table book of George Herriman 'Krazy Kat' cartoons, as I knew Jerry appreciated those, and I entrusted the gift to Nora. At the time, Jerry was still, to my knowledge working on a 'Sirens of Titan' script with Tom Davis of SNL (Al Franken was originally working on it as well), a project which of course, never came to fruition. Of course it's possible Jerry later took speedballs intravenously, but he did not in my presence during this brief time, nor did he on the 1979 tours that I accompanied him on, nor when hanging out with John Belushi, Franken and Davis, and others at hotels and at Belushi's and Aykroyd's "Blues Bar' others during other visits to NY.

    4. This is all fantastic first and second hand info. Thank you all so much.

  21. New to youtube: a 60-minute 1987 interview for the Rolling Stone 20th-anniversary TV special.

  22. I've updated this post with a bunch of new youtube links. (Also some links from the Garcia collection; however you have to be a concertvault member to stream those.)
    I didn't check all the old links to see if they still work - youtube items are taken down all the time, but hopefully get re-uploaded later on.

    I've considered also adding Garcia interviews that can be downloaded by torrent from the Lossless Legs site; I might add those someday, but wanted to confine this list to interviews that are streamable online and available to all.

    A few Dead interviews/press conferences are here, but I'm sure I've missed some since I wasn't specifically looking for those.

    There is also a growing number of early Garcia interviews available on the Dead Sources site, which I've made no attempt to add here.

    1. Updated again - a couple links changed, a couple deleted, a few added.

  23. A new Garcia TV interview from 1988 has surfaced - 25 minutes long, interviewed by Kate Kelly of KPIX:

    1. When this first appeared, it had the full interview, but only the edited 3-minute selection is available now. Sigh....

  24. Do you know what interview has Jerry mentions Bob making harmonic connections he never would have thought of? I think it's from 81-82

    1. He probably said something like that more than once.... One that comes to mind is in the 4/28/81 interview in Gans' Conversations with the Dead: "There are ideas that Weir has that I would never have had, that in fact maybe only he has." (p.39)

  25. Added a new half-hour Garcia interview from 10/13/89:

  26. Added the newly surfaced 12/6/79 radio interview with Studs Terkel & journalist Abe Peck, part of the growing Studs Terkel Radio Archive:

  27. did that 20th anniv. rolling stone interview from 87' ever resurface?

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like that link got taken down from youtube, so it's not available at the moment unless someone re-uploads it. Little clips are available as teasers for the supposedly upcoming documentary "This Is Jerry," which uses the interview.

      As another option for some people, a 3-GB video is available as a torrent download from Lossless Legs:
      I haven't seen this copy, but the notes seem to mistake the interview for the Steve Marcus interview in October '86. Two different interviews - the Marcus interview has the two of them in the Dead office with a wall of fan art behind them; the Rolling Stone interview just has Jerry with a colored background.

  28. BAM interview from 74'. Uploaded Aug. 2016.

    1. Thanks! Fascinating interview - it's by Kenny Wardell, backstage at the Oakland Stadium 6/8/74 - probably edited for the youtube upload.

      Another recent youtube addition is Garcia's 3/38/81 Essen interview:

    2. Updated this list with the above, and also the 9/7/81 video interview:
      and an excerpt from Paul Krassner's radio interview in May '84:
      The Krassner interview was printed in '85, in part, but the print & radio excerpts each have parts not in the other.

  29. A brief interview with Greg Kot from the Chicago Tribune, done in May '93 in Las Vegas and published 6/10/93:

  30. I went through and checked all the links here. Quite a few of them are gone now (especially on youtube), so a number of these interviews are currently unavailable online. There are torrenting options for some, but it would be nice if there were an archival site collecting Garcia's audio/video interviews in some more permanent fashion than the shifting sands of youtube.

    1. I added a number of radio interviews from the GDAO/UC Santa Cruz audio collection:

  31. Here are a few instances of Garcia talking about EC Comics: (very brief, from an 8/21/91 interview taped at the Dead office, otherwise unavailable?) (spring '94 phone conversation about comic-book artist Will Elder) (not an interview, but Garcia's introduction to "Grateful Dead Comix" in '91)

  32. should this be added? NBC Time and Again: Grateful Dead (hosted by Jane Pauley)

    I-) ihor

    1. That show includes a number of fun Garcia interview snippets from various TV broadcasts:
      3/12/81 Gene Shalit, The Today Show
      7/7/87 Rona Elliott interview (w/ Mickey Hart)
      10/31/89 (w/ Bob Weir)
      10/23/93 (w/ David Grisman, playing songs)

      The full '81 and '87 interviews used to be on a Hulu program called "NBC News On Stage: Jerry Garcia Speaks, Vol. 1," but that got taken down long ago.

  33. for possible consideration: 217. Has Success Spoiled The Grateful Dead - bob weir and pistachios bob weir - interview with grateful dead guitarist - cnbc real life 8/20/92 Bob Weir interview for MTV VMA's pre-show (Sept 7, 1995) Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead) 1992 (site has transcript and audio and link to youtube of audio)

    I-) ihor

    1. Thanks. If someone's collecting interviews of Dead members in general, there are lots more! I'm just listing Garcia interviews though.

  34. i don't think this is listed above? Jerry Garcia Rolling Stone Interview (UNCUT) [1080p edit] 1:02:45

    I-) ihor

    1. that is from the 1987 'Rolling Stone: 20th Anniversary Special'.

      I-) ihor

    2. Yep, this is a newly posted, remastered copy of the 1987 Rolling Stone interview - haven't added it to the list yet. Fortunately it replaces the previous copy which was taken down.

  35. An alternate copy of Joe Smith's 5-23-88 interview with Garcia for his book Off the Record:

  36. this might be new?

    I-) ihor Garcia interview part 1 = Kanner's interview with Jerry Garcia, KZEL-96, Eugene, August, 1982 Garcia Interview part 2 Garcia Interview part 3

  37. i am not sure if this two plus hour video of GD home movies qualifies? 2:02:12 Grateful Dead Home Movies 1980s-90s

    there is an edited down version of that - it identifies the segments it has: 1:03:39 Grateful Dead "Home Movies" (circa 1987-1988) LoloYodel remix

    I-) ihor

    1. Well, there's not really any interview material with Garcia in there, but that collection does have some interesting offstage glimpses of him in various settings.

  38. a longer interview from 10-17-74: Jerry Garcia Interview 1974-10-17 (15:05) - Raw footage taken around the time the Grateful Dead Movie was filmed.

    I-) ihor

    1. the youtube video listed above for 'October '74' has parts of what is in the vimeo video listed here. the parts in the youtube video are cut and re-arranged when compared with the vimeo video. maybe that was done to make those clips (in the youtube video) more interesting?

      I-) ihor

    2. Thanks for the Vimeo clip! As an unedited reel, it shows more of the loose group conversation; the edited clips on youtube make it look more like a proper interview.
      It's important to note that the Vimeo footage is not complete, it's just the start of the interview. The youtube video, though edited, has a lot of extra Garcia talk not in the Vimeo piece. Probably all the interview highlights.

  39. should this 04-08-67 interview get added? 08:43 Ralph Gleason interviews the Grateful Dead on KPIX on April 8, 1967 and the band plays "Cream Puff War" [radio broadcast]

    I-) ihor

    1. I thought of that as a "Grateful Dead interview," but Garcia & Lesh do all the talking, so it fits. In general I haven't attempted to add the interviews on Dead Sources since it has its own index.

      The Gleason interview is also found here:
      And transcribed here:

      From the same month, Garcia & Lesh again:

  40. the WMMR 11-07-89 interview link above is no longer on youtube. the current youtube link: 26:30 Jerry Garcia Interview - Nov. 7 1979 - WMMR Studios, Philly with Lyn Kratz & Michael Tearson

    I-) ihor

    1. Thanks for the fix! I'm sure more links on this list are going down all the time...